Worst baseball game ending. Little League world series great game – sad ending.

This was one of thee most profoundly unfortunate
endings to an otherwise great game. New Jersey, in 2016, gave what would amount
to the toughest victory that New York would earn for the season. During the 2016 opening round for the Mid
Atlantic LLWS Regional, Main- Endwell NY, who would eventually win the entire world
series championship in Williamsport with no loses for the entire season averted their
first loss when facing New Jersey in the first game of the regionals with a very unfortunate
ending. The game was well played on both sides with
NJ taking an early lead in the top of the second. NY then puts in a new pitcher, Jude Abbadessa
who shuts down NJ for the next few innings, but NY is only able to tie the score in the
bottom of the 3rd. Finally in the top of the 5th, NJ puts up
four runs bringing the score to 6 to 2. In the bottom of the 5th, NJ chose to remove
their starter pitcher at the 65 pitch count and NY responds with 6 runs in the bottom
of the 5th taking a 2 run lead of 8-6.. We come to the top of the sixth inning and
NJ, with two outs and a man on first, Jonathan Olik comes to the plate. He has already hit 2 for 2 in this game and
he’s the tying run. Also, following Olik is Drew Montgomery who
also hit 2 for 2 in this game. If Olik can get into scoring position, the
chances are very good that NJ will tie or take the lead in this game. Then this transpires. What can he do? He can provide. He can provide, so he’s got to be careful
here. Got to hit his target. Oh boy… That one lifted out into right field and short
coming on it will drop fair and now Olik will go to second. He’s out
He slid head first. You can not slide head first so I don’t know
if they are going challenge that but. That is an excellent call there the head first
dives can only be back to a base. Yeah. I think he’s going to be out. It’s unfortunate but that’s the rule my friend. You can not slide head first. That is a Little League rule. So it’s a clean single here. Yep, and watch, you can only dive back to
the base you came from you can not…so he’s out. Here comes the conference. Yeah he’s out. Well what a way to end this game. Yeah he will be called out. It will be the last out of the game. Yeah, he’s out. And he’s just starting to realize it now. Yeah, he does. A clutch hit. A hustle play. Unfortunate. You know, you play a lot of sand lot baseball
too and you know you see Major Leagues are allowed to do it but, they are going to the
replay, he’s out. And that is the right call. It’s clearly in the Little League rules. No head first sliding, so what would have
been the tying run safe at second is instead out at second because of an illegal head first

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  1. I play travel ball and you can slide head first. But I’m little league WHAT IDIOT THOUGHT OF THAT RULE??!?? Clearly he’s never seen somebody break an ankle sliding feet first

  2. When I was a kid, I didn't play little league baseball. I played a league called Cal Ripken baseball, and we also played on a 50/70 diamond, bigger than the little league fields. We got to take leads before the pitch was thrown, and we got to slide headfirst, and the rules weren't as strict as it is in little league. To all the people that have kids, or are a kid who don't like these rules, I suggest that they find a local Cal Ripken league to play at. I lived 30 minutes away from where I played Cal Ripken baseball. It was so much better.

  3. Right call. ..however playing in many state and region tournaments the hybrid rulings get worse and worse. We won one game off a double off the wall. BUT the umpire wasn't watching the hit, baserunners or pitcher. He was apparently looking at the plate when our batter allegedly stepped on corner of black running to first. He was call out, game over/season over. The call wasn't made until after we mobbed our hitter for a walk off. Just found it a little strange.

  4. Very misleading title, the rule regarding sliding, which I really DON'T agree with is nonetheless quite clear. In this case, the umpires had no choice but to do correct thing and rule the runner out. My problem, in general, is the ball/strike umpiring once the tournament gets to Williamsport itself. While I'm sure most of them are good guys and they do volunteer their time, many are absolutely atrocious calling balls and strikes. I guess there is no perfect system, but it makes some of the games difficult to watch.

  5. Right call, but a horrible rule. I have never, not once in my entire baseball career (12 years), slide feet first. You can get injured just as easily sliding feet first as you can sliding head first so this rule is not protecting anyone. Even though I was fast I had very weak ankles…and had I been forced to slide feet first I can only imagine the number of injuries I would have sustained.

