Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum | Museum Hide and Seek! | PBS KIDS

(playful music)
Berby: Doo doo doo doo…(bleep, bloop) (thunk) (thunk, thunk) (ding)
Berby: Oh! Hey! yay! Yadina: Hi Berby! You ready for hide and seek?Berby: (bleep, blarp)Yadina: One…Two…Three… Four…Five…Six… Seven…Eight…Nine…Ten! Ready or not, here I come! Hiding in the Dinosaur
exhibit huh? Yadina: Berby? Nope, just a meteor. Are you behind the
albertosaurus? What’s that Dr Zoom? You think Berby must be gone? Oh, where could Berby be? I think I know eggs-actly
where Berby is. Get it? Eggs-actly? Berby: (laughing)
Yadina: Gotchu Berby! Nice idea hiding in that
giant pterodactyl nest. Berby: (bleep, bloop) I like playing with
you too Berby!

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