– We have to go find these guys. I don’t want to do it as
much as you don’t want to, but if we don’t follow
along with a little game of hide and seek, then we
might be hiding forever; in the grave! I’m just gonna leave this here. Okay, we don’t have to use it. It’s a contingency plan. (shushing sound) I’m gonna regret this in the– No! Home’s where the bacon is,
guys, and there’s no bacon here. Boris. Boris, no. – [Narrator] Welcome to… (intense gaming music) – [Boris] Bendy, we have a new brother. – Guys, I can’t move. Nick. Nick, I can’t move. Nick, why am I here?
Why are you behind bars? – [Nick] Preston? – Yeah, why am I behind bars, Nick? – [Nick]Preston, why are you on the ink rack? That’s a bit weird. – I can’t move. Guys, no. Nick, no. – [Bendy] I see The Creator. – [Boris] You are home. – [Nick] Preston? – Yeah, Nick?
– [Boris] Preston… – [Nick] Maybe we should
go hide somewhere. Somewhere… far away. – Yeah, Nick, I’m down for
that. I’m really down for that. Nick, where have you taken me this time? Every time you have me
play new Hide and Seek maps with your new friends, and
they’re not very friendly. – [Nick] These ones, yeah. These ones I’ll admit are kinda creepy. – Kind of, Nick? I mean, I
think you’re describing them– – [Boris] We can be your
new friends, Preston. – [Nick] Preston, look, you’ve gotta… – I don’t know where
to– Okay, okay, Nick. Nick, what if they find us? – [Nick] Listen, Boris…
– [Boris] Yes? – [Nick] I know where Preston is. – [Boris] You do?
– Nick! – [Nick] If you want that. You know, I could sell him out. You could find him, and,
not do anything creepy. – Nick, Nick. No, Nick. Please, Nick. – [Boris] Where is he? – Nick, please don’t do this. – [Bendy] Can you find him, Boris? – There’s another one. – [Boris] I don’t see him anywhere, Bendy. – [Nick] So, Preston…
– Yeah? – [Nick] Basically, we found
this old animation studio. I think instead of making cartoons, they make little, demonic, people. – Nick, you take me to this castle. – [Nick] It’s okay, there’s
lots of good hiding spots here. It’s honestly a lot of fun, Preston. – [Boris] So much fun.
– I’m 12 and what is this? – [Bendy] So much fun… (sinister laughter) – I just want to go back
to playing RuneScape. – [Nick] I don’t think you can that here, ’cause there’s no computers, but, if you want, you
can take some of the ink and put it like, all over your hair and pretend you’re a Greaser. – [Boris] Or, you can
be one of us, Preston. – No… – [Nick] You don’t wanna do that. – [Bendy] Be one of us. – [Boris] Join us, Preston. – I definitely don’t wanna do this, Nick. – [Nick] Yeah, I’ll admit,
I probably should have brought you here during the daytime. But, at the same time, this is
really fun Hide and Seek map. So, just suck it up, okay? – You always bring me to these spots. My mom gets so mad; she
freaks out every time. – [Nick] Well, did you tell your mom how fun Hide and Seek is? – Yeah, I told her it was pretty fun. Like, I enjoy hiding with you. And then you bring me to these really crazy places half the time. Sometimes they’re normal. Like when we played with
Santa Clause that one time, that was pretty cool,
and there was the elves. But, this time, and the last
time, and the time before that. – [Nick] Okay, I may know
more creepy hiding spots than normal hiding spots. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still fun. – [Bendy] It can be fun. – [Boris] You can join
the creator. Rest… – Nick, I think they found
me. I think Boris found me. – [Nick] Well, that’s all
you. I mean, good luck. – No, no, no, Nick. Nick,
c’mon. Nick, Nick, c’mon. Can you–
– [Nick] What am I gonna do? – Sell can an organ?