  6. Once in a game I slid headfirst to home because I was in a pickle I would've won the game but nope my teenage did :/

  7. This isn’t baseball right here, 12-13 year olds playing 46-60 on a 225 foot fence?!?! And you can’t even try to avoid a tag while sliding head first🤦‍♂️ not right at all

  8. This is not the worst ending to a game. It's certainly unfortunate, and the kid is clearly a great ball player, relying on instincts and aggression; but everyone knows this rule. Iv'e seen much worse in my day though. At least this was within the rules instead of a screw job by despicable umpires (plenty of those).

  9. I got kicked in the face when I slid head first when I was like 8. I was safe because I slid face first. Who cares how you slid?? You just have to deal with the consequences

  10. This is the most retarded rule in the history of baseball. I understand why it’s in place for younger players because they might not no how to properly slide head first but still. I’m sure these kids are properly capable of diving head first into a base.

  11. The kid knew the rule and still slid head-first. It's not a tragedy. Just a dumb play. Still… why on earth are head-first slides not allowed but a catcher can still block the plate? I guarantee more injuries occur in that scenario than from a head-first slide.

  12. They need to change the rule so that the first occurrence is a warning. Awarding an out in this type of scenario is just unreasonable, because it completely alters the outcome of the game. The rule is fine, but the punishment for infraction is just too much. A safety regulation should never determine the outcome of a game. It should be treated just like throwing a bat — the first occurrence is almost always just a warning.

  13. Head first to a base in LL has been a rule since the 90s. I know in the mid 90s they added jumping to a base was an out.  The rule is not for player safety, its to prevent LL from being sued or held liable for injuries.

  14. Guys I mean come on I know the injuries their are from that but it’s sliding just let em do it it’s called sliding.

    Now guys don’t go saying don’t you know about the injuries

    Im 10 and in my league we can only Slide Head first diving back from a pick off

  15. League baseball may sound like a good thing, but the children who do not play so well are subjugated and it's a very difficult experience for a child. Also, a lot of managers who volunteer to manage a team, do it because their own son is a player. The man and his wife have a dream of their son playing in the major leagues. This is not necessarily bad however it becomes serious when the "manager" is psychotic and he does his best to have his son out shine the other children. He does it by derogating all of the children on the team with exception of his own son. It also not good for a child who plays on a team that is always in last place or even second to last. But I guess the "survival of the fitest" rule applies to LLB.

  16. Seems legit….. YOUR PLAYER HAS MORE BALLS THAN YOURS, HE'S OUT!!!!! EVEN THOUGH THE RISK WAS ALL ON HIM, OUT!!!! If all can't do it or fear it, none can! Fair….enough…..

  17. Let me take you back to my times on the sandlot……when bloody noses and black eyes happened, playing BY THE RULES, having fun. Not feeling like you're in some generic environment like today….

  18. Not even close to no hitter i pitched.first inning 9-0 score..i was 3rd pitcher ..we tied score 9-9 ..taken out after 6 innning rule..catcher threw 16 balls in a row..we lost..10-9..worst ever ending

  19. Down two runs with two outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd, there's no guarantee NJ would have tied the game, much less won. It was still much more likely they would have lost had the runner been ruled safe at second. Not even close to the "worst baseball game ending", nor even all that "sad".

  20. Kids, children lol. You can dive headfirst in Pony baseball, USSSA baseball, 13u and up and/or any all-American showcase games. (Baseball Youth, USA Baseball).

  21. Did I miss something? It didn't seem like the "worst" or even bad. Not sad either. At least NY didn't pull an Illinois and cheat.

  22. That sucks. But you gotta stick to protocol to be fair on all sides. If you let this instance go you’ll have to let other things go and another until it gets too ridiculous. I feel sorry for the kid since he was just hustling but yea its tough…

  23. It could be an insurance requirement. There may have been a settlement for an terrible injury and the insurer said no more head first slides.

