XFL UNHINGED | Week 2 “The Return of Landry”

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the unhinged podcast. I am your host Jay – also known as Jem Renier alongside my co-host Hey, what’s up, guys? This is your part man part machine all podcaster Carlos aka the wrestling movie guy Back for another round of some XFL talk cuz week two is right upon us right around the corner. I don’t know How excited you guys are, but I know that I am so what are we got on the slay James? Oh Come on slate. We’re gonna go over each game, but we’re not gonna be like every other podcast that breaks down every single aspect at each game What’s going to happen and what can happen? Well, that will determine our you know decision on making the picks There are other podcasts out there. There are thousands of them now. They’ve come out Nowhere, so you can go listen to them. Basically how we’re gonna do. This is based on rankings on The news of the week like controversy of the week’s like crazy coaches and injuries and No rabid fans based our rankings on interest of the games That’s how we’re going to pick our games this week, and we’re not going to break down every single aspect We might bring up stats, but we’re not gonna go to crazy a lot of the podcasts out there that do just that So, let’s be a little bit different. 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Let’s talk some games and The first game will be One the most controversial over the last week two teams that were without starting quarterbacks last week one team firing anybody that’s on the team because Your ego was hurt and the other team just limping away after a home opening loss To the battle Hawks this game is the Dallas renegades and they Los Angeles Wildcats So I’ve been message by a couple people online it tweeted at what’s unhinged about well, if you know the definition Sometimes we go off the rails and Because of what happened in LA on Monday Got a little bit a little bit off the hooks here. I’m not gonna go too crazy but coach moss Winston Moss Your ego got hurt Your defensive mindset got hurt So what do you do? You fire the defensive coordinator after one game You’re full McMahon, yeah your best defensive end Ask for his release So is this just a you know Overnight thing or it is just once the blue moon let’s go back a couple of weeks ago when you trade it away Luis Perez to the New York Guardians for nothing So I see a lot of podcast up there occluding some on our network They have all sided with what once the mosses like he knows what he’s doing. He’s a head coach You told me a coach who fires a defensive coordinator after one frickin game I Don’t care if it’s the XFL. I don’t care if it’s the NFL care if it’s college football or Pop Warner. I don’t care Yes, your ego got beat you probably lost to the best team in the league right now because of Phillip Walker going off on You guys that doesn’t mean that your DC is a bad coordinator Means that your defensive strategy failed in the second half what you did? your defense kept you in that game as long as it did in the first half so Because your ego got hurt coach Moss. You decided to let your rage out on the defensive coordinator And which resulted and your best defensive end leaving? I know we have a lot of podcasts out there that love Winston Moss He’s a defensive minded coach He symbolizes the City of LA But from what I’ve seen from him this week on Monday and what I’ve seen when he did two weeks ago with Louis with Luis Perez trade I’m almost to a point to say Winston Moss is not Can I really do this? It’s not capable of being a head coach at any level It’s too big for him Yes, your ego gets trucked one game What does that mean? You’re only one game out of the playoffs, but seeing how the Western Division is, right? Now you are currently tied for the last place in the division Which technically makes you make the playoffs? it’s called panicking and overreacting after one game now You’re about to get ready for the Dallas renegades who lost opening game of the seasons the bow Hawks They’re projected to be the number one team at the end of the of when the XFL championship So what happens? Yes, they lost you see Dallas panicking Well, you see some of the fans panicking, but that’s Dallas a panic about anything especially during NFL season They lose a week to game and preseason. They’re thinking the world’s coming to an end And the rest of America is enjoying their tears just put on their tea. Well, especially the people around Philadelphia DC and New York. Yay but the overreaction that we seen on Monday from both sides from Dallas and from mostly the LA is shocking because You name me a coach in any sport I don’t care if it goes all the way down to women’s croquet or rugby all up to the NFL or the EPL Whatever and see the play it’s either do you see head coach’s Canon assistant coaches after the first game Extremely rare you never really see it All I’m picturing in my mind is an office With the fire going off and everybody’s running in the same circle and a director, you know, they’re just bumping into each other it’s an absolute dumpster fire right now and It’s an absolutely shame to say that because the AI from I view I didn’t think they play that badly I just thought they got outplayed and that does happen But to fire your defense coordinator after one game and right away one of your defensive ends rolls out That’s a pretty bad sign. I mean so early in the season Wow like it