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Okay guys, hurry up,
we’ve got to start the show! Alright, here you go! Now that’s what sandpaper
should be used for! Exactly, I’ll tell you what,
it looks like a ten pin bowling ball Just put two fingers through the eyes, thumb up
the nose and move it rolling to hit the ten pins What The Duck! Guys, welcome here! Sandpaper gate
has changed world cricket, isn’t it? Thanks for having us It’s been an interesting couple
of months to be honest Its been.. It’s been tough as an Australian sporting
fan to go through what we have gone through But I think the players have got their
punishment They’ve accepted their punishment I think it’s time for
the game to move forward To let the players to now deal with
what they’ve got to deal with And the new eleven players who’ll take the field really
need to support of Australian fans and cricket fans What I am worried Hoggy, is that carpenters years later will go
to cricket shops to get sandpaper rather than mechanical stores Difficult thing for me was Cameron Bancroft I’ve seen him
grow up as a 3rd in year ODI, plays club cricket at my club And it just shows that while we’ve got a lot
of trainees at my club and once a carpenter And he rang Cameron up straight away and said, “The
way that you operated on that ball with the same pipe your’e not getting a job with me man.” Still too early for these jokes you two! Still too early!
– Oh, you’ve gotta move on I think the good thing about that is Cameron
Bancroft has taken on chin, he’s a young player, he’s given his place
away for free as he said And he’s moved on, he’s ready to start a new chapter in his
life, and he can’t wait to get back in cricket which is a good sign Okay guys, now that we have
addressed the elephant in the room One question to you Brad Hogg first is Every photograph of yours, ever
while bowling is… Why the hell do you do that?
Let me tell you a theory behind this Agassi said about Boris Becker that,
if you knew the direction of his tongue, you could actually predict
the serve direction Is your tongue the google
map for your deliveries? Lot of batsman say that No, it’s just when I concentrate on
everything I do, the tongue comes here Okay, okay
– I’m saying, everything I do, yes Probably too much information Bradley Michael Get your head out of the gutter! But one player who
could pick me from the top of my mark was Mike Hussey I used to bowl him in the nets day in day
out And we came through the WI ranks together And I only started leg spin
bowling when I was 23 years of age and I think he was around 9-10 years of age I just wanted to work on it, and he
wanted to improve his game against spin And that’s how we developed it But did you write somewhere yourself that, Hussey
could actually pick you from the bowling run up? Yeah, that’s exactly right And the good thing about Michael is,
he’s coached and played with other teams He hasn’t let that secret out so
Good stuff, Michael By the way,I’ll just give you this information that in some
cultures like in Tibet, doing this is a mark of respect So in Tibet you can be really famous Alright yeah!
– You learn something new everyday Yeah, you’re being respectful
by sticking your tongue out Finally, I’ve done something respectful, thank you!
– Who would’ve thought! That’s a great piece of information that’s
just changed my world completely, brilliant! Welcome to What The Duck! Did you pick the bowlers from the way they behave?
The way they ran or something they did? Like they used to say that when Malcolm Marshall came,
and he did something to his trousers you knew it was going to be a bouncer Not really You try and watch
everything you can as a batsman But for me it was all about the hand If you could see the ball in the hand and
the seam of the ball. That was so important So whether it was spin, you could see which way the
seam is going for, for a leg-break or a wrong-un Reverse swing same thing
I tried to watch the ball so closely I wanted to see, I wanted to try and pick out what side
was shiny, what side was rough to try and help me there But yeah, the key to….I found the key to batting was try and watch
the ball as close as you possibly could, for as long as you could So that generally started as the bowler
had the ball up and was ready to release it And I think Michael had..
That’s true with him He had the quickest feet that of any batsman that
I had bowled to He was just there on the track You’d shorten it up, he’d still find that extra
step to get there He was just a class act of bowling is I’m also saying because he’s sitting here
– Thank you Georgey boy! You focused with your chewing gum You know, I’ve always
seen Michael Clarke, when taking strike, you know.. You had this style
And then in the slips Yeah What was that?
