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January, 2019. Very important
Ranji Trophy semi-final. You were playing against him
and social media erupted because Cheteshwar Pujara
had not walked. Cheteshwar Pujara never gets
a bad name in this country but that particular day, everybody
on social media was saying “Boss, he should’ve walked.” What happened? Basically, it was a tough
situation in the game and we were already three down especially in the second innings. Unfortunately, it happened
in the first innings as well. So.. I-I must say “unfortunately”. Because it happened twice to us. But, see, when you look at Ranji Trophy not many players walk. I would say, 99 percent of players
don’t walk and I am part of that. So, this is a great statistics. In Ranji Trophy, 99 percent
of players don’t walk. – Well done.
– They don’t. See, it was a crucial game for us and obviously we wanted to win
the semi-finals. And it was a great moment
for Saurashtra Team. And being one of the senior players I wanted to make sure
that we win that match. And, usually,
I don’t prefer to walk because sometimes you get a bad
decision and you still have to walk. And if you are given out..
Especially, in the same game if they have given me out incorrectly I don’t think they would’ve
called me back. – So..
– Never. Who will ever call Pujara back! Vikram: No chance. Nobody is ever going to do that. Somebody in his sane mind
would never do that. I had no choice but to stay.. But I believe you had
a conversation with your wife and she was not happy
with your decision. Yeah, in the evening after.. So.. I think the whole of Karnataka
was not happy with his decision. But in the evening after the game when I spoke to Puja she was scolding me, to be honest. She told me, “What are you doing? “You are not setting
the right example.” But I told her that it was part of the game
and I was playing by the rules. I didn’t do anything
out of my rights. I’m allowed to stay there. And umpires, they do make mistakes,
you have to give them some.. As a cricketer, you make mistakes.
Even umpires can make mistakes. And I have been
on both sides of the fence. Sometimes, I was given out
incorrectly, and I still walked. And never expressed
any disappointment to them. And I still respect that. So, she was scolding me and then.. Actually, that happened
during the first innings. We discussed a few things
and then again after a couple of days I nicked the ball again
and I didn’t walk. And then she was like,
“What are you doing! “What are you doing? This isn’t
something expected of you.” But the game was more important for us. Mayank, you would’ve walked? Well, you know..
Well, to be honest.. I wish Pujara had walked. I was there and I was like we were appealing
and we were like.. “Come on, this is out.” And to us, obviously,
you know Pujara’s wicket would have made a big difference. And we would’ve had
a big advantage. The second innings
was still understandable.. It was still quite a faint edge. – But..
– You haven’t answered his question. – The first innings was a shocker.
– You’re being diplomatic. This is not a post-match presentation. The process is not important. Would you have walked or not? If you put me in that situation
and I was playing for Karnataka I wouldn’t have walked. Because I’m well within my rights not to walk. You know, KL Rahul
has mentioned somewhere that Cheteshwar Pujara avoids
fielding at forward short leg. You know, when someone tells you to take the forward short leg,
you run away. Is that true? – No, that’s not true..
– Ask me about it.. I’ll tell you.. – Before he says anything, I want to speak.
– No.. When I got into the team.. I’m not going to let him
answer this one. When I got into the team,
KL told me that I’m going to get
a warm welcome. Do you know how Pujara welcomes? He gives you a helmet,
gives you the guard.. He gives you the shin guards
and sends you off. Pujara waits for a new batsman
to join the team.. Becomes safe himself. Okay. Is that true? See, what I’m trying
to tell you is.. Name one player who loves
fielding at short leg from the Indian team. I don’t think anyone
loves to field.. But I have heard that Rahul Dravid
would volunteer. I did it too.
I have done it for 7-8 years. Now it’s youngster’s turn. Now you understand
how a youngster is welcomed. He gives you a helmet
and sends you off. I really pity him. You treated him like this
when he joined the Indian team and then sent him straight to MCG. For me, it’s like baptism, man. – Mayank: That’s like..
– It’s serious stuff. – He’s enjoying it.
– KL warned me.. KL being a good friend, he said “Welcome, you’re going
to get a gift from Pujara.” KL enjoyed because he too
didn’t have to do that job. Because Mayank was there.. – So, he used his friendship..
– Pujara: Yes. …to put him on the job. So you shouldn’t blame Pujara.
That’s what he’s trying to tell you. He has never understood that. It’s not about understanding that. Imagine.. See.. Obviously now.. The thing was, unfortunately,
either KL plays or I play. So, I wasn’t thinking like that but what I saw was.. It was a grand gift. A big smile, you know.