was quite a shocker to read that poor Pepper Johnson, I feel bad for him. It’s the first week of the season So when you look at week two matchups, and you see odd Dallas versus LA I’m going earlier the day Landry Jones was confirmed by Bob Stoops of starting week two we do about this on Sunday when Pat McPhee on ESPN mentioned it as well. But now that it’s official that Landry Jones is healthy The Dow’s renegades are again. Probably the best quarterback in the league back That’s like getting tomber back after four weeks suspension over deflated footballs It’s a little Ball in this game But still he was he’s been advertised He’s been pumped he’s been quoted as the face of the league just like Cardell has been in DC and just As Phil Walker’s been eroded down in Houston just cuz you promote it doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee Exactly. I know what you’re trying to get at, but I’m trying to said about you know the publicity the promotions in the commercial Ryan Leaf Yeah, good choice this would be a great league for Ryan Leaf if the XFL was around when he flopped out of San Diego but Even though we know what’s going on in LA with the fiasco and on Monday. It’s calmed down a lot they just signed a Quarterback a marcus McCade as a backup. He’s just gonna be filling up a role in there because it looks like charge but Kenneth is Hurt may miss with this week. But now there are rumors popping around when this podcast is out ladies and gentlemen They might have a re this rumor may already be news maybe breaking But it sounds like Josh Johnson is going to give it a go on this week, even though he’s not 100% healthy I think a that could be just he as a player wants to get on the field to you know Play for his team and B. I think you can also be coaches Trying to push him into the game because they think that busy this is a dire need for them God, damn it that that’s so stupid on both sides. They need to protect him. He’s their best chance of winning in this league and It’s foolish to get him out there before he’s healthy that is the sign of a desperate team clearly hitting the emergency button already Break glass, you know when there is a fire emergency that they broke into class They’ve taken out the fire extinguisher and the fire is too big. That isn’t absolutely Foolish move on their part and I need to remind la fans I know You guys had to get the extreme in 2001 completely friend League you have to remember the extreme also lost their first game of the season Back in the 2000 1 XFL version and we want the XFL championship Also, you gotta remember there’s a cago enforcers They started the season oh and four and finished out five and five and made the postseason Yes, you can’t lose your season and after one week You’re also can’t win it all in one week, but crap Seattle might be an actual halfway decent team They just may have a bad game week one you Know of all the losing teams are definitely one of the better ones. Yeah, but for LA fans Its yes, I know you’re trying to support the team and I know you’re trying to you know You know get the energy of the city to get into the games In the upcoming this week and next week over the next five home games You know, they put fans in the stands and understand that but from the outside perspective as us looking into the LA situation here at the newsroom and other XFL community podcasters It’s a dumpster fire now in LA now it’s like okay we know it’s a dumpster fire how we’re going to stop it but That story alone. Just pretty much you know takes over this game because Yes, Josh Johnson may come back. He may not be a hundred percent healthy, but he begin a go But of course you’re gonna hear rumors that oh the player wants to do it usually when a player has been hurt all the offseason or in the training camps and He hasn’t publicly come out and said that oh, he feels good And the only thing you’re hearing is coaches talk saying that that tells you that there could be some coaches, you know You know put in some little extra effort in it, but when we look at this game Dallas is coming in with you know Dallas yes loss of the Bal Hawks, but it was more of a Situation where Phillip Nelson couldn’t throw the ball 30 down 30 yards down the field and in Bob Stoops offense You need a deep threat and Philip Nelson didn’t have the arm strength to do that last week but When you can look at Dallas and LA you got a look at all The question marks right now and right now a I think yes, LA might have talent on the team They have a great receiver in the Nelson Spurs They have enough would come and receiver in Jordan Smallwood and they have a you know, great defensive talent But the question is just not the talent on the team or the players on team. It’s the psychologist Yeah, the psychology of the team. Where are they at? Where’s her mindset? That locker room could be right now divided or Broken or just completely shut out and that could be the main reason Or it could be the key opponent of why LA loses this game to Dallas because Dallas they’re focused. They got their man back They took it on the chin and they moved forward that’s because they have an experienced head coach like Bob Stoops unlike once the moss who just panicked that shows me a sign that a coach that’s not 100% bought into his own idea of coaching or he’s falling back on his morals and he’s panicking But let me believe you want me to pick the game. I’m not I’m not siding I’m not getting anywhere