WWE NEWS – Sasha Banks Returns As Heel/ Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan SummerSlam CANCELLED By Vince!

Heres your news for
August 8th 2019
WWE NEWS – Sasha Banks Returns As Heel
Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan SummerSlam CANCELLED By Vince!
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We’re starting with some news from
SmackDown Live this week, and it
was good news in the ratings this week for the blue brand. According to Showbuzzdaily.com,
this week’s go home show for
Summerslam averaged 2.08 million viewers on the USA Network, up
nine per cent from last week. With this week’s Monday Night RAW
also seeing an increase of viewers,
it’s no surprise that SmackDown was able to retain 84 per cent of
RAW’s audience, a stark contrast
to the recent July 23rd show, which only retained 69 per cent of the
red brand’s audience. The August 6th episode finished
seventh for the night in terms of
total cable TV viewers, and took top spot with the 18 to 49
demographic, hitting a 0.63
rating. This impressive demographic rating
was even able to beat the network
TV programming on both FOX and CBS, though the first hour of
SmackDown came up short against
ABC, and the entire show fell behind NBC. This week’s show, which saw Roman
Reigns finally get some answers on
who attacked him, as well as Shane McMahon turn the tables on
Kevin Owens, only saw a 5 per
cent decrease from the same week in 2018, and though WWE would
obviously want the number of viewers
to increase, this 5 per cent drop isn’t as bad as other weeks, and this
has been the third time over the past
month that the year over year decline has been reduced to
single figures. By comparrison, this week’s Miz
and Mrs, which followed Smack
Down on the USA Network was the third most watch show in the 18-49
demographic of its time, drawing a
0.39 rating. The episode Heel No More, which
documented the A-Lister’s change
to a babyface earlier this year, drew 1.05 million viewers, the
highest viewership of the show this
season, and the third highest total since August last year. Hopefully WWE will be able to keep
this momentum going after Summer
slam, as it seems the months of falling ratings may have finally
come to an end. Speaking of Summerslam, the
August tradition is this Sunday
and though the show has some blockbuster matches announced,
one encounter fans probably
won’t see will be Roman Reigns Vs. Daniel Bryan. According to rumors, the pair were
supposed to face off at the Pay Per
View, with the Yes Man being revealed as the one responsible
for the recent attacks backstage
on the Big Dog. According to the PW Insider though,
there match won’t be happening at
the biggest party of the summer, saying: “The Summerslam card was to have
featured Roman Reigns against
Daniel Bryan, but the word making the rounds at TV last night was that
the bout will likely be dropped in
order to let the current storyline play out.” On this week’s SmackDown Live,
the blame for these incidents was
seemingly placed on Rowan, Bryan’s protege and tag team partner,
though Bryan himself said the former
Wyatt family member had nothing to do with last week’s
falling scaffolding, or this week’s
car accident. Though Reigns won’t be facing
Bryan, or Rowan for that matter
at the Pay Per View, the Big Dog may still compete, as Wrestle
Votes are reporting that the former Universal Champion may
face Buddy Murphy. On this week’s show, it was Murphy
who said that Rowan was the one
responsible for the attacks, and though the match isn’t set in stone,
Wrestle Votes said a source told
them that it remains a possibility. Given how Vince McMahon has
acted backstage recently, it’s highly
possible that the Boss could tear up the script of Summerslam just hours
before the show, something he
reportedly did with this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Though we understand how busy
the Boss is, with both WWE, the
war with AEW and the upcoming XFL season on his mind, it wouldn’t hurt
McMahon to take a chance to calm
down, as his erratic behaviour has left the biggest party of the
Summer without Reigns or Bryan,
two of the company’s biggest stars in recent years. It seems now that Daniel Bryan
won’t be competing in Toronto this
Sunday, and according to recent reports, this isn’t the only bit of
bad news for the former WWE
Champion this week. On the July 16th edition of Smack
Down Live, Bryan was set to make
a quote “career altering announcement” and though he tried
to deliver it three times, left without
saying a word. Though fans have speculated on
what Bryan’s announcement could
be, with some fans fearing a possible re-retirement, it seems the
WWE Universe will never get
answers, as the angle has been completely dropped, according
to the PW Insider. A report by the site says that there
was no mention of the announcement
backstage at SmackDown this week, as it seems the storyline,
whatever it was, isn’t going to
happen. With both this and his match against
Roman Reigns at Summerslam
dropped, hopefully Bryan will receive something good soon, as
he continues to be one of the most
entertaining aspects on the blue brand since returning from his
retirement last year. Well we spoke earlier about how
Vince McMahon is making some
erratic decisions in WWE, and it seems that this has been going
on for a while now. This week, former WWE writer
Jimmy Jacobs sat down with
Chris Van Vliet, and spoke about the culture backstage
inside the company. Jacobs, who was famously fired after
taking a picture with the Bullet Club,
said that WWE didn’t have a healthy work environment, and that
the place breeds discontentment.
He said: “There’s like this one black cloud
that hangs over the entire place
and that’s the crazy man (McMahon). It just creates this environment where
people aren’t trying to do their best.