  24. This rule does t make any sense. What’s the difference between sliding head first to of bag or back to a bag?

  25. Title is a bit misleading. It might have been the worst for these kids, but if you look around YouTube there are plenty games ending on bad calls, unsporting actions, and worse.

    While I can feel some sympathy for these kids, they clearly knew the rules. Nobody argued or contested the call and it is, apparently, the rule for this level of play. While you hate to see a game end this way, if the decision had been reversed, contrary to the rules, the other team would have been able to post this video.

    Call it a lesson learned. These kids are young and should enjoy the game.

  26. Why the hell is this guys name big cat that is my nickname because I caught a really fast line drive. And I hit 2 home runs

  27. They should just outlaw sliding period. It is a stupid rule. There are always risks when you play any sort of competitive sports. There are more risks getting hit by a pitch so make it illegal to throw the ball greater than 10 mph.

  28. The LLWS has become political like the rest to make the big organizations appeased so that their teams get in.

  29. So I don't know how, but i always new that was a rule, I don't know when it was mentioned but I remembered it and one time I started stealing home and the catcher got it faster than I thought, I turned around and made this amazing slide into third, I was safe but a lot of parents thought I was out, because I went back head first, but I knew the rule. After the slide my entire right arm was bleeding and it screwed me up for the last two innings I threw. Because I tore up my arm my team ended up loosing 12-1

  30. I just had the worst ending in a game because I hit a bomb past the left fielder and the score was 15 to 19 I was loosing and the bases were loaded and 3 runners got home after my double and my teammate did not touch home and the catcher tagged him out so we lost. We would have won if he did not get out because the best hitteR was about to come up to bat after my bomb and would get me home if it was not for my teammate.

  31. The reason why people slide headfirst is because you have a better chance at being safe so that rule needs to be taken out if LL wants the players to have fun

  32. If that's the rule nowadays, that's the rule. I slid head first in LL a bunch of times, never got hurt. But most sports have been turned "wimpy(imo)" in the name of "safety".
    I was a catcher. The only broken bone I've ever witnessed was a kid sliding into me feet-first. Broke a bone in his foot.

  33. Dang would have loved to play in one of these games as a kid, at 12 i threw the ball 78mph at 14 I threw at 89 mph @ 15 I my coaches pitched me so much no rule on how many pitches could be thrown in a game , just couldn't pitch 2 games in a row . Any way my arm was toast . I pitched always in the level above my age group , cause I threw to hard for kids my age . I could also hit very well thanks to my 4 older brothers making me play with them and their friends. And very very fast runner .
    Infact after my shoulder stopped working so well I got into track. Anyway thanks for posting and sending me back 45 yrs !

  34. How come they can't slide head first? I know it's been a rule for a while and most leagues use it, but why can't they do it in the LLWS?

  35. Little league rules suck. That is why so many other leagues are popular for softball and baseball.

  36. This had never been a rule whoever said this is is lying cause it never have been a rule In baseball ever

  37. i play in a 10-9 yr old league and i hate it………
    1.There is no position you play you just rotate (which sucks cause i'm a good pitcher) so that means random kids are pitcher and that's why we lose.
    2.after for walks the coach comes and pitches
    3. i hate being catcher cause since you can't steal almost no point in being the catcher
    4.as long as it's above the plate and barley hitable its a strike example:i was batting and it was 1 foot above the plate and it was called strike.
    5.are league pays high schoolers that have no experience and they make terrible calls.
    6.(im ten) when the 9 yr olds don't get to play the positions they want they yell and scream so the coach puts them at pitcher,1st,2nd,etc
    but luckily i go to the 12 and 11 yr old league and in that league you can steal and the coach doesn't come out to pitch

  38. I’ve always wanted to play in the little league World Series but after that head first slide rule nah seems like some stupid stuff

  39. This is a call you hate making as an umpire. Had a game once where a kid hit an inside the park home run and dove headfirst into home. I felt so bad calling the kid out

  40. How is this the "Worst baseball game ending" If the rule is you can't slide head first he did and was called out. If the ump didn't make the call and the other team won the game that would be a sad ending.

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