near LA this one I might later in the year when they play Dallas in Dallas later in the year but right now it’s just too many good things happened for Dallas compared to all the hardship that LA is going through as of this moment Yeah, whenever you have teams that have that going on in the locker room. It’s always a distraction It’s never good Things don’t always turn out well at the end but the see let’s see if Maas can figure this out because there’s every chance in the world that he can get the team to rally and he can finally Get a grip and finally start buying into what he’s selling but if you have a coach like that players can smell it like sharks in the water and that’s gonna mess with their head and Make them not work as hard. So yeah, definitely Got the Wildcats losing this game to dallas who’s trying to bounce back But when you say we move on to the Vipers and the Dragons well The Vipers are the dragons match up. As I said the news between these two teams. It’s not as bad. There’s really you Milah Tampa Bay. They are having a quarterback situation right now Not a controversy. They’re having this situation. Meaning Erin Murray has missed a couple days of practice with a bum leg Quentin Flowers has been getting a lot of the first team of work reps Taylor Cornelius has also I’ve gotten some reps So the the Vipers are you know, testing out different players, but I think if Murray is healthy he’ll start But you get a lot of people who look over the Tampa Bay game this past week. I said man This is the worst team in the league Well their own the one and yes, they’re gonna be in a lot of power rankings as number eight But honestly, they had the most offensive yards any team in the XFL they drove the ball down the field for 2020 with these it just couldn’t get into the end zone because Murray was throwing of Interception or Truesdale was dropping the ball after he was catching it which is considered a fumble in a lot of sports leagues glueten the XFL But on see outside Spray and Silver’s was a practice today. Looks like he is a go for Saturday But the thing for Seattle is not the actual performance on the field They were actually competent about that geese speak English today they were actually uh How could you say it not compliment? They were solid team. They just They just lost the plot at the end, but they didn’t play horrifically or anything They actually scored the first touchdown of the game the hell on to the lead for a good while the defense is Stifling but eventually we did figure them out. I don’t know what exactly Was going on was Zorn towards the end, but I don’t actually think that that was on him to his credit I just think that I Don’t know the quarterback just seemed to slow down a bit. He couldn’t make the best passes towards the end It was just a simple they ran out of gas just no more than that was me that can be Multiple factors that can be, you know flying across country Getting used to the Eastern time zone or also, it can be that DC’s defenders defense is what we expected to be a very tough stingy defense And also it was just brain Silver’s made a couple of mistakes two interceptions Pick six that were a main deciding factor in that game that Resulted in the DC defenders winning this season opener But what is positive about Seattle right now is that they are expecting twenty five thousand plus people in CenturyLink Field which was reported by Seattle Times comm earlier this week and There’s some spokesman with the Dragons think that they can get to 30,000 by kickoff on Saturday that is a huge number thirty thousand will completely destroy Every number that any of the XFL teams have put up so far in the first week The average is around 1,700 17,000 fans But 30,000 fans in the home opener against the Vipers and we should know if we watched all the Seattle sports over the history They get rabid they get crazy for all their sports teams University of Washington the CIO super Aussie I’ll sonic or used to be CEO of SuperSonics the Seattle Sounders the Seattle Seahawks in the Seattle Mariners They love their sports teams and they’re loyal and they’re loyal. So if you asked me say I’ll put 25,000 fans and stand almost 30 what would they average throughout the year? Well, if they play a you know decent maybe not win the division, but you know stay in that playoff contention throughout the year for that two spot they’ll put 25,000 plus in that Stadium every single home game. That is Seattle, and that’s a good sign. So Also this week There are some rumors going around right now that this transaction has a bit complete but CFL legend j/sj Green who is a a journeyman in the Canadian Football League with a Winnipeg and Toronto and Montreal the guys over 10,000 yards receiving and Overseeing touchdowns, uh, he was picked up by the Seattle dragons via the waiver wire on the X through the XFL There’s a little hook up right now with that possibly because right now is also the Canadian Football League free agency period So all the teams of Canada are bidding for a receivers, so that could be the hook up But if Co does snag this guy, he won’t be here for this week’s game, but next week’s game He will definitely be there when I’d the Dallas renegades visit the seattle dragons next week But when we look at seattle and we look at tampa We’ve seen what tampa did Tampa Bay did in New York and Tampa it just now made the longest think it’s the longest road trip that an XFL team will take this year