– Yo! (crowd yells) – Yo is he good? Is he okay? Someone help him! Did he faint? (dramatic bass) (beep) Hello guys and welcome
back to another video! I am awake, I am lively,
I am so excited for today. What’s happening today you ask? Today is possibly gonna
be the craziest day of literally ages. I have so much crazy stuff with team Morgz with all the Prank Kings going on today and I am gonna taking you
guys through it all today. It’s gonna be so dope. Now real quick guys let me
tell you how my morning, how my day started today,
what I’ve done so far. The first thing we really did today is film an awesome video
which you will be seeing soon. I’ve gotta keep it a secret for now, but it is coming out soon. Roll the clip from that! (beep) Yo so we just wrapped up
an awesome video shoot. You’ll know about it
soon, it’s a good one. In the car right now. Mike, give us a rev! (car humming) Why does it sound really quiet? (beep) And then the second thing
we did a few minutes ago is we went to McDonald’s and
I got a pretty weird meal. Check this out. (beep) Yo, can I please have a a cheeseburger Happy Meal? (beep) And then after that
here we are, we’re back. I’ve eaten my Happy Meal. I’m feeling good, I’m feeling energised. What’s going down today, it’s
my first ever meet and greet and it’s held, as you
know, in a trampoline park. I’m doing a fun meet-up
in a trampoline park. I think this is the first
time it’s ever been done. Jump Inc X Morgz is today
and I’m gonna be filming it, taking you guys through
it, meeting all you guys. It’s gonna be epic. Now as you guys know,
everyday I’m wearing my merch. Repping the Prank King merch today. Gonna be wearing it all
day throughout this video to the jumping event. Remember, get your merch,
link in the description below. So come inside, come inside,
we’re gonna get ready for the event today. It’s in 2 hours guys so I
need to get myself prepared. I wanna get there early so I can make sure everything’s going down well. Well this is a big moment for me. My first ever event that I’ve held and it just happens to
be in a trampoline park, which you guys have been asking me to film a trampoline park for ages. So I can’t wait. (claps) (yells) Yo, I’m just so excited. Let’s do it. (beep) Yo! So we just came inside. We just got ready and oh, my goodness, Mum how are you feeling? – I’m gonna just jump. – You’re going to jump, you’re gonna jump, you’re gonna jump, jump. – I’m gonna jump and jump. – Hey guys, I’m going to–
– Jump! – I’m going to jump. Yeah guys, honestly I’m
feeling so nervous right now. I’m gonna tell you more
about this in the car, more about the event, but oh my goodness, what thoughts are going through
your head right now Mum? – How many times have I
got to sing happy birthday? – What, what? – [Morgz’s Mum] Cause you always do that. – Oh, if it’s someone’s birthday. – [Morgz’s Mom] Yeah.
– Yeah, true. Guys, honestly I’m just thinking hopefully it’s not a bloody disaster. Guys, let’s get going,
let’s get in the car and let’s get this thing started. (beep) Yo, so today guys we’re
actually not going in Mum’s car. We’re gonna keep it low key and we don’t fans attacking
the car and something. – Ah! – [Morgz] What car we going in? – Martin’s, going in Martin’s. – [Morgz] We’re going in
Martin’s car right here. The bloody whip, the vip-ah! It’s not as good as Mum’s, but it’ll do. It’ll get us to the event. Yo, so guys, as we
drive on the way to jump the first ever event. I just wanna put this
into perspective guys. A month ago, guys, I had a dream I had a dream! I had a vision. I wanna make a meet and greet event that isn’t just gonna be you guys paying to stand and meet me. That’s when I decided, let’s
do a trampoline park meet-up and thus, Jump Inc X Morgz was born. The tickets sold out literally overnight. You guys attacked them, you
sold them out instantly. The power of team Morgz was truly on show. There is gonna be 500
of you guys here today. We’ve got three hours to meet 500 of you. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna enjoy every second of it. Meeting team Morgz,
seeing you all come out, it’s gonna be so dope. Literally guys, I can’t wait. If you come into the event,
I hope you had a great time. I hope it was fun, I hope
you enjoyed meeting me. If you can’t make it,
hopefully we’ll be doing loads more of these in the future. So don’t be too disheartened. I wanna meet all of you guys because you’re the
family, you’re the squad, and you’re my flipping bros. Now big Bob Martin is on the drive. We’re getting to the event right now. The actual event starts
in one and a half hours. We’re gonna try and get
there a little bit early. Set everything up, but guys the tension is
well and truly rising. Oh, I’m scared guys. I’m nervous. I’m gonna enjoy it all. If you guys are there, I’m gonna be happy. I’m gonna meet you guys and it’s gonna be great. (beep) It starts guys in like 20 minutes and we’re stuck in traffic. I may be late to my own event. This isn’t good. I’ll
keep you guys updated. (beep) Yo, so we’ve just pulled up to the event just before it starts. The first guy to get
the merch at the event. Introduce yourself bro. – I’m Jackson – [Morgz] Jackson! High five! Legend bro. That’s awesome. Yo, guys okay so we’re about
to start the event right now. The first crowds of
people have just came on. Is this them here bro. (crowd yelling) Yo! Yo! (crowd yelling and cheering) (upbeat music) (hip-hop music) (beep) – So guys today I am the youtuber, Youtuber Fitz. Go and
subscribe to my channel. And today I am going to
be doing a prank on Morgz. Fainting pranks. So yeah, let’s get to it. – Yo! Whoah! (crowd yells) Yo is he good? Is he okay? Mum, help him! Did he faint? I think he fainted. Yo is he okay?