Chewing gum for focusing just like he did? Not really, I think the two things I always use with chewing
gum and when I’m on field I had always had lip balm I’ve had a number of skin cancers cut out of my face
so I always wore sunscreen and tried to protect my lips Chewing gum, I think it was more because you spend so
much time on the field, it’s something in my mouth But yeah, it wasn’t superstitious If I didn’t
have chewing gum it didn’t matter too much And the spitting on my hands, I was trying to get
some moisture on my hands before I caught the ball I found if my hands were dry,
the ball could slip out of my hands So a little bit of sweat or lit bit of spit
would put moisture on my hands before.. In preparation when the ball
would come to me but yeah But you know there’s actually a research which says
that if you use the gum, your performance increases because the adrenaline goes
down and you’re de-stressed You’re an angry captain,
did that help you? I did not have enough chewing gum then because
I can tell you I was definitely stressed Only if I had another packet in my mouth But did you have any superstition? Cricketing superstition? The only real superstition I had,
was my jockstrap I never washed my jockstrap It was never, I wore a pair of shorts on it No wonder they didn’t want
you in the dressing room! I only use it when I bat so.
I never batted long enough Batting on our end was too good The only time
I have batted for more than half an hour were, if the top order didn’t fire
that didn’t happen so regularly so My jockstrap stayed
pretty clean for 10 years Actually, I still have it So I had retired for 3 years, I was going through my
kit I hadn’t picked up a bat and ball for that 3 years And I was sitting there and
I looked at the jockstrap I said, ‘Right!’
– I’m gonna wash it, surely you’re gonna wash it No, first innings,
jockstrap back on but it snapped He’s not retiring for the next
25 years so it doesn’t matter He’s nearly 60 and he’s still playing He was saying
the other day, he wants to come play for Australia again He’s unbelievable But one thing I would say about Hoggie,
playing alongside him, the days.. Because again you play so much cricket,
you’re away from your family, you’re touring You do get tired,
you do get fatigued, you do miss home Hoggie was always the type of player that he
would always get you up He brings this energy You see it here today and you see it when you commentate
with him It was no different from when he played He’s that type of personality that
really.. He makes you smile, you know I think, it’s been absolutley brilliant that he’s
continued to play cricket I hope he’s still not playing at 60 But if he wants to.. But I think it’s quite for young players as well to see
someone at Hoggie’s age that could be doing something else, he’s played cricket for such a long time,
still have that enthusiasm for the game, I think That’s a great sign for the game of cricket
It shows someone loves it as much as he does You know,
that’s inspiring to young boys and girls This is something I have against you
You loved India One triple hundred
One double hundred Then best bowling figures, six for nine I mean we’ve been so nice to you, welcome you, we
treat you as royalty. And this is what you do to us I didn’t mean it
It wasn’t personal I liked winning
I liked having success Look, India has always been close to my heart,
you know, from a very young age, the age of 7 My batting coach, his family was from India
He coached me up until I was 24 years of age So I had that Indian connection straight away My first class debut
in Australia for New South Wales, was against touring Indian team My test debut against India My highest score against India
– You were out on 92 I was plumped LBW
Billy Bowden gave me not out Anil Kumble, I think it was a long one, I went back to block
the ball Hit me on the pad, I thought I was absolutely plumped And given not out so I’ve got away with
one nay, but that’s the game, isn’t it? You had the baggy green in
the last whatever, 10 balls? Yeah, I called for my baggy
green when I think I was 97 or 98 And my reason for that was I said to my father as a young
boy, if I ever was lucky enough to play for Australia, and got close enough to making a 100, then I wanted
to play in my baggy green to make my first 100 Fortunately I got to that position and took that risk, It
could’ve looked funny or silly if I would’ve got out, But to me it was,
I always had a special bond with my father And that’s what I did,
I promised him I would and I’m happy I did What a fantastic debut! And yours Hoggie? My debut? That was in…Well I debuted