and that is from Tampa to Seattle and of course if you choose Southwest Airlines no plug here But I kind of did see how see if any Viper fans will make the journey or trip They do have a nonstop flight from Tampa to Seattle, which is kind of odd but When you look at this game Tampa Bay has questions at the quarterback. I do believe me personally I think they may have to go Quint flowers to start when he got in the game He was moving the ball down the field against New York, but never could really get it you know into the end zone because trust men decided to put Air Marissa. Hey, you can do it here. Yo But if you look at overall this game I’m just looking forward to the crowd I want to see if Seattle does show out and it’s ouch does show out to what I think it is I can tweet I can message all the aaf Remaining AEF fandoms that still bash the XFL. You know, those people is gentleman They’re the ones that they’re the ones that make the videos of how the XFL is going to fail this time Those are the people you can see their clips They are former af8 of homers and they’ll still say well certain antonio drew 30,000. Ok Well, let’s let’s see what seattle does especially I have a feeling that our st Louis comrades will take the cake in next week when they host I think they host DC next week if i’m right I have to check the schedule, but well now the guardians are no no, no guard. He’s playing this week to Have the schedule just in front of me. It’s going to be wildcats and defenders and we three Okay, so the guardians are going to say it Louis next week. So that should be a big time game in st Louis for a big time crowd, but that’s next week’s conversation. But who do I have in this game between the Tampa Bay Vipers and the Seattle dragons To have a bait traveling to the west coast sample just got selected by Matt McGloin and the power-i old fashioned pro style offense of Kevin Gilbride I’m taking CL. I just don’t see Anything that Tampa Bay does right now the quarterbacks is not the answer I do think that Seattle being home in that crowd in a raucous stadium 30,000 people that place is going to be the loud if you watch MLS games ladies and gentlemen The Sounders are average around 30,000 fans a game and that in that building with a most special state most special games They release you open up the upper deck I think it’s for like Vancouver and Portland those rivalry games for Seattle a very raucous crowd Look for Seattle to jump on early cause Murray or coin flowers and make a couple of mistakes I like Seattle this one and I think Seattle shows that they are going to be a team. That’s not just gonna go away after the first season, and and I think Seattle is Gonna be that dark horse now seeing that everyone gave up on the map for the first game of the XFL season Just last week. I give me the Seattle Tampa’s favored. Give me CL straight up. I Think I might have to go devil’s advocate here The one thing that concerns me the most is definitely the jet lag But I do believe that the Vipers actually have something good going here Every time they got they were able to get to the red zone But they would always throw a pick and or just screw it up I believe that if they go with Quentin flowers The more than likely when he was on the field for only about eight plays and he made about 56 yards 22 through the air 34 Through the through the ground so you got 56 yards right there and the average is pretty good I think that the run game was excellent with Patrick and Smith 32-yard 79 yards. It’s right there that if they can just keep running the ball old-school style and Give themselves the best opportunity by not turning the ball over in the red zone I think they have a pretty good chance to win. I think the Williams might be able to go off again He got to remember he has six receptions for 123 yards average 20 yards of catch He could be a very major threat against the the dragon so I’m actually have to go with the bikers on this one. However I’m gonna do a goofy over-under. It’s all comes down to the jet lag if they can get over the jet lag I think they’ll be all right, but if it does affect them That could do them in well So you’re gonna go fibers, so should I tell you some breaking news Oh God, what’s it gonna be breaking news Connor Falk who has been the xml’s version of Ian Rapoport Has just reported that Erin Murray is out for Saturday’s game against the Seattle dragons. Oh Here we go. So it’s quick flour. So that just was now tweeted out roughly 6 minutes ago So would you like to change your pic or are you still writing? well That’s what I was saying if they play Quinton flowers had a better chance to win and here we go Everything’s falling into place feel bad for Erin Murray though. Hope he feels better soon I did notice a he got hurt towards the end of the game. But hey, man, well wishes to you. Hope you feel better Murray But we got to move on we got to get to the battle Hawks and the Roughnecks Who you got in that? the battle Hawk Center Roughnecks are a battle between our 1 and O 2 and the reason why this is our third game preview is honestly two individuals I need to point out is Jordan Tiamo and PJ Walker both these players were up for the reward for all-star or Player of the week or star the week of all-star week, whatever the XFL was doing The reason why this game is only number three is because Honestly out of the three games are before games. They’re playing played this weekend This one has me as a