– [Nick] I can’t save you. – Sell an organ. – [Nick] That is not
gonna help me, Preston! – (laughter) C’mon. – [Nick] Look, you’re on your– (gasp) – [Boris] I found you… – [Nick] Buddy? – Yes? Yes. Keep me alive. – [Nick] Boris, no! How did– – [Boris] Come here, Nick… – [Nick] No, Boris, go
back to finding Preston. – No, no, no. – [Nick] Preston, tell me
where you are, really quick. I’m not gonna sell you out,
I’m just gonna use you, to make sure that I don’t get caught. – You’re gonna sells me
out, aren’t ya, buddy? – [Nick] Preston, I’m a
Seeker… I mean, a Hider still. – (laughing) Yeah. – [Nick] Look at me, hiding away. Where are you? We could get together. – Stop trying to make the
best out of this situation. We’re in a terrible situation, okay? – [Nick] It’s not terrible. – [Bendy] It’s not terrible, it’s fun. – [Boris] Yes, fun… – [Nick] I’ll admit, now
that I’m on their team, it does seem pretty fun, Preston. And, it is still Hide and Seek. – I won’t do it. – [Boris] Join us, Preston.
– [Bendy] Join us. Nick, once again, you
detracted from the situation. Do you hear these guys? They
could totally take us out. – [Nick] Yeah, but, I’m on their team now. So, they’re more concerned about you. – [Nick] It’s actually a lot
of fun playing with them. – How much can you trust these guys? – [Boris] Give us a hint, Preston. – Okay, I’m in a spot where
there’s not a lot of ink. – [Nick] Not a lot of ink?
I feel like that’s not true. Because there’s ink everywhere. – [Boris] Liars are bad, Preston. – I’m not lying! I’m not lying! – [Boris] We don’t like liars! – I’m not lying, I promise. Please. – [Bendy] We do not like liars. – I’m not lying, guys. I’m not lying. Okay. Okay. Okay. I was where Nick was
at the beginning, okay? – [Nick] I know where that is! – [Boris] Show me, Nick… – [Nick] Wait, I think
I know where that is. Did you find him? – But, it’s too late! I
beat Boris at finding! – [Nick] Wait, you were still there? – Yeah. Now we can get out, Nick. We can get out now. I survived– – [Boris] No. – [Bendy] There is no escaping, Preston. – [Nick] It’s best two out of three in Hide and Seek, Preston. – [Boris] That’s right…
– He’s gone! He’s gone! Did you see that? He just teleported. – [Nick] Yeah, that’s what he does. He kinda just does
creepy things like that. – [Bendy] But I’m still
here, remember that. – Nick?
– [Nick] Hi. (creepy laugh) C’mon, Preston, let’s do it again. You can be the Seeker
this time, it’ll be fun. – Okay… I’m gonna
regret this in the– No! – [Boris] Preston… – Boris. Personal space,
Boris. Oh, thank God. – [Nick] (creepy giggle) Preston, hi! – Nick, can you stop with that laugh? It’s creeping me out, man.
Almost as bad as these guys. – [Nick] I am sorry. I am
actually having a lot of fun. I thought I’d be scared but
now that they’re really just trying to creep you out, it’s
actually a lot of fun for me. – Nick, you had bad parents growing up. – [Nick] No, I had great parents. But, I’ll tell you what I did have, I had bad Hide and Seek partners, that’s why I had to train
myself from the age of 12 to be an amazing Hide and Seek player. That way, I can always win. – [Bendy] And you’re
one of the best, Nick. – [Boris] Soon, you’ll be one of us, Nick. – I’m so tired of this, Nick. – [Nick] Hey, Preston, guess where I am? – What?
– [Nick] I’ll give you a hint. I’m somewhere near this
ginormous ink machine. It’s really big. And I’m pretty sure it
makes people, out of ink. – I don’t know if I wanna go over there, because that sounds like where these two guys like to hang out. Yeah, definitely sounds like
where they wanna hang out. – [Nick] Well, that’s just the noises they make when they’re hiding. But, trust me, you’ll be able to find me before you find them.