You see Pujara with a massive smile giving you the helmet.
“Come on, here. – Mayank: “Go, son..”
– What a moment. T-That’s your place to be now. And he’s relieved. Pujara is the happiest man
on the field if he’s not at short leg. I have undergone two knee surgeries.
I have to look after my knees. No, I’m not saying it seriously. Yeah, we take it as fun,
but you know.. That’s how you get welcomed
by Cheteshwar Pujara if you’re a batsman. Not just me,
whoever fielded at short leg has gifted you something, isn’t it? Like a helmet or a shin pad. KL too fielded at short leg. Basically, they tell you
to go and field there but whatever provisions you need,
they will give those to you. It’s not like they aren’t
giving you any guards. We will give you
all the protection. We will also try and find
a chest pad in case he wants
to cover his chest. Most important thing they are
giving you is motivation. It’s not a joke. You’re getting
motivated by him. What else do you need? Can you see this mark? Usman Khawaja gave it to me. – Mayank: All right?
– That’s his love bite. That’s not my love bite. This mark was given by Usman Khawaja in the very first test match. One of the common things
about you two gentlemen is that you both made your debut against
Australia, which is a big thing. And, you must have realized this, Mayank when you make your debut
against Australia the Australians greet you
with wonderful poetry and you’ll feel nice about the fact that the home team is so loving
in their approach towards you. You actually went to the MCG
and made your debut. Tell us something about that. You know, it was my first game
and it was at MCG. We.. I was lucky. Let me tell you, I was very lucky
we won the toss and we chose to bat. Because you don’t want to be
one full day on the field thinking about when are you going
to bat, what are you going to do. – This and that, blah blah..
– Vikram: You analyze then.. Lot of chitter-chatter
going on in your head. You don’t want that. We won the toss,
selected to bat. Straight in. Go. Play. A-And very honestly this is something
that’s going to stay with me for the rest of my life. When I walked in to bat I was just outside
the boundary rope and I looked around. MCG was huge, you know. It just felt like
the stands don’t end. And 80,000 crowd. And it felt like..
I watch a lot of English movies. – I felt like a gladiator.
– Vikram: Gladiator.. Walking in there, so much noise.
Boxing day test. I don’t think it could get
any bigger for a test cricketer than to play or debut at MCG.. Absolutely, most people say that. That MCG is something, you know you can finish your MCG game
and say, “I’ve achieved in life.” Something happened
with Nathan Lyon, right? Yeah.. No, we had actually..
Bangar sir and I had a detail discussion
on how we’re going to play him. A-And at practice,
we created a rough. – We had a separate wicket for Lyon.
– Vikram: Oh, nice! – And all of us used our spikes..
– Scrubbed the surface.. We all thoroughly scrubbed the surface. It couldn’t have been more rough. And when we were practicing,
we threw the new ball there – and it would turn..
– Vikram: Yeah. We told people to throw
from a close range so that it turned quick and sharp. Obviously, there’s a difference
between slow turn and fast turn. So, we were trying to get
as much as we can. A-And then finally came the big day. With all these preparations done,
everything done comes the big day. We were in a huddle. And you know, there I was. When he was batting,
I was at the non-striker’s end. When he was taking on Nathan Lyon I just wanted to tell him..
Obviously, I didn’t tell him anything. But I wanted to tell him,
“Don’t go after him “you have hit one six,
you’re trying to hit another six “Please respect him,
otherwise they will take him off.” He was the weakling. I thought I just did that
in the Sydney test. I got out and he just kept bowling. But, something, I’m sure.. For example, you had this banter
with Nathan Lyon going and I’ve heard a story that actually, because of the amount
of batting you have done Rishabh Pant gave it
to Tim Paine as well. Tell us something about that. It started off with Nathan Lyon when I was at the non-striker’s end. He told me,
“Aren’t you bored of batting now? “Because we have seen enough of you. “Let others bat because you’ve
batted throughout the series. “There are so many players
who want to bat. “If you guys are looking
to declare the innings “let others bat, you just retire.” And I was just laughing at him but, I think Rishabh.. He was having a chat with Tim Paine
when he was batting. Rishabh told Tim Paine,
“Everyone’s not Pujara “so let’s just try and play
our natural game.” You know, I know a lot of team meetings where people study videos
of opposition batsmen to know about the way he plays and so on. Sometimes, I wonder
when bowlers get together and watch videos of Pujara,
what are they thinking? I’ll tell you one thing. Especially during the Australia series someone from the team
came and told me that when Australian team
was doing a team meeting specially, the video analysis,
and when my name came up all the bowlers said that “We don’t want to see Pujara anymore. “We’ve seen enough of him
on the field. “So, remove him.