– Someone! Somebody. Someone! – [Camera Man] What
man, what have you done? – I did not make him faint.
Bro, did I make him faint? – It was just a prank. – Ugh! (laughs) (beep) (upbeat music) Yo, so guys, that wraps
up the meet and greet. The biggest ever, I think,
trampoline park meet and greet. It was originally 6:00
p.m., while 9:00 p.m., Four hundred and ninety people. Guys, it just ended and the time is… Midnight! What the hell! Four hours extra that took because team Morgz, they’re too strong. (crowd screams) Team Morgz they’re just taking over. We’re way too crazy. Shout out
to everybody that came today. I cannot believe it guys. That is six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, that is eight– Is that six or seven hours? Is it six? (beep) That is like a seven hour meet and greet. I don’t think anyone’s like ever done a seven hour meet and greet. No breaks, nothing guys. That was crazy. After the meet-up, I feel
like I deserve a jump about so me and Mum are gonna go help the park. Let’s do it guys. Come on Mum you can do
it! You can do it Mum! Do some more, come on Mum! – Ah! – [Morgz] Yo, she did
it, she held her weight. She held her weight, Mum
you held your weight! Go Martin! You can do it Martin. – Come on! (grunts) – [Morgz] How’s he hanging on? He’s like a gorilla, he’s like an ape. (yelling) Yo! My… Ugh, he’s doing it. (beep) Yo guys, so what we’re gonna do now is gonna be a little bit crazy. We’ve got the entire trampoline
park to ourselves right now. We’ve got Mum, the Prank
Queen, she’s repping the merch. We’ve got Jack, (laughs) the nothing. (beep) Where’s Martin gone?
Martin, where you gone bro? – King – [Morgz] King! He’s got King gone. – I thought you were neutral! – And then you’ve got me, of course, wearing the Prank King. Guys, what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna play Hide N’ Seek in this sold out, this
empty, trampoline park. Now it’s gonna be Jack, Mum, and Martin all hiding right now,
they’ve got lots of space and I’m gonna be counting in this corner. Guys, you’ve got sixty
seconds to hide, okay? Then I’m gonna come on the loose and try and find ya. What you gotta do, you
gotta comment down below team Mum, team Martin, or team manager. (laughs) And we’re gonna see who wins this Hide N’ Seek challenge guys. I’m gonna start counting
in three, two, one, go! – [Spongebob Voice] 5 minutes later. – [Morgz] I’m coming! Is everybody hid? That was just a trick to
try to make them say yes. Okay, I’m coming now. Okay I’m gonna start looking down here. Yo, I’ma bounce out here! Okay, yo, let me search around here. It’s a good place for someone to hide if they’re trying to outsmart me. Okay, I think we’re good. Yo, I think, I think we got away with it. I might have to save that space for me. Okay, look at this guys, we’re venturing through this empty trampoline park right now. We gotta basketball. Can I,
can I get that in right now? All the pressure right now. Right, okay, cool! (beep) Okay, we’re gonna walk over. Oh my gosh, oh gosh it doesn’t bounce! Okay. Bad decision there.
This ain’t a bouncy one. Let me crawl off, let me
crawl off to the side. Yo, I’m pretty stoked. All this is adventures of
Morgz in a trampoline park. (beep) Surely someone’s gotta be down here. Oh! Gah! Jeez that was a wipe-out,
did anyone see that? I wiped myself out right
there. That was brutal. Wow, okay the show must go on guys. I’ma keep going. Is that someone? Is that
someone behind there? It’s bald Martin! I can see you, it’s bald Martin! It’s bald Martin, the
first one to be spotted. If you commented bald Martin, you lose. Yo, okay I’m back on the radar. There are a lot of tall
spaces around here. So I’m thinking someone’s
gotta be around here. How is Mum not out first?
