World’s Smallest army. 12 players in a cricket game. Superquiz with Shivani.

Hola guys Welcome to Today I will ask some of the questions
and also would answer them So boost your knowledge with me
and lets get started! According to the latest figures
China has the world’s largest army consisting of 23 lakh 35K
soldiers. America and India being on 2nd and 3rd position
consisting soldiers of approx. 15 and 13.5 lakh then which country has the world’s smallest army
and how many soldiers? In the centre of rome which is the capital of Italy there is a country
named Vetican city consisting area of just 0.44 sq.kms. The head of the
state has kept army of just 110 soldiers. Every company, institution or a firm
having website on internet has a particular domain name. The world’s
shortest domain name is which is announced by Google, the
question is that which is the longest domain and of how many letters? The guiness book recorded largest
domain of total 63 letters which is www.llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwy- New-Zealand’s Edmund Hillary and
Nepal’s Sherpa Tenzing Norg has climbed the world’s tallest mountain
peak which is Mt. Everest on May 29 1953. There were many factors like their
luck and hardwork which were responsible One of the factor was a special item
which they consumed in their diet. Then what was this special item which they
consumed in their diet? It was honey. Nepali’s consume honey from their childhood and Sherpa Tanzing Norg also consumed honey from his childhood
New zealand’s edmund hillary was the owner of the honeycomb and so he also
consumed honey regularly. In sorts of advantages, qualities, and nutritious
food, honey is given the first preference Honey is not only nutritious food but
also medicine. Russion experts have claimed that honey serves as a medicine
to more than 35 such diseases including heart disease, weak digestion, asthama,
fatigue, burned skin, weak memorising power and many more. The most
important thing about honey is that it slows down the action of aging.
So guys if you want anti-aging skin so do consume honey daily. Nowadays google search engine has become
the most important part in our life Nobody’s car move further without
it. Not only google services but also the word ‘google’ is at the tip
of everyone’s tongue. If one doesn’t know the answer, it has always a
tendency to google it. Then what’s exact meaning of google? The term ‘google’ itself is a creative
spelling of googol, that is the real word It’snot google’ It’s googol, It’s googol,
Edward Kasner discovered googol in 1930. Accordingly googol one is the
biggest figure which means 100 zeroes after 1.! In a game of cricket if any bowler takes
constant three tickets, it is said that he took a hat-trick. Then how this word
hat-trick emerged in a world of cricket The magician from his hat takes out
the rabbit, pigeons, and many other from his hat through his art and
suprises us from his super duper tricks. Which are really very interesting and
I even enjoy magic shows at times. So the art which he performs is known
as hat-trick. If any bowler takes three wickets constantly it was said that
he took a hat-trick which means with the magic of his bowling from his cap
he took all together three wickets In this picture you can see millau
viaduct pool located near millau in south france. It is the world’s
tallest pool. One of the pillar of this pool is of 1’125 feet. Millau
Viaduct is the world’s tallest pool Then which pool is situated at the
world’s most top height? In the state of Jammu and Kashmir
in India there is a pool located above the river dras and suru which
was built by the soldiers of Indian army in 1892. It is located at
5602 (metres) above the sea level During the second world war
British prime minister Winston Churchill made a secret and protective vault
at the basement of a shop. One night German bomber plans attacked london.
During this air attack this shop became the prey of the bomb. The shop was
no more in existence and the vault was safe. The owner of the shop arrived
at the placed informed this about to the prime minister Churchill and said
that this shop is completely been destroyed but your vault is completely safe. Just
guess what precious thing was kept in this vault? It was the cigar of dunhill which which
is the name of luxurious brand. Churchill was very fond of these cigars and from
8 on 10 pictures of Churchill you would see cigar in his hands. This was his favourite one
and he never touched any other than these. Hence in this special vault he kept his
special buffer stock of dunhill cigars In the year 1900 there was a match
held between England and france which was their first and last match.
There were not 11 players but 12 in this match. Enough popularity was
gained through posters. Approx. 20K spectetors were present during
this match. Then which second thing about this match was Historic? 2 day match between England and
France was played as olympic game in the year 1900.This was the first
and last time cricket was placed in the olympic games.

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