World Record Paragliding Infinity Tumble

♪ (music) ♪(Veso Ovcharov) Paragliding is one
of the more unique ways
to explore one of the most
fascinating elements: the air.
(Petar Loncar) In Cappadocia, in Turkey,nature created this amazing landscape.It seems that the entire world is flying.(Halis Aydogan) It makes every day
a different experience.
In the last three years I’m recording
the spots where I’ve landed,
in Cappadocia, in Google Maps,and I’ve landed
on the same spot only twice. The potential is big! Everywhere we go, we could fly.(Veso) Here we have
some really bizarre shapes,
and we can soar them–most of these shapes are flyable!(Petar) It definitely requires
a lot of experience
to fly these places,
especially to land here. ♪ (music) ♪(Ondrej Prochazka) I need to be
a little bit further away from you,
because we have full-frame photos, where we can always crop a little bit. It’s 28 megapixels. (Petar) But look now!
Look now! It’s up! (Ondrej) This is amazing!(Veso, on radio) Currently the wind ismore like falling from the south,
so we have total backwind,
and it’s not even safe.We hope that eventually
we’re going to succeed.
We’ll let you know! [inaudible](Veso) Wow, man, alleluia!! Woo! ♪ (music) ♪ (Petar) Watch out! Watch out!Every morning, at sunrise,
we have more than 150 balloons,
with 2,500 people flying.So we wanted to show them
our sport and to fly together.
♪ (music) ♪(Veso) Having so many people
in the air, watching us live
from all over the world,
in these balloons,
gives us motivation
to try something new,
to make the most extreme maneuver
in our sport, in triple synchro.
(Predrag Vućković, on radio)
You have two, three minutes before the jump. (Emre Cantemur) 1,350
and our balloon is on the level! (Veso) Ready, steady, spaghetti! (wings unfurling) Woo-hoo! ♪ (music) ♪ (whoosh of wind on wings) ♪ (music crescendoes) ♪ (Veso) Cappadocia,
triple infinity “synchro” record! (Petar) We succeeded! (Veso) Wow! I love you! It was a wonderful experience
to share the sky with the boys and go for the world record
in triple infinity.(Veso) We made it, and we were
almost all the way down,
side by side, watching each other.
It was really amazing. (Petar) It was kind of painful,
but it was worth it! ♪ (music) ♪ (Petar) Record!(Veso) Cappadocia left us
a lot of strong feelings,
and for sure this will not be
the last time we’re visiting,
because there is so much to explore.
The potential is enormous.
I remember seeing it for the first time.I was running from side to side,
like “Maybe we can fly!” But I didn’t have the time. This time was
kind of a dream come true! ♪ (music) ♪ (Veso) Woo-hoo! Cappadocia!(Veso) This place is magical,and it was awesome
to jump and fly every morning
around these balloons.It’s going to stay in my mind forever. ♪ (music) ♪

29 thoughts on “World Record Paragliding Infinity Tumble

  1. I'm old, I have never drank red bull (that's going to change), but I consume EVERY  video I can drink mentally. the athletes/ cameramen, have given me so much joy and excitement. thank you.

  2. Imagens fantásticas na Turquia,na Capadócia,de atletas praticantes de paraglinding!

  3. thank you Pedro, and this place is in Cappadocia region of Turkey.  in turkish ,we pronounce it as "Kapadokya"

  4. Guys, thank you for your flying over Kapadokya (Cappadocia). I don't tell you that is my country mention but it was one of the awesome video that I ever watched. Scene and music match are perfect and while I was watching I really wanted to fly in there even I can't fly anymore. You are "rock" guys, keep going!

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  6. Eskişehir İnönü Paraşüt eğitimi arkadaşlarıma selam olsun güzel bir eylül akşamı muazzam bir sohbetti özlüyorum o zamanı..

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