least interested game and I know battle hawk fans out there, but like whoa Even then they say for one, you know day one about us, you know, you picked Alice to beat us well The reason why I think this is the my opinion the least interesting game of the week is you’re going to Houston Houston looks like they’re on fire the offense. I saw that you guys are the st. Louis team We ran against Dallas against Dallas defense with Joran Tiamo yes, you won the game, but you look bad at doing it you it looked like you guys didn’t learn how to Run the basic offensive play in training camp until like midway through second half on Houston’s side things they are banging out touchdowns right off the bat to start the game So when you look at this game It’s gonna be the battle between the two quarterbacks who makes more plays on the either by their feet or by air between join siamo and Phillip Walker I think Phillip Walker has more deep threats and Sam eCos and saying Mobley. I do believe that The Walker has a better offensive line protection for him to make plays The reason why I pick Houston in this game is because it’s in Houston. And the reason why I like Houston in this game is I seen st. Louis’s offensive scheme against Dallas It just felt like if Dallas had Landry Jones that game would have been one-sided towards the running ready Gaines Yes, George Gamow is a first year that first year starter as a professional quarterback He’s going to go to a more hostile environment in Houston can’t believe I’m saying hostile environment, but you about the speck the same size crowd there this weekend you did last week and Everyone’s talking about PJ Walker. Even me. I just right now my gut feeling tells me that the Houston Roughnecks are right now the Supreme Team and the X Even one week after they’re the opposite from the LA Wildcats They actually are flying all cylinders. They’re getting weekly rewards and the city of Houston is a buzz for the Roughnecks Which is also very positive. You’re not getting that in LA Give me the Roughnecks in this one. I do think that Jordan chiama finds a couple of good offensive drives makes it interesting But I just think that Houston has too much firepower on the offense for the battle Hawks to keep up I like Houston in a pull away now route But pull away late score in the end of the fourth quarter makes it to a two or three score game But it’ll be an interesting game until that point Yeah, I’m with you on that one. I’d have to have my money on the on the Roughnecks They are by far the number one team although DC. I would say is probably number two. They are very good. But yeah, the Roughnecks at the moment are just on fire But the other teams are paid to win and paid to figure out the other squad once you start pulling out your bag of tricks Other teams are gonna know how the game plan for it and how many more tricks to the Roughnecks have in their bag? So I think Phillip Walker for now will be able to continue to dominate But the battle Hawks defense is nothing the slouch on they did play pretty well They held the Renegades to nine points and As I said at the beginning of the year their defense may be their best way of scoring or at the very least keeping them In the game and that’s exactly what happened against the renegades But they didn’t have Landry Jones that wasn’t what the offense was supposed to be That wasn’t what they were game planning for. That was just a game kind of thrown together So I do believe that the the Roughnecks are gonna handle the battle Hawks But I think I don’t think the Roughnecks will score as many points as before. I think it’ll probably be like 24 to 19 kind of game but so I got to go Roughnecks. It’s still a little closer than what I predicted but hey, I Can’t tell you who to pick that’s your men But the final game of the week is our game of the week no, we’re not biased to this because yes, I Is DC defending? The DC defenders are hosting the New York Guardians and a Battle of the Eastern Division The winner will be all by themselves at first place in the East It doesn’t matter the results in Houston was st. Louis and St. St. Louis and Houston Because if st. Louis wins, they’re – I know With no division wins the winner of DC and New York would be – I know with either one Division one or two division wins This is a crucial first week or second week battle in the Eastern Division for the team to get a upper Hand in the race for the top two spots or of course home-field advantage for that playoff game The DC if defenders are coming off a win over the Seattle dragons why the New York Guardians took care of the Tampa Bay Vipers now, we’re in DC and it looks like ticket sales are about the same as last week I could tell from listening to a couple of podcasts and listening to actual radio shows out of DC the Energy for the defenders are still there so with that I do expect this to be a little bit of a bigger crowd a crowd that’s more into it because it’s a division game and it’s against an opponent from a familiar City for DC the rivalry between New York and Washington DC Should be a key factor There are no major injuries report But we do know this We are looking at two of the top tier quarterbacks in the league of a Mart of Matt McGloin and Cardale Jones The difference between the two quarterbacks. I think Cardale Jones has more weapons than Matt McGloin Matt McGowan is a more consistent passer than Cardale Jones if you looked at the two games that McGowan