against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka in one day, but my first test was back in 1996,
in Delhi and yeah, that was very interesting Kumble got me out twice the same way So a very quick
learner, averaged about 1.4 when I left that guy.. But you started as a batsman! You started as a batsman Wanted
to become Michale Clarke but you became Brad Hogg Yeah, the interesting there, Mark Taylor,
I was bowling to Sourav Ganguly and this one comes around the wicket, I had only
started bowling leg spinners a year and a half before So I never ever tampered with
the spin bowling before that, probably one year of off spinning and Mark Taylor comes
up, “What are you coming up around the wicket for, Hoggie?”ť I said, “Mate, just doing
something different” He goes, “What are your plans?” I said,
“I got no idea man, I’m just swinging it” You know, I just had no real
knowledge about leg spin bowling I was made to go there as
Shane Warne’s understudy I wasn’t really made to play and Warnie got injured and life decide
as well, we’ve got to play the young man, see what he has got? So to Mark Tylor’s credit, he said, “.ťWe’re
just going to have square leg, over there square leg, ten meters behind square,
a leg slip or no a 45 and a slip We are going to just try him to sweep high in front
of square and we might get the top edge” First bowl went for six over mid-on and I looked at Mark
I said, “ťPlans going pretty well at the moment”ť And next bowl, Ganguly swept it,
top edge and caught at first slip but Mark all had around, to short fine leg to catch
it but at least I can say it to my grand-children the first slip caught my first delivery Talking about mates
One of your best mates is Brian Lara and I am not talking about Shane Warne right now and you
know every kid growing up when they play their cricket, for example I had Kapil Dev’s poster
always like this and in your house, you had Brian Lara’s poster which is very interesting because normally
a right-handed batsman would have right handed batsman as a hero Yeah it was interesting Growing up as a kid I always loved the way
Tendulkar and Lara were the two stand outs for me Two very different batsmen but two
great batsmen that you would always, for me as a young boy, we couldn’t
afford to go to the games to watch, so to watch on television you
would never miss an occasion I loved Brian’s style,
I loved that he played spin very well he was aggressive,
he hit the ball to different areas and he was you know,
probably in a West Indies team through a period it wasn’t that successful He always still seemed to stand up and lead
from the front, so you know I envied that And then throughout the years you know I was lucky enough when my very first tour
to West Indies in 2003, Steve Waugh’s last tour Damein Martyn broke his thumb during
the World Cup so I got called in So I flew on my own,
the team was already in the Caribbean I landed at the airport,
I think I was in Guyana and Brian Lara walked through the
airport and saw me standing there and asked if I was going to the team hotel I said, “I’m, Mr. Lara” and I can’t
believe it, picture of Brian Lara on my wall and now I’m having the chance to meet him We got in the taxi and started talking
He thought I was a journalist I told him that I’m actually with
the squad, replacing Damein Martyn and our friendship just built from there,
that whole tour in between the games when we weren’t
training and I had free time I would spend time with Brian,
he invited me to his house We just build a really good connection,
friendship and fortunately that’s continued,
I’m still in regular contact with him now and he helped me a lot through my career as
well even though I was playing against him or against the West Indies,
he always took that that care and that personal
interest in my individual performance and I have always been
extremely respectful for that So your hero becomes your buddy,
what a nice story! Yeah, amazing
Yeah You could bowl well to Lara? Ah, look Got him out a few times, didn’t you? I got him out a few times Apart from Ganguly,
he’s one of my test buddies Didn’t have time to bowl to anyone else,
he just occupied the crease for so long The best ball I’ve ever bowled in
Test cricket, in International cricket I was bowling to Brian Lara
and I walked past Rudi Koertzen after Daren Ganga from the West Indian
side worked one down the square leg and got the one and Brian Lara’s on strike I walk past Rudi Koertzen and I’ve gone,
Rudi I’m going for the back spin mate, hopefully