Please remove him.” That’s funny. To add to that.. We have now named him, in the team. Cheteshwar Pujara aka White Walker tormentor of the bowlers. I think all the Game of Thrones fans, they.. Vikram: Totally.. Ravichandran Ashwin
is a Game of Thrones fan. He is a Game of Thrones fan.
So, he’s like.. – He and Basu sir came up with this.
– Even Sridhar.. R. Sridhar. – Vikram: Nice.
– Yeah.. – You have a bunch of Game of Thrones fans.
– Yeah, right. Vikram: Nice.. You know, batting, bowling, cricket..
It’s about set-up. It’s about setting up
your opposition player and so on. But there are guys
like AB de Villiers and Bhuvneshwar Kumar
who came on the show and said that they set-up
their life partners also. It was a strategic decision
and how they plotted and schemed to get their
life partners in their life. You got married recently, Mayank. And I’m sure you too must have
done something like that or was it arranged? It was a love marriage. We dated for seven years
before we got married. Pujara.. – Seven years..
– Mayank: Long innings. And when I had gone
to meet her father.. He was the police commissioner
of Bangalore. – So, you know..
– He wasn’t.. You weren’t like Pujara,
you were a brave man. – Yeah.
– I mustered up all the guts I had to go and ask him
for his daughter’s hand. Not nervous in Australia,
but he must’ve been nervous at that time. I was.. I was terrified. But did you do
something special for her or not? Or just focused on the father? No.. That was only one aspect of it. I have to tell you, you know.. That’s something I’m proud of. The way I proposed
to Ashita, my wife. Vikram: Oh, nice.. She was studying in London. And this happened on January 29. Okay. He remembers the day.
That’s very important. – Because..
– You’ve scored a lot of brownie points. Because whatever said and done you don’t forget dates. As husbands, we know that. And my wife is a lawyer,
so I don’t mess with her. Just saying. So, she was studying in London. And it was obviously a long distance relationship. So, whenever she went out she explored..
She did a lot of solo trips all over Europe. So, I asked her,
“How come you haven’t visited the London Eye? “You’ve been to all the places
and travelled to different countries too.” So, she said “No, if I ever go on the London Eye,
it would be with you.” So at that time it struck me that if there’s a chance
to propose to her on the London Eye that would be amazing. I booked one full capsule
of the London Eye. You guys earn handsomely
in Ranji Trophy. I had to utilize my savings too. Yeah, and then, you know.. I booked one capsule of the London Eye and contacted an agency there who help people out to propose
on the London Eye. So, they got me a secret photographer and a person with Champagne. And you know, the person walked like he is.. There were four of us. The two people
who were going to help us and Ashita and me. And he was explaining to her
about the things around. I had done some planning. The very interesting planning I did was – I..
– He’s a captain material. I took into account the time.. It takes 40 minutes to complete
one full circle on the London Eye. So I planned song by song,
second by second as to when exactly I’m going
to propose to her with what song. Asked the secret host
to carry the music and all that. Played my music
and proposed to her on the London Eye. Wow.. – Boss, hats off to you..
– We’ve to give it to him. I think that also has to be – one of the proudest things..
– Vikram: That’s outstanding. I’m really proud of that. You just won some 1.2 billion hearts. And clearly, Pujara is on the back foot
at the moment. No, Pujara has been married
for some time now but the problem is, you know,
after marriage.. He’s been married for a while, right? I spoke to Puja and she said that even when they play
badminton matches together he’s so competitive
and wants to beat her all the time and you know, it’s crazy.
Tell us something about that. See, basically, when we play
badminton, I’m the champion. There’s no competition. That’s it. Pujara is the champion.. – Vikram: Then?
– There’s no competition. But when we play doubles I will make sure that when
Puja’s on my side, we win. So, what she’s been trying
to tell you is I don’t allow her to play. But if I allow her to play, we’ll lose. Got it.. – Pujara: My idea is..
– What’s the strategy? Strategy is, we will
get to 15 points first and the opposition
should be around 5-10 points. – Vikram: Okay.
