World Cup Trophies- Complete Information || in Telugu

HELLO FRIENDS, The thing we get into our mind,when someone says “WORLDCUP” is this trophy but,who designed this ICC trophy…? what each part of ICC trophy indicates…? To know these,watch the video completely…. This ICC trophy is designed by Paul marsden from Garred and co. In 1999,this trophy is prepared by a team of craftsmen from garrad and co. over a period of 2 months It is 60cm high and weighs approximately 11 kgs. It is made from silver and gold These vertical colouumns represents stumps and bails Here coloumns in a wicket named as stumps bails are arranged above the stumps Simply ,cricket can be defined as batting,bowling and fielding Similarily ,these coloumns indicating stumps are also indicates batting,bowling and fielding Since, this trophy is designed in PLATONIC dimension it can be easily identified from any angle the world cup winners are awarded with trophy prototype only The actual trophy is kept by ICC in its office in Dubai which is identical in all aspects apart from the inscription of previous winners on the base of actual trophy Ok friends ,until now we learned about ICC trophy which is designed in 1999 but the world cup is stared in 1975 only Then which trophies are awarded to the world cup winners in between 1975 to 1999…? and who sponsered this…? Now we will find out. In the first 3 years from the launching of world cup i.e., 1975,1979,1983. world cup is sponsered by PRUDENTIAL PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY They awarded Prudential cup trophy to the world cup winners Similarly,In 1987 RELIANCE INDUSTRIES awarded with Reliance world cup In 1992 ,BENSON AND HEDGES awarded with benson and hedges cup In1996 , WILLS named an ITC brand company awarded with Wills world cup From the next year , World cup is conducted by ICC Ok friends, If you like the video, please LIKE,SHARE,COMMENT For more videos SUBSCRIBE to PRAVEEN STUDIO But stay tuned to PS THANK YOU

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