it goes straight like it’s meant to and rap him right in front of the stumps
LBW! And Rudy’s gone, “You know Shane Warne,
just go back and bowl” So anyway I came in and bowled It’s just coming up beautifully Brian Lara is just playing on the front
foot in front of middle and off it just skidded on He tried to whip me through mid wicket,
it’s gone and rapped him on the pad You beauty,
I’ve got him out And Rudi’s given it not out I am fuming I walk past Rudi and I said,
I told you what I was going to do and you didn’t show me any respect Told me I was no Shane Warne I just showed you that I’m a
bit better than Warne at the moment And he goes, ‘Oh I didn’t have enough
time to see whether it turned or not’ I said, ‘There was a good two feet in front of
where the ball pitched and hit him in the pad’ Didn’t give it out,
so few more choice words Next ball, mid on, six That is life I still got him out that day He was on about 90 280! I managed to bowl a little tighter,
I went for 7 an over, not 10 an over that day Came around the wicket and bowled a flipper,
last ball of the day I think it was Yeah it was the last ball of the day
He tried to sweep me, leg stump Got him, George! Got him Off he goes but I’ve gone out to grab the leg stump and I’m trying
to tug it out because it had a camera in there, there’s wires in there And the techno guy is running out “Hoggie don’t do it, don’t pull it”ť I said ‘Boy your technology, I just got Brian Lara out around
those stumps! So I’m taking them and getting him to sign it!’ I wanted the camera as well
Just have the photo of it as well Nice, nice And how would Rudi Koertzen do? Very slow, wasn’t he, Rudi? Brilliant umpire Rudi was a brilliant umpire and a lovely guy But yeah, as a batsman, you just see it
starting to go, ‘Oh no….Rudi, put it back down’ Well he wasn’t going to give it out
all biased so he had to ball himself You got Sachin’s wicket! Yeah I have, don’t worry about that
Sach, you alright there? Once, twice? I think I’ve only got him once That was in Hyderabad, one day and a beautiful place for bowling He’s gone back to cut
a short pitch leg spin, it hit a rock and did something a bit extra that
what I could actually do and hit that off stump and I was just so excited because
he just played me with absolute ease He drove me and then I’d try to quicken it up and
he would just light cap me or pull me behind square He was always all over me But when I got him, I just thought,
this is gold I’m just running down there Gilly just grabbed me because he
thought I’d do something stupid And I was just trying to remind Sachin that ‘Hey, I finally
got you! It might be the only time I got you, but I got you!’ There was a photo taken of it so I rang up the actual paper
and said, ‘Look, can you send me a proper copy of the photo? You know because it’s never
probably going to happen again’ And I said yeah, that’ll be good so in Mumbai here, we were playing
at Brabourne Stadium and I went to the changing room and said, “Sachin, can you please sign this for me?” And he wrote, This will never happen again,
Sachin Tendulkar So I’m justing waiting for the Masters’ League, when he’s on a walking stick,
so that I have an opportunity to get him out again When you’re talking to the Australians
you’ve got to talk about two things, one is the Ashes and second is sledging I’m going to start
with the second part Lot of the Australian cricketers write in their autobiographies
that there is a strategy of sledging in Australian cricket So everybody decides and then
they hunt in pairs and threes As a captain of Australia I want you to
tell me, is that so and how does it happen? What a load of rubbish! Oh Mike! What a load of rubbish! I never in my life as captain, said I had a set plan that we were going to
attack a certain player or come up with a team strategy to go and sledge someone I’ve always been very open to if people want to say
something or you got to cop something, then that’s part of the game Did you have any funny moments Hoggie? Because sledging is not only
about…I agree with that We’re very aggressive, we always try
to be a little harder on the captain but I used to field at point and Robin Uthappa
and Dinesh Karthik came on the scene I was just playing with him down at Kolkata But I being on point, I was like ‘You’re not getting past
me or he’s a bit too good for you, don’t edge this’ So it was never anything personal But I was talking to
Robin Uthappa at Kolkata And he goes,
‘You always are sledging me at point’ I said I wasn’t, it was a bit of banter And he said, “But I couldn’t
