88 thoughts on “X-LAKES 2019: Kites that overhead are sailing in the sky

  1. This full length feature is produced to celebrate one year on Patreon. Thanks for your support, guys! If you'd like more like this, get behind the channel on patreon.com/flybubble

  2. How does this channel just get better and better?!? Great adventure, captured the essence of the experience. Great filming, narration and editing of gps graphics. Truly a technical accomplishment. Thank you for this video.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reliving the weekend, and getting fully immersed in your own journey; another great production Greg!

  4. Thanks for the inspiring video. I cant wait to start with volbiv, but I have to.. rules.. wife…kids… work…

  5. Nice mountains to fly without thermals
    This one is the best of your videos
    And I think the best of hike and fly movies.

  6. Amazing flying and the video. I really enjoy your storytelling. It inspires me, makes me look forward to the flying days. Keep up this great energy! Best!

  7. Just seen a couple of your videos but this one is really good. Loved the concept of the competition. Videos like this give me the impluse I need to start this sport. At 65+ I can't wait much longer…

  8. Just dawned on me that he must do a fake launch with a tripod camera filming and then reset for the real launch. Either that or he wastes a lot of GoPros lol. Above and beyond video.

  9. This is just absurdly beautiful. Not only the landscapes, the view, but the entire campaign that you guys went through to make this happen. Is this an annual event? I'm thinking about leaving Brazil next time to join you guys! Safe flights!!!

  10. wish to become enouth experiance to participate in such an adventure…great video . thank you for the motivation and dream. For sure i will make my unlimited licence next year that is the next, my next step….and continue watching you along from Germany Rg Bernd

  11. nice video – thanks! i like to watch your videos. Which case cam you have used? Greetings from the German Alps!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful pictures, beautiful thoughts. Something for those of us far earlier in our aerial adventure to strive for, whilst always enjoying the journey…

  13. it's really nice to see ridges without power lines and private property signs. quite amazing considering how old your country is.

  14. YES YES, So amazing. Your peaceful narration calms me, transports me, and inspires me to imagine myself soaring as effortlessly as you. My new favorite paragliding quote.. “It’s a powerful active self belief”
    A+ my man!!

  15. That was absolutely brilliant film making and epic adventuring.
    Well done.
    Inspiring me to dust off that glider and try again.

  16. And the Oscar Goes to………. Greg Hammerton!! For yet another superb inspiring, tear yerking, poetic, and beautifull film!! Indeed X lakes is going to be on my wishlist……..

  17. In one of your responses I saw a quote that should be puttend on a tile……: “ paragliding is like the poetry of aviation” ….😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Greg the feeling of this video was epic to me! As a wheelchaired paraglider would do the same or somethimg similar…..I believe one day will be mine! Congratulation again, LOVED IT!!!

  19. Walk like a cloud. This is an epic poem, Greg. The quality and depth in your short movie approached those of a featured film. Great, great, great.

  20. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! Loved this Video and I will definitely watch it again!
    What is it for an APP running on your phone?

  21. I want to go to there. That’s my kind of England! Seems one couldn’t ask for a better place to run sorties. Well done for the effort alone, let alone having to film it all. Well done.

  22. Excellent video and story, it really tells us why we fly and what this sport is all about. Please announce the next XLakes event with some time so more of us can join. In my case I need to fly from Venezuela and would love to be there 2020. So let’s train. Thanks for the video.

  23. By far your best video up to this date Greg, it engulfs the essence of what this sport means and what it does in our lives. Cheers! (also my wife loved it)

  24. Whats the camera and mike setup Greg? Looks like you might have a full camera body wind muff? Could you drip any links please?

  25. I am 66 and fighting a disorder called CFS. This is an inspiration to me to keep reaching toward the sky and my dream of recovery and actually paragliding. Thanks for letting me join with you and your great friends in this way.

  26. inspiring and so watchable…We are so privileged to have paragliding in our lives whatever our level.thankyou so much,,and well done, This time last year I was in the highlands with its punishing hikeups ..exhausting! ….thanks for the great instructiomal vids Greg

  27. OK. Saw it for the 3rd time. And enjoyed it over and over again. Educative, hilarious, and indeed Oscar- worthy……

  28. The screen recordings of the ayvri app really tie the story together and give the viewer a better sense of what's going on. That's sort of just the cherry on top of the magic surrounding your videos of course, but I wanted to throw this comment in the mix in case there was any second guessing in regards to adding it to your videos. I'm a 0 hour complete noob at the moment, and videos like this really show the true potential of paragliding to people like me. I am even more excited to get started now after watching. Thank you for taking the time to create this content to inspire others!

  29. Really well done video- and I watch a lot of gravity sports films. Nice job keeping the story engaging with excellent camera work and editing.

  30. Greg, thanks so much for the video of the event. It clarifies it quite a bit. And, as always, great videography, editing, and narration! Poetic.

  31. Brilliant coverage and storytelling. Scenery was amazing and incredible you managed to cover so much ground in conditions that were not ideal. Not too shabby for an aging gentleman! Well done.

  32. This was an amazing watch! Loved the style and how you capture everything including the editing. Felt like a small film almost. The music you chose fits the scenery perfectly. As an brit living away from greenery and mountains this did make me miss all of that. Keep these videos coming they really are a joy to watch! Well done.

  33. Absolutely fascinating video (and experience obviously). Would love to see you do more paragliding area videos – why are they special, what are the challenges, what makes the magic. Thank you for sharing this magical piece.

  34. I love these guys! Flybubble rocks! Greg Hammerton is the best narrator for his own videos ever! Can I get my P3 with you?!?

  35. Wow since becoming smitten with the idea of paragliding just a few months ago, I have watched hundreds of You Tube videos ( including FlyBubble ) this one is by far the best so far, totally inspirational. ! Thanks for posting & all your great work, I shall continue to watch all your other output, in an effort to educate myself, before starting basic training in the spring. AWESOME 😃

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