World’s First Fan Assistant Referee Football Match | #5Gamechanger | Vodafone UK

(gentle upbeat music) – [Peter] Well hello, I’m
Peter Drury on St Mary’s, as the smallest football
league in the world, who’s teamed up with Vodafone
to bring you a world’s first, thanks to 5G.
– You ready? – [Peter] Today, for the first time, fans around the island
can follow the match and have their say on key decisions through F-A-R, Fan Assistant Referee. What could possibly go wrong? (whistle blows) Have conditions ever been more
idyllic than they are here, as the Woolpack Wanderers get
us under way, all in black. Garrison Gunners defending
the goal to our right. And Matt Simons with the captain’s armband with the throw for Evans. And Simons again. (players yelling) Heaved out as far as Greenlaw. It’s Liam Greenlaw’s clearance, pounced upon by Paul Williams, who’s sweet-to-feet,
and who found Dan Evans. (cheering) And Dan Evans came up with
something pretty special. Look at that one in technicolor
and from every dimension. A bit special. (players yelling) Here’s Handy and James. Wanderers chasing the game now, down by the Lethbridge for
Jack Handy, deflection goal! Prompt equalizer, Mike
Andrewartha’s behind had quite a lot to do with it. And the goalkeeper couldn’t get across. It is one each. Boots an optional extra for officaldom. (players yelling) Simons closed down,
but deft over the ball. And distributing it
beautifully for Williams. Here goes Evans, back goes Gibbons. And what did Gibbons take there? They’re looking up, in the hope (whistle blows) that the referee might point at the spot. He instead refers to those
all around the island. Now, did Gibbo take the
ball or did he take the man? For my money, those gorgeous
pink boots took only the ball. But the opinion of those
all over the island is the opinion that matters. It feels clear cut. It looked like a good challenge. (whistle blows) But their decision is penalty. (clapping)
(laughing) In the face of visible
disbelief and bemusement. (whistle blows) – [Referee] You’re an
animal, number three. – [Peter] Really Gibbo, he thinks not. (whistle blows) Evans steps up and it
is two-one at the break. (whistle blows) (dog barking) (players yelling) Here’s Evans, challenge from Ward. – [Referee] No chance,
absolutely no chance. – [Peter] That looks a good one. You heard what I heard,
the referee no chance. (whistle blows) – [Referee] Truth in review. – [Peter] But it is worthy of review. And again, we can make up our own minds whilst those on 5G reach
their particular opinion. And their opinion, once registered, (yelling) on this occasions concurs with mine. (cheering) Really good, clean tackle. And once more, Dan Evans
should be shame-faced for going down. And he’s had his name
taken for simulation. Named and shamed. (players yelling) So the Wanderers have it to do here. But it is the Gunners who press again with Williams who sat one
down and spared one in. (clapping)
(cheering) And the Garrison Gunners
have a three-one lead. (players yelling) Lethbridge, Greenlaw, Andrewartha. Greenlaw again from fullback. He’s slungin’ a decent delivery here for Sam James, whose finish is immaculate. And the Wanderers are back in it. That is a pretty picture to look at again. Game on. Gunners still by the odd goal in five. But here is Henry McCann. Aim to get it, James, who’s fed a sweet little
pass-through for Leftbridge. (whistle blows)
(cheering) And it is three-three. Will Leftbridge with poise and certainty. And they have come back from the dead. And now they are daring to chase it. Andrewartha and Handy and James. And a splendid finish and
a fairytale turnaround! Three-one down. (whistle blows) Four-three up. The Woolpack Wanderers have it on this gorgeous, gorgeous day. The fans have certainly had
their say in that result. F-A-R, could it be here to stay? (gentle upbeat music)

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