understand what you were saying” So I wasted my whole time But there was
one moment in the T20 World Cup in Durban when Yuvraj Singh hit the six sixes So we’re playing in the next game Brett Lee’s bowling as Yuvi walked
in and I was the twelfth man I didn’t really right spin at
Australia at that stage in the T20 format Selectors, you’re thinking about it now,
aren’t you? And I’ve run out with the drinks and I’m running back
and Yuvi’s walking past because I’m running out the same
direction as he’s coming out of the dugout And I’ve gone, “Ho ho,
let’s see you hit six sixes today big Yuvi” So I’ve sat back down in
the corner of the dugout First ball, six over square leg and
you just see me sitting like this So every time I open my mouth I
was always on the receiving end I think there were definitely certain players that
enjoyed or got a benefit out of saying stuff on the field I remember having a conversation with
Steve Waugh about it as a young player He felt it was times because again you’re
playing so much cricket those times You walk out to bat and felt a bit flat So he said something to a fieldsman or a bowler to get a
response from them to actually wake him up a little bit I think about the Australian team that I was lucky
enough to come into with so many wonderful players What we tried to do is create
an environment of energy So it didn’t necessarily need
to be volume out of your mouth It was movement in the field, it was getting the ball from
the keeper and throwing it around to different fieldsmen It was an environment where the
batsmen every where they looked, they would see movement from the players, energy from
players and think, these guys are all hunting as one I think it’s been a
number of occasions where because you’re encouraging your bowler,
a fielder, somebody else in the direction that the batsman’s in, the batsman might assume
you’re having a shot at them Don’t get me wrong, there’s been certainly a number
of times when you probably are having a shot at them but I think when we we were at our best, we created that energy
that it felt like Jesus, it’s all of them versus one or two of us Because the Indian team’s strategy against
the team was ‘Don’t sledge to Steve Waugh’ If you do something to him, say something
then he’s going to come back hard at you So you gotta relax That’s what Rahul Dravid once said that, ‘I categorically told
all the players, when Waugh’s coming to bat, don’t say anything’ There was a moment when once, nobody said anything Steve Waugh looked
at Rahul Dravid, ‘Are you guys going to say something or not?’ That’s what I say,
every player is different Some people get a benefit I never felt I needed somebody
to sledge me to wake me up You have a big fast bowler running in at you,
I was awake That’s what they used to say about
the mighty West Indian fast bowlers They didn’t say a word,
but that was enough Their presence was enough I think that’s the best theory in life
– It’s not what you say, it’s what you do It’s very easy for all of us to sit here and try
and give advice and think we have the answers but you have to live it, you have to breathe
it every single day so that’s your challenge Tell you what, there are two captains Michael
Clarke and then there’s Hoggie as well We start with you Michael Clarke Here’s the Hammer Challenge, you go now There you go, it’s all happening here
Boy that’s just a glance down! 783! There you are, it’s all happening here!
Hoggie! Boy what a player! There you go! Woah! Amazing! Welcome to the post match presentation This wonderful match, the hammer challenge
match between Michael Clarke and Hoggie Let me call on the losing captain first,
Michael Clarke Well played mate Thanks buddy! What went wrong? What went wrong?
Not much at all, lots went wrong Hoggie is too strong,
too fit with the hammer challenge too strong But how did you enjoy the show? Yeah, What The Duck, great show! You’ve had some wonderful people on here It an honour for both, Brad and I to get
the chance to come also so thank you man! Thank you, thank you very much Michael In the end, we’ll do first
slip and second slip your style I hope we catch it Okay, for the losing
captain here’s the gift! Oh, very kind, thank you! Thank you very much for
coming here on the show First time a losing captain gets a gift Thank you man!
– Cheers! And now, the winning captain, Brad Hogg! Wonderful cricketer Brad Hogg, well done!
– Thanks What went right? This is the first time in about 20 years, I’ve been associated
with Michael Clarke, and that I have beaten him in something

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