Or before they find you. – Nick? – [Nick] Yeah? – I don’t believe you. – [Nick] I’m actually telling the truth! – [Boris] Nick’s not a liar. – [Nick] I told you I’m a terrible liar, you’ll be able to tell. – [Boris] Liars. We don’t like Liars. – [Nick] Watch, I’ll
try and lie right now. – [Boris] Do we, Bendy? – [Nick] This is a fake
Nick. It’s a mannequin. – I don’t think so, Nick. – [Nick] Just a fake.
It’s a remote control. – Nick, c’mere. We have
to go find these guys. I don’t want to do it as
much as you don’t want to, but if we don’t follow
along in their little game of Hide and Seek, then
we might hiding forever. In the grave. – [Nick] Oh, no, I
actually wanna find them. – [Boris] Not forever. – [Nick] It’s fun. It’s Hide and Seek. – [Boris] All the time.
– [Bendy] All the time. – We’re gonna have a
black and white funeral. I hope you’re happy about this, Nick. – [Boris] Forever and ever. – [Nick] I’ll admit,
it’s a little bit creepy. But, look, as long as we stay out of the basement, we should be fine. – What’s in the basement? – [Nick] I don’t know
if I should tell you. – Nick, you have to tell me. You brought me here, and
I don’t even know how we got here in the first place. – [Nick] Okay, okay. Fine. – We’re not in Kansas anymore. – [Bendy] Preston… – [Nick] The first time I came here there was trap door down here,
and then I got down here. – Why is there an ax? – [Nick] But, look, we have to stay out of here right now ’cause
it’s pretty scary. – Can we not get through? – [Boris] Then we can all go home. – [Nick] I would be pretty careful. they don’t really like people
messing with their things. – Alright, I put the ax back. I don’t want to come
across as a threat, man. (glitch sound) – [Nick] Yeah, Preston, maybe
just stick to seeking them and not antagonizing them. – I wasn’t antagonizing them! – [Boris] That would be smart, Preston. – That wasn’t me, Boris! That was Nick! – [Nick] It was all Preston. – [Boris] I see you. – No, it was hundred percent Nick. – Wait, you see me? What? – [Boris] I see you! – [Bendy] It’s time to believe, Preston. – [Boris] Believe, Preston. – [Nick] I’ll be honest, Preston, I don’t really know
what these guys can do. I don’t even know how they’re alive, they’re made out of ink. – [Boris] The Creator
gave us life. Preston! – Oh, Nick. Nick, don’t leave me. – [Nick] I’m coming, I’m coming. Hi, Boris. (giggle) Now you’re a seeker. Now you have to try
and find Bendy with us. – Can you help us find Bendy, please? – [Nick] Preston, you act like they’re not just made out of ink. It’s not like they can
hurt us. I don’t think. – Oh, yeah, they can.
Look at how big they are. – [Boris] No, we can’t hurt you. – [Nick] Wait, what is this? Preston, this kinda
looks like a little rack where you would put somebody. – Yeah, I don’t like that,
Nick. I really don’t like that. – [Boris] A place for visitors. – Why are there candles and torches? It looks like some kind of ritual. – [Boris] Just do it. – [Nick] Yeah, they do
like to hold rituals. – [Bendy] Rituals. – Nick, you didn’t tell me about any of this before we came here. – [Boris] We need to do the ritual. – There are scrolls on the walls. – [Bendy] Do we have
all six articles, Boris? – [Nick] That’s right, Preston,
we have to get articles, but don’t worry, I already got them. – Why would you get the articles? – [Nick] There’s the book, the wrench, there’s the little ink drop… – What?! Nick! – [Nick] Well, because, I play
a lot of Hide and Seek here. – Nick, no! – [Nick] Eventually, you
just find all the rituals. – Oh, Nick. Oh, Nick at
Nite. Oh, no, no, no, no. Oh, God! There he is! There’s Boris. – [Nick] A very good TV show. – [Boris] Preston. Where
are you hiding, Preston? – [Nick] We’re looking for Bendy, Preston. – I know! Look, we’re
trying to find Bendy. – [Nick] Bendy needs to gives us a hint. – Boris, please, can you help us? – [Nick] We’ve only got 15 seconds left. – Where’s Bendy been hiding? – [Bendy] Looking for The Resurrection? – No, we’re not doing that.