It’s just like ‘what’s the crazy man not going to yell at
me about?’ Jacobs clearly isn’t a fan of the
company he once worked for, and
also spoke about the decision to bring in the new Executive
Directors Paul Heyman and
Eric Bischoff. Though McMahon told investors
that investors that the new Executive
Directors would mean he wouldn’t be in the weeds, Jacobs
said how the biggest problem is
McMahon himself. “He can bring in Paul Heyman and
Eric Bischoff and you know,
whoever he wants — Bill Watts and whatever bookers from the past…
he could move all the pieces around,
but as long as ‘this piece’ is on the board the game’s gonna get
played the same, man.” Whilst the idea that Vince will
actually act on these suggestions
by Jacobs seems unlikely, tearing up scripts mere hours before
the show isn’t going to help build a
strong team dynamic and could see more people backstage want
out of the Sports Entertainment
promotion, especially with spots at AEW and other companies
being available. From one former WWE personality
to another now, as it seems former
Superstar Big Cass has finally got his life back on track. Cass, who was fired from the company
last year had his contract terminated
after he went off script to attack a little person, and this started
a downward spiral in the seven
footer’s life. Fortunately, it seems that Cass has
been able to overcome his recent
substance abuse issues, and fans couldn’t help but notice his great
shape this week, at a show for
Cactus League Wrestling. Now going by cazXL, the former
WWE Superstar has lost a ton of
weight and told fans about his return to the ring, saying: “To everybody out there in the world
that doubted me and said I was fat,
out of shape, and they wrote me off and said I’d never be back
in professional wrestling after a
seizure nearly took my life in front of 1,500 people … I say this – I ain’t
f**king dead yet!” The seizure Cass is referring to
happened in December last year
as the former Superstar collapse ring at a House of Hardcore
show, shocking everyone. It’s great to see the Big Man finally
get his life back on track, as Cass
has admitted that he has suffered from mental health and alcohol
issues, two things the seven foot
heavyweight has worked hard to deal with. Though fans may not see Cass back
in a WWE ring after his firing in 2018,
another Superstar who hasn’t been seen in many months is Sasha
Banks, who continues to be one of
the most discussed Superstars this year, despite not being
in the ring. After taking a break following her
WrestleMania 35 loss to the IIconics,
the Boss has been enjoying her break though it seems this time
may be coming to an end. According to Brad Shephard on the
Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Banks
is ready to get back to work, though is easier said than done. One major issue the WWE now
faces is finding the right time for
Banks to return, as after so long
away, the company needs to have
something big to explain her
absence. Though Shephard said he has been
given some speculation on what the
company might do, he didn’t share any of these ideas with his
listeners, as fans can only wonder
what the company has planned. In a backstage roster report though,
Banks has been listed as a heel on
the RAW roster, a stark change from the position of the Boss
earlier this year. Since coming to the main roster as
part of the Women’s Revolution in
2015, Banks has spent almost all that time as a babyface, and it seems
embracing her heel roots from her
time in NXT may be the breath of fresh air the former Women’s
Tag Team Champion needs. Though Banks and Bayley may
have become the very first WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champions at Elimination Chamber earlier this
year, it seems that that huge win,
and the titles themselves nearly didn’t happen. Earlier this week, Tom Colohue said
how a source told him that Vince
McMahon didn’t want the belts to be created, but announced them as
Santa Claus on the 2018 Christmas
Eve edition of RAW due to the pressure he was put under. He said: “Vince didn’t want women’s tag titles.
He was under a lot of pressure so
he brought them in early without thinking much about it. There
was no plan. We still don’t know if
there’s any plan.” This report by Colohue definitely
falls in line with what Bayley recently
said about McMahon never giving the new tag titles a chance,
and though the new titles were made
out to be a huge deal once they arrived, that quickly diminished. During the IIconics’ reign as
champions, the pair barely won
any matches, only retaining controversial circumstances in the
few title defences they actually had. Hopefully things will change with
the new champions Nikki Cross
and Alexa Bliss, but given how the Women’s tag team gold has been
treated this year, we wouldn’t bet
on it. And we’re ending today with some
big news from the world of Video
Games, as wrestling games developer Yuke’s will no longer be
developing games for the WWE
2K series, ending a near 20 year partnership. Starting from 2k20, which is set to
come out this October, the games
will now solely be created by 2k’s in house studio, visual concepts. In an interview given earlier this year,
Yuke’s senior vice president and
Producer Hiromi Furuta mentioned that though the company
won’t be making WWE games any
more, they’re not out of the wrestling industry just yet. He said: “We are trying to launch a new
wrestling game. Of course we will
retain the WWE team, but we are
also aware that our creators are
beginning to lose sight of their passion and confidence,
and becoming focused only on
completing assigned tasks That’s not the direction Yuke’s
wants to go in. So in order to
compensate, we’re going to start a new
wrestling project.” What this new project from Yuke’s
is remains to be seen, but fans can
get ready to play the new WWE 2K20 game, complete with Roman
Reigns and Becky Lynch on the cover,
when the game hits shelves on October 22nd this year. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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