WWE honors the memory of Harley Race

This past week the world of sports
entertainment lost a legend.>>Introducing from Kansas City Missouri,
Harley Race.>>Harley Race’s career was one decorated
in championship gold as he held the NWA world heavyweight championship
an astonishing eight times.>>Anybody that faced Harley Race
when he was the world champion, you knew that you were in for
a real fight.>>Harley was a work horse. He was very proud of that championship.>>You’re walking in against
a man that has survived every obstacle that’s ever been
thrown in front of me.>>Harley engaged an epic
title versus title classics with WWE Champions superstar
Billy Graham and Bob Backland.>>Right here,
daddy is the Mohammad Ali of it all.>>But he’s perhaps best remembered for his epic rivalry with the nature boy,
Ric Flair.>>The single toughest, most intense wrestler I’ve ever been
in the ring with my entire life.>>Harley would join the WWE in 1986 and
go on to win King of the Ring, after which he would nobly refer
to himself as King Harley Race.>>I crown you
the King Handsome Harley Race.>>I’ve listened to Hall of Famers tell
story after story about the toughness and the skill that Harley Race possessed. And that’s what makes him one of
the greatest superstars of all time. [MUSIC]>>After an illustrious
25 year in-ring career, Harley retired from competition
in 1990 and began managing for WCW’s Lex Luger, Invader, leading
them both to WCW World Championships. And in 2004, Harley Race would take his
rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.>>I’ve been an extremely
blessed human being. God gave me the talent to
work in this business. And there’s not a better spot on
earth than under those bright lights.>>Harley Race is one of the baddest
dudes to ever step in the ring, a legitimate tough guy and
a guy that every single body in the whole business had nothing but
high regard and total respect for. [MUSIC] Harley Race passed away this
past week at the age of 76. We at WWE send our deepest sympathies
to his family and loved ones. Harley Race will forever be remembered
by his WWE family as a friend, a mento and a champion.

100 thoughts on “WWE honors the memory of Harley Race

  1. HARLEY RACE WAS A PRO WRESTLER……….PERIOD ! how dare them involve their cartoon NESS in his career.

  2. My Thought And Prayer Goes Out To Harley Race's Family This is Sad From The Race Family And The WWE Families Cause The Late Harley Race is The First Ever united States Champion And Toughest Guys Ever in This Business Also a Truly Legend That He Passed Away So Mr. Race R.I.P Harley Race The WWE Families, Your Family & WWE universe Will Miss You.

  3. My grandpas favorite wrestler….. we used to argue cus mine was ric flair!! I’d wooo n flair chop him n he’d chase me n get me down n squeeze my pinky between his giant fingers

  4. Harley was so tough if they gave him the final 10 bell salute at the show, he would have gotten back up at the count of nine

  5. I heard a story about Vince paying for Harley's medical expenses. Two days before he died he needed a medical flight that medicare wouldn't cover. Vince paid for it in full without hesitation

  6. Big part of my childhood here. But it was also nice to hear Mickey Garagiola announce him right out of the gate for Wrestling at the Chase! For those of you on here who have not seen any of those matches, do yourselves a favor. Check them out.

  7. The personification of the word toughness and a true mans man. One of only two men André The Giant was legitimately afraid of (The other man being Haku).

    R.I.P. Harley. Heroes get remembered but Legends never die

  8. why do like 90 percent of people in this comments section not know how to type in english? it makes things seem much less sincere

  9. Why would they have the one person in the business that he couldn't stand, Jerry Lawler? Doesn't make sense? I guess there good at not making sense, the do it twice a week.

  10. Why would they have the one person in the business that he couldn't stand, Jerry Lawler? Doesn't make sense? I guess there good at not making sense, the do it twice a week.

  11. My dad actually liked this guy. But he doesnt know he recently… Died. I never knew he was dead myself, RIP the real WWWF/ WWF Legend.


  13. R.I.P Harley Race. Even though you're no longer here, your legacy and fighting spirit will live on through wrestlers and fans all over the world!

  14. First us champion and first man to slam Andre I have nothing but respect man you inspire me to become a wrestler thank you for the path you and so many others paved

  15. If you want to talk about someone who was just naturally tough, this is the man. When I was a kid, I watched him many, many times on KPLR Channel 11 as he was on Wrestling at the Chase. With his gravely voice and mutton chops, he scared the hell out of me. The world of professional wrestling will not be the same without the man originally from Quitman, Missouri.


  17. I was born in 81. my pops was an old school wrestling fan and took me to the world famous sportatoreum from before I can remember. We watched wrestling at home alot too and I remember him saying, "Harley Race could whoop that Ultimate Warrior." back then I was like "Harley who?" I was a kid and as much as I loved the rock and wrestling era but when you look on it and study wrestling, Harley was The Man.

  18. Im glad WWE did this. I was afraid they wouldn't. A few other former champions never got the recognition they deserved after they passed.

  19. I watched Harley Race wrestle Ric Flair via t.v. when I was younger. Race's moves looked like it stunned his opponents for a good 3 minutes.

  20. Harley was a legitimate badass. He had to be. That was back in the day when someone might try to go into business for themselves. So he had to be prepared for it.

  21. R.i.p Harley race prayers for your family in your time of grief maybe you'll come across my son up there he loved wrestling he was 3 when he passed form cancer

  22. As a kid in the 70s and 80's growing up Harley was a great one . I loved Pro wrestling then . Sad to see the joke pro wrestling has become today . The days of Harley Race and other greats has been over for decades . Pro wrestling has been dead for decades . I cannot imagine anyone over the age of 5 watching Pro wrestling today its so silly . Rip Harley Race thanks for the memories from a time that will never be again in Pro wrestling !

  23. Fortunate to have grown up watching Harley Race wrestle in Indianapolis and Atlanta, for him to be on top for so long during an era ridiculously rich with talent is amazing.

  24. I grew up watching the attitude era, so I never watched his matches. But, I always knew he was a legend. May he RIP

  25. Harley said that he had more permanent pain and neck damage from those falling head butts that he used to do than from anything else. But the crowds loved the move.

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