Wrecking Ball Runs On a Baseball Field and Gets Grounded

Wrecking Ball, we’re going to baseball game to see The Llamas VS. The Flippers. Wrecking Ball: A baseball game? Oh, boy! That’s right, son. We want you to be on your best behavior. If you don’t, you’ll be grounded. Understand? Yes, Mom. I’ll be on my best behavior. Good. Now, let’s get in the car. Yay, we’re here. Yes, but I need everyone’s tickets in order to go inside. Thank you. Enjoy the game. (bag crinckling) (crunching) Man, this is really good. When does the game start? Now. It looks like the players are starting to come out. (crowd cheering) (thinking) Dad, can I go to the bathroom, please? Ok, but hurry up. You’re going to miss the third quarter of the game. Thank you. Barbara: What the? Hey, Wrecking Ball. What are you doing? Ha! Try to catch me now, losers. Hey, Manager. There’s a fan running on the field, interrupting the game. Don’t worry. A security guard will catch that boy and escort him to his parents shortly. Now it’s time to dance for the crowd. Security guard: You’re coming with me young man. I don’t want any trouble. (laughing) You must be the boy’s parents. Please come with me. We are leaving the park. I’m really sorry about that, sir. I promise this won’t happen again. That’s fine. But, you guys are still ejected from the ball park. You and your family will be charged with a thousand dollar fine for this cause. Sorry, sir. It’s Ball park rules. Understand? Yes. That’s good. You guys are free to go. I expect the fine to be paid by next week. Wrecking Ball. We’re going to have a talk when we get home. Wrecking Ball, we can’t believe that you ran on a baseball field. But dad,…I had to do it because the game was getting boring. That’s no excuse for running on a baseball field. That’s illegal. You should have been arrested. That’s it. You’re grounded for life. Go to your room, now.

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