may more better reads on certain passes given what the defense gives them while Cardale Jones Through a lot of the risky passes that luckily. We’re caught by his own guys but five yards so one direction or fade to the right or wrong direction could have been session or turnover a Possession but this game is big because this is a first legitimate division matchup between two one No opponents in the winner gets the tiebreaker and when a lot of people think of standings like well, it’s only week two Why are you looking at standings? Well, you beat your division opponent Yes You have a game lead over them because they’ll be one in one and you’ll be – I know But technically you have a two-game lead over them already because you have that lovely tie breaker and a ten-week season You need wins over your division components more than you need cross Division wins for instance Bob Stoops was interviewed after the Dallas game long after Dallas lost the st Louis bat Hawks last week and he mentions that we took it on the chin, but hey, they are not in our division We got a move on division games means so much more and in in New York and DC’s game matter is a big time division game, especially between two teams that we expect will be there at the end most people on this network or here at xfo newsroom believe it’s either going to be New York in DC in the eastern final and it depends on who is home-field advantage that will come down to Games like this Saturday at 2 p.m. On ABC. We will see an Eastern Division class between the Guardians and The DC defenders now, let’s look at the field. Look at both teams. Both teams have good defenses The question is is who can make more plays on offense My opinion is that DC has more offensive firepower Especially in the receivers. We were shot Ross and Eli Rodgers Yes, the running back duo can do it with pump free and Presley, but the question is can One of these teams Establish the run. I believe the team that establishes the warm first not like the NFL will you say, uh, You know, whoever gets 100 yards rushing will win the game. Yeah and XFL had like one running back They got over 88 yards this week. And I think that was Devon Smith the Tampa I may be wrong But I think is either at Tampa Bay guy. They did it. I think that Ever establishes to run this game will dictate the tempo what dictate the terms of the game, especially DC. You want to take care of your home opponents? You’re about to go on a two game road trip win this game at home. You control basically you controlled the Guardians from passing you in the division. It’s a key game division games are huge these are usually what a lot coaches do in the Coaches speak call it plus one you get the game and it’s divisions plus one, which is a two game swing quote my Hope is that we get a good game If we get let’s say I know a lot of people out there be like what type of game you want to see I’d love to see like a st. Louis vs Dallas type of game here in New York are here in DC For the DC and New York game because that will hold a different narrative compared to that game in Dallas because we get to one of no teams. This is the division game. It means more but also leave a lot of people rather see like the LA versus using game one team blowing up the other possibly could see that but I just don’t see a Matt McGloin offense Kevin Gilbride pro style offense and his mindset of slowing down the game It’s one thing I noticed when gets Tampa Bay last week he went up tempo But he knew when to slow it down to stop Tampa Bay from getting the groove on Defense that is gonna be key against DC I think DC was trying to do what pepper element owns offenses are meant to do a lot style RPO style offense They are trying to establish that again st. Louis last week. I st. Louis gives me in Seattle last week and You know make couple plays, you know, you had the trickery then he had Frequent cardiologist dropping dimes the Ross and and Eli Rodgers throughout the game so in this game I think can either be a very closed defensive Babel or I think it could be a shootout because both teams are Capable of both and I think it will come down to who is the better quarterback Matt McGloin or Cardale Jones? I feel the same way Although I don’t think it’s gonna come down as much to the runny to think of well I think that both defenses are going to be able to stifle the run game and both of them are gonna have to abandon that and just toss the ball willy-nilly and we’re gonna have a Like you said a shootout at the end. I agree with that One thing that I don’t understand why people want to see another blowout, you know The league doesn’t want to see that the better games are the ones that are closer I mean blowouts are fun when your team wins, but you can’t have every single game go like that although my DC side would like to see a blowout but as far as the betterment for the league To be legitimized. We need to have closer games. Otherwise people are going to dismiss it Because if you don’t have really competitive games, it’s like one side is really good Just beating down on the other one not unlike the the NBA where you have the West just constantly dominating over the east of course the NBA has over 50 years of Being a staple in America and basketball being a stable in the world The XFL does not have that cloud. So for them the The amount of time that they have to get this right is much shorter So we need to have close to games. We need the Vipers and