XC-Griff — High Adventure / XC Handles for all paragliders

Hello. I am Urs Haari and here I would like to introduce a new product. On my cross country adventures I have spent a lot of time with these brake handles, and these XC-Handles can be fitted to any wing. The webbing loops are neoprene-padded. At the top is a plastic grip with brake line swivel built in. You can choose magnet or popper attachments. The shape and size of the plastic grip is designed so that it cannot get caught up in the lines or risers when ground handling or in flight. The large brake loops are quick to take hold of – even with thick gloves. Comfortable arm position for short and quick brake control. To throw your reserve, you can let go of the loops superfast. If you need to make tight turns, use the plastic bars. These are right under the brake line knots and give you a direct and strong feeling on the brakes. Usually, you need a wrap on the brakes for tight manoeuvring. But wraps restrict the blood supply at the wrists, and overcool the hands, fingers, and their nerve endings. The ergonomic bars mean hours of comfortable thermaling. Feedback from the canopy and airflow are better to feel with a high arm position. The lower arm should not be bent at an energy-wasting angle. Fast attaching with the magnet clips. No annoying spinning of the handle in the airstream. Aerodynamic arm position during accelerated flight. Holding the back risers. You can make roll control movements, and small changes of direction by adjusting the rear line levels. Single fingers should stay in the large brake loop. From this position disturbances of the wing can be corrected immediately with the brakes. The XC-Griff is available in three loop sizes. Thanks for watching, and have some more fun in the air!

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