– [Boris] Bring us back. – I found Bendy! – [Nick] You found him? – I did. – [Nick] Did you tag him? – [Bendy] No… – [Nick] Then, we lost.
Great. Thanks, Preston. I always wanted to lose in Hide and Seek. – I’m sorry, Nick, but this
guy is freaking me out. He needs a sandwich. – [Boris] Oh, Preston.
– Nope. – [Bendy] Why won’t you believe us? – [Nick] Okay, wait. Preston, Preston. Look, you just caused me to lose, and I’m not used to losing. So, can we just play
one more round? Please? – Okay, okay. Nick, one
more, and that’s it. Seriously, we have got
to leave after this. – [Nick] One or two or three
or, forever. Whatever works. – Okay. One more game. – [Boris] We’re your home, Preston. – No, I’m not home, guys.
Do you know where home is? – [Boris] You are home, Preston. – Home’s where the bacon is,
guys, and there’s no here. – [Nick] Bacon! – Boris. Boris, no. – [Nick] Okay, Preston, good luck. I’m gonna go find you, and when I do, then, you owe me three pieces of bacon. – Why do I have to hide with
these guys, Nick? C’mon! – [Nick] Because that’s
just how it works, Preston. Don’t question Hide and Seek, you’ve already played enough games. – What do you mean don’t question it? – [Boris] Join us, Preston. – Oh, my God. – [Bendy] Don’t be alarmed. – [Boris] Join, join, join… – I really don’t wanna join in on this. – [Nick] Yeah, I’ll admit,
Preston, this is really creepy. But look, you can be on my team now, because you’re really bad
at picking hiding spots. – Okay, thank God. (shushing sound)
(laughter) – Don’t laugh, man! This is
not the appropriate time. I wanted to be a seeker, okay? – [Nick] Uh-huh… – I did. I wanted to be a seeker, because I don’t want to have to deal with hiding with these guys. – [Nick] I totally believe you, Preston. See, this is where I found
one of the ritual pieces. – [Boris] There’s no hiding
from The Creator, Preston. – Who is this Creator
they keep talking about? – [Bendy] The Creator. – Is it you? Did you bring them here? – [Nick] No, they were here before me. But, they keep talking about him. And they say they’re
gonna meet him someday. – And you weren’t freaked
out about any of this? – [Bendy] The Creator… – [Nick] I figured, hey,
it’s a good thing because, eventually, I could play Hide
and Seek with The Creator. – Nick, I think we need to break this. – [Nick] Don’t break
this. This is an antique. (voices speaking in tongues) – [Bendy] The Creator lied to us. – [Boris] He lied. We don’t like liars. – [Nick] Yeah, that’s the other thing… Apparently, they don’t
like The Creator very much. I guess he lied about something. I’m not really sure what, Preston. But maybe we should just
stick to Hide and Seek, and not messing with this machine. – I’m just gonna leave this here, okay? We don’t have to use it. We’re just gonna leave it here, okay? It’s a contingency plan. (shushing sound) – [Nick] Okay, I guess that’s fine. – [Bendy] Preston… – [Nick] Preston, look, just
help me find these guys. I don’t wanna lose for a third time. – Okay, okay. (gasp) – [Bendy] Do you believe
in dreams, Preston? – No, Bendy. I don’t wanna believe… – [Boris] You should believe, Preston! – In what? In what? – [Nick] Believe in pizza! – [Boris] The Creator! – [Nick] Oh. Well, close enough to pizza. Preston, Preston, c’mere.