– So we have that lead. And then I’ll allow Puja to play once they get to 15,
I’ll come back into the picture again. I’ll be the main player
and she has to stand back. And it will be like
singles versus doubles. So, I’m playing
and she’s just watching. Just like his batting. He’ll be batting well
and suddenly he’ll start leaving the balls to give an impression
that the bowler is bowling well. He will tire the bowlers out
and then smash them. I think, you know from his batting to badminton,
everything is planned. – It’s all planned.
– Now I’m convinced. The thing is, I don’t like to lose. I don’t do shit things to win – but yes..
– Vikram: You don’t like to lose. Vikram: That’s the moral of the story. Now tell me something, you know.. S-Sorry to interrupt you. Is that why you didn’t
walk against us? See, now he knows. Nice, man. Nice.
This was like.. – Googly.
– Twice in a row. You know, in Australia Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins…
They couldn’t break your concentration but I believe your daughter has the ability to do that, does she? I-I.. Especially, in the initial days
when she was young… Now she’s 14 months old. In the initial days, I used to have
so many sleepless nights. And that’s very obvious but specially during the series,
it becomes really difficult. I’ll tell you one incident when Puja was travelling with me in England and she has always been complaining
everyone about this that I threw her out of the room. But that’s not the case.
Basically, that’s not true. I just tried to tell her
that I wanted to sleep well because I’m a professional cricket player. I thought you were about to say
you’re a professional sleeper. I have to sleep at the crease. So, I told her, I requested her to stay in another room
or in an apartment so that I can sleep well and during the day,
I can concentrate on my batting. But yeah, Aditi, whenever she’s around,
it’s always a pleasure. I mean, it’s a different feeling altogether
to have her in our lives. Puja and I are enjoying parenthood but at the same time,
when I was playing in Australia Aditi was watching me
and clapped for me. Oh, she can recognize you
when you are batting? – On TV?
– On TV.. Vikram: It’s amazing. And she was clapping
as if she understood the game. That means, she has to watch TV
for eight hours a day. Which is not allowed for kids. – When I’m back home..
– Exactly. When I went back home
after the Australian series she wasn’t interested in me. But whenever we watched
the highlights of Australian series she would clap again. I mean, I was surprised. I am in front of her,
but she likes to watch me on TV. Fantastic. Everyone’s a fan
of Pujara’s batting. – Vikram: Wonderful..
– But now, as opposition, we know if we want to get Pujara out,
we have to call Aditi. Then we can distract you. Cry tomorrow night,
because we are going to win the match. This man is not getting out. Guys, we checked your
mental strength on the show and we got to know
what quality of mind power you have but it’s time to check
your physical strength. So we are going to play
the Hammer Game. Lots of legends have come here
and broken the records. So we will see what you two can do. – Ready?
– Yes. – Let’s go..
– Let’s go. This is the Hammer Game. What’s important
to notice here, gentlemen, is that he can’t fool you,
I’ll protect you from Cheteshwar Pujara. So, this time, you go first. I thought as an opener,
he would go first.. Are you a marvel fan? – Marvel?
– I wouldn’t deny that. – Yes, but..
– Thor’s hammer. – Should I go?
– Yes. Vikram: I don’t think.. Can I get a second chance? – I thought this was a trial.
– Vikram: Okay, it’s a trial then. – Okay, now he can go.
– It is.. So, you did a trial to confuse him! Come on, Mayank. Nice. Nice, well done. – Please go up..
– Good.. 899. Well done. Congrats. – But mine was trail.
– Yours was trail. So, we can give you a second chance,
as a senior player you deserve it. Not bad.. I think, Mayank,
be ready for the onslaught. Gone. It’s going to be 950. – 895.
– Just saved.. I think I saved myself. – I’ll give it to you.
– I think I just saved myself. – Yeah.
– Just by four points. You will have a great West Indies tour.
Don’t worry. Come on, gentlemen. This show is called What the Duck so we celebrate the duck on this show. That means, we are going to test
your ability to draw the duck. So, there’s your equipment. Treat that as your bat, ball or whatever. These are the markers. You can take reference
from any of these frames and draw the duck. Vikram: Well done.. Vikram: Nice.. Vikram: Actually, Mayank,
yours is an easier one. Vikram: Well done. Very good. Vikram: Last ten seconds to go. Vikram: Ten, nine, eight, seven six, five, four three, two, one. Well done, gentlemen.
Lovely. Fabulous. And your signatures. Nice. Well done.

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