She loses every challenge. Let me walk up this ramp and see if I can see anyone
at the top of this ramp. Oh, we gotta a tall view here.
Everyone better be scared! Ugh, I’ve got my eyes on you all! I’ve got my– I see you Jack! I see ya! Okay, I really don’t, but– No one down here? I thought maybe they were
trying to trick me with like, having two people next
to each other, but no. I guess I’m back on to
the floor looking ’round. Yo, sure has someone
gotta be up these steps on to the big jump. Surely someone’s gotta be up there. Come out, come out! Wherever you are! Is that what I think it
is? Behind that pillar? Oh, maybe not. False
alarm guys, false alarm. (screams) Yo, that means Jack
wins! Team manager wins! Everyone team up on manager. Yo, everybody team up, everyone team up. We need to find him. I know Jack, he’s got some
intelligence in that brain. He’s definitely found
somewhere really good. Yo, this is the one
place I haven’t checked. It was right next to where I counted. Surely not. Okay, he’s not in there. Mum can you see him? – [Morgz’s Mum] No! – [Morgz] I think he’s, he’s just ran off. He’s gone to do some business deals. I think he might have just ran off. What the, yo. Yo, guys. Shh. Shh. (calm music) (laughs) He’s down there! Yo, Jack, you did win bro. I’ve got good news
– Team manager. – [Morgz] I’ve got good news.
– Put it in the comments. – [Morgz] Team manager. If anyone put team manager in the comments they’re gonna be happy right now. Guys, that is Hide N’
Seek in a trampoline park, but one more thing
before we end this video. I think we need to have a slow-mo montage of some trampoline park fun. Guys, roll! The cinematics. (beep) (slow upbeat music) (beep) Okay, and just like that we are back home. Yo, all I can say is what a flipping day. Oh my goodness, like this day
has been absolutely crazy. This has been one of
my craziest vlogs yet. We’ve had the meet-up,
which was supposed be, let me put this into perspective right. So, we really sales for
my first ever meet-up. We didn’t know how it was gonna go. We didn’t know if it was
gonna be in shambles. We didn’t know if we could even sell out. We didn’t know how many
people were gonna turn up. So we decided, let’s go with 500 people. I was like, yo guys, I think
that’s a little bit too much. I don’t know if 500 people
is gonna wanna see me. Turns out, we sold it instantly after like a few days, team
Morgz sold out instantly. Loads of you wanted to come. So we gave you guys 6:00
p.m., one 9:00 p.m., and we thought that’d be enough, but today, 6:00 p.m., 7:00
p.m., 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., and then, 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., all the way to 12:00 p.m. guys. We just completely shut
it down. Team Morgz. We are literally a
force. We’re a movement. We just took over the
entire place like we do. We take over Youtube,
taking over social medias. We just take over things and
we took over the event guys. Everyone was there repping their merch. Everyone was buying
the merch at the event. Showing the cause. The Prank King, the Prank
Queen, the team Morgz, the M-H, everyone wearing
their clothes with pride. I love seeing it. I loved
seeing all you guys. It was the best thing and I just wanna say listen up guys, if you
couldn’t make it, that’s cool. Look out for more events,
but if you were there I hope you had a great time. Sorry it took so long to queue, but the whole event was just manic. And honestly, I just
loved meeting you guys. I just, I wanna meet more of you. I wanna meet you all
cause it’s just such fun and I had so much fun. And also guys, as well as that, the trampoline part was super dope. Playing Hide N’ Seek in
that with Martin, Mum, and of course Jack and yeah, that was loads of fun, too. So tell me if you want me to
maybe do a 24 hour challenge in the trampoline park,
if you want me to go back. Leave a like if you wanna see that and comment down below what
videos you want me to do if I go back to the trampoline park. And finally guys, if you
haven’t already, remember go to the link in the description and get yourself some merch whether it’s Prank King,
Prank Queen, team Morgz, M-H. Get yourself some merch guys. Everybody’s buying,
everybody’s repping it. You need to join. Look, literally the
camera guy’s repping it. Mum’s out there repping it. All of team Morgz are repping it. If you haven’t got the merch,
link in the description. Get it now. It’s selling
quick, it’s selling fast. And also guys, new merch is coming out on the 2nd of December, this Saturday, so get ready for that too. It’s gonna be Pug themed. Well yeah, thank you
all so much for watching and as always, I’ve been Morgz,
you guys have been awesome. And I’ll see you in my next video. Peace! Out. – If you enjoyed the video then remember to subscribe
to Morgz’s channel and don’t forget to leave a
like! (laughs) Thanks for watching. Peace out.

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