I found a secret room. (whistling) – Nick. – [Nick] No, it’s a secret
room, it’s really cool! – What does it mean when he does that? – [Boris] Welcome home, Preston. – Oh, can he see me? – [Nick] Preston. – Nick! – [Nick] I’m over here. Where are you? – I’m trying to come over there, man. I’m trying to get over my fears. – [Nick] Alright, come
here, I’m gonna show– Trust me, you’ll see. It’s
just an animation studio. There’s nothing to be scared of. See, I found this big metal door. They must keep all the
pizza behind here. – Oh, Nick. Okay, Nick. I don’t know if there’s pizza back here. – [Boris] No pizza. – [Bendy] Our pizza. – [Nick] These are really weird props. – Nick, I really don’t think we should go back in there again. – [Nick] Fine, fine. But, Boris, you have to give
me a hint for Hide and Seek. I need to know where you
are. I can’t lose again. – [Boris] I’m behind boxes
holding The Creators friend. – What if The Creators’ friend’s mean? – [Nick] I don’t really know, Preston. But I know that there’s
boxes in the basement area. Or at least underneath the floorboards. – I was in there, I didn’t
see anybody in there, Nick. They might be lying to us. – [Bendy] Start at the beginning. – At the beginning? Is that a hint? – [Boris] Yes. At the beginning, Preston. – [Bendy] The beginning
is where you start. – Okay, Nick, I’ll go check
the beginning out right now. – [Nick] Well, you better hurry. Because if I lose, I’m gonna
be very upset with you. And you know what that means. – Okay, okay, okay. I’m not trying to find them
legitimately, I promise. – [Nick] I found Boris! – You found Boris? – [Boris] Hello. – [Nick] Hi, Boris. – [Boris] (gasping for breath) Nick. – [Nick] Boris, you have to try your best to find Bendy, okay? – [Boris] Okay. – [Nick] I don’t know where he is, but he’s hiding somewhere from us. – He said check the beginning.
I’m looking over here. Is there a secret combination to this lever and button, Nick? – [Nick] I don’t think so. Bendy, can we have another hint, please? – [Bendy] Of course you can, Nick. – [Nick] Oh, he’s so nice! – [Bendy] What kind of
hint would you like? – [Nick] A hint that lets me find you. Preferably before the timer runs out. So that I can win. – Wow, Nick, you can really
be straightforward sometimes. – [Bendy] I see the camera. (gasping) – [Boris] I know. – It’s in the camera room! – [Nick] I know where that is! – You know where that is? – [Nick] Yeah, it’s in the
room that you used to hide in. – [Boris] I know. (glitching sounds) – [Boris] Hi, Bendy.
– Why is there a camera here? – [Nick] Bendy, you were
there the entire time. – Nick, you’re not even gonna question why there’s a camera here? – [Nick] I’m assuming it’s
for taking pictures, Preston. – I don’t think that’s
what the camera is for. – [Boris] Prest… – Did you notice, Nick, that there’s a lot of black stuff on the walls? Do you think that might not be ink and might be something else? – [Nick] Well, I think
it’s definitely ink. – [Boris] It gives life. – [Nick] But yeah, it does look like there was a big ink fight.
– [Boris] It gives life. – Nick. – [Nick] Can I talk to
you in here for a second? – Yeah, can we please,
Boris, Bendy, can you guys give us some alone time? Thank you. – [Nick] Preston, I’m
thinking maybe you were right. – Nick, they’re opening the door. – [Nick] I think maybe we should leave. – Yeah, we should! We should! I’ve been saying that since the beginning. – [Nick] Follow me. Follow me, okay? – Are you sure we’re gonna
get out of here? Hey, guys! – [Boris] Where are you going?
– Nowhere! – [Nick] We’re just
going to get pizza, guys. – Yeah, we are very hungry for piazza. – [Boris] Where are you going?! – [Nick] C’mon, Preston,
the pizza is this way. – Alright, alright. It’s
this way? Okay, alright. – [Nick] Alright, just go! – Boris is right behind us.
Boris is behind us, Nick. – [Nick] C’mon, let’s go! – Pick it up. Pick it up. – [Boris] Where are you going? – He’s close! He’s close! Go, Nick! Go! Get out of here fast! (sounds of hearts pounding) (record screech) – Nick?

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