*crowd noise* Thanks man *music* *alarm noise* Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Redding
and I’m a senior Social Work major from Blandon, Pennsylvania and I’m the
Associate Director of the Mountaineer Maniacs here on the campus of West Virginia University. *music* It’s just after 6:30 in the morning and
I am currently walking over to the blue lot to get ready and start
tailgating for our four o’clock game today. I’m gonna be taking you
through and show you a little sneak peek of what it’s like to be a student here
on gameday weekends at WVU so let’s go, Mountaineers! *music* The maniacs are the largest
student organization on the campus of WVU and we are the official student
section of West Virginia University Athletics. We just try to do our best to
get out there and support all of our teams here at WVU. *music* It may be raining but that doesn’t stop
us from tailgating on gameday weekend *music* We have some really amazing traditions
here at WVU especially the ones that happen during game days and one of
those traditions is called the Mountaineer Man Trip. It started in 2011
to honor our mining heritage and the football team walks across the blue lot
and gives high-fives along with the band and cheerleaders. Before they
head right into the stadium they touched a piece of coal for a good luck and then
they go to the top of the stairs and wait for the Mountaineer to fire his
rifle and then they will actually wave at the Children’s Hospital, that is just
across the parking lot, to make sure that those kids have a really great game day
experience as well. And just like the football players do the man trip we have to touch the coal before we head into the stadium. *music* One of my favorite parts of game day is
The Pride of West Virginia Marching Band. So make sure you get here early so you can hear the band play before the football team comes out *band noise* *cheering* *Let’s Go chant* *music* *crowd cheering* Wow! *music* So hey everybody, unfortunately, the
Mountaineers didn’t come out victorious on this one but we’re still proud of our
guys out there on the field and just remember, it’s always a great night to be
a Mountaineer wherever you may be! It was great showing you around game day I can’t wait to talk to you a little bit more about
the Mountaineer Maniacs Our goal as the official student section of West Virginia University Athletics is to get students excited and bring them out to
all the sporting events that we possibly can. As a member you are guaranteed do
you have football tickets for every single home game in the fall so you’ll
never miss a second of the action at Milan Puskar Stadium. Also you get
exclusive invites to watch parties and tailgates where we offer free food and
giveaways to our members that attend. We get a lot of questions as to how student ticketing works here at WVU and we’re unlike a lot of other schools in the
fact that our students get free admittance to sporting events with their
student ID. The only exceptions are football and basketball where we
actually have to request a ticket to get to the games because there’s a limited
amount of seats in our stadiums, however, they are still free but we just have to
request those tickets. How that works is you’d go onto your phone and you
request a ticket about a week before the game starts and then there when the
request phase is over if you get a ticket to the game you can go onto that
same website and claim it and it’s on your phone and you can just scan it on
your phone on gameday it’s super easy. Thank you all for joining me today as I
showed you around what it’s like to be a student here on gameday at West Virginia.
I had a great time, I hope you guys did too and Let’s Go, Mountaineers! *music*

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