the Dragons to be closer same with battle Hawks Roughnecks all of that Bowl out here and there is fine, but we can’t have that throughout the league, you know the Vince and What’s-his-face Oliver Luck are definitely hoping for closer games high-scoring but closer games We can’t have like 16 to 6 or something like that. That’s not gonna be any good, but I’d say right now my money might actually be on the guardians to win this because that defense as you said just slow the game down and Really just shut down the Vipers. Now the Vipers definitely got in their way quite a bit, but they got talent there So to be able to shut them down to three points is pretty damn impressive the defenders gave up 19 points That’s a big difference there. I think maybe Over/under you know, two and a half point favorites I’d say for the for the Guardians It’ll be a lot closer than the Vipers game But I think that both defenses will beat the hell out of the run game both teams are going to toss it up and we could have a 28 24 game something like that Well, you rather have a shootout then one side blowout if you’re trying to sell the product exactly Yeah, you can have a defensive game. I don’t mind seeing that either But you have New York winning the game, which that’s your opinion And I’m not going to challenge it but I am NOT no Homer. I am NOT biased to this but I See the Guardians falling in this game because I think DC and Cardale Jones makes plays with this feat at the end of the game to extend the game and Extend drives that New York needs to get you know DC off the sidelines it Mothe the field I mean, yeah off the field why I say silent for It’s what you get on this show. Sometimes I go a little rambling rants and I have no idea what I’m talking about at times But I look at DC making more place at the end I’m just starting with DC because of their home team here I Know this is gonna be the second consecutive week. I’m picking all home teams. So who cares? I’m picking home teams and hopefully that DC but if DC plays like they did against Seattle they’ll win this game and if Jordan and if New York plays like they get against Tampa. I think we’re gonna have a very good Exciting game where we’re not two minutes into the second quarter wandering scores six to three I think we might actually seem some high-scoring affair in this one, but speaking of Guardians We had a fan question given us today by Lee Rollins and he asked us Via the XFL unhinged twitter account What is the guardians logo? well The guardians logo sir is very very very unique Back in the Gothic days guardians were considered guardians our car girls Gargoyles, yeah or consider Guardians of churches they chased away demons who are trying to enter the church So in a lot of big-time buildings or older buildings in New York have you know gargoyles stay? statues on top of them There are guardians of the city so technically they just used that as a representation of the New York as their logo and That’s what it’s supposed to be but though just a logo the logo is actually pretty sick I like the logo I’m not actually sheriff that can actually be serious or not I kind of feel like isn’t a GI Joe episode a gargoyle was the guardian of New York the more, you know Enjoy your history lesson I’ve gotta wonder if this guy was just messing with us is like how wonderful actually answer the question Like maybe you knows full well what it is. But yeah, it’s it’s a goddamn gargoyle I mean I grew up with the show in the 90s always I just kind of figured everybody knew that. Well, I’m sorry I’m so late, Roz If you were serious to that question, I apologize for joning on you, but I kind of get the feeling you’re just fucking with us Well, I you know, I did some investigating reporting literally I just clicked on his name and see what he’s been tweeting out and He is a defenders fan. So I kind of think that it’s now the question. It’s kinda like it like what you mentioned So what it’s a guard girl look the Guardians logo, maybe explain the whole history of the DC defender fan trolling on the podcast witches doesn’t mind at least he’s being interactive. I really don’t care Anyways, awesome, we really do appreciate it thousand but also today the XFL officially announced the location of the XFL championship game a Lot of people out there saying oh they shouldn’t name at the expo. No, they should not ain’t no damn Expo What the how are you people talking about? That’s that’s terrible Yeah, I read like that’s worse than a million-dollar game. I’ve gotta miss that one But I see a lot of people on Twitter and other social media sites saying why is the game in Houston for? Houston’s getting everything. Well, all of her luck is from Houston all of her looks started the Houston Dynamo all of her look Basically knows everything about Houston and Houston has treated the XFL Very very well and has opened up their arms and welcomed this our league to their every team had their training camp there right Every team no and yes TD ECU Steam is you know, 40,000 people. Yeah It’s a little bigger stadium than what the XFL is averaging right now. But what does that mean 10 weeks from now? We’re you know We might have Houston fans and a good contingent of DC fans go down to Houston or any other other league team players going down to Houston for this event. I think it’s a good size event tickets haven’t been announced yet, but With the announcement of the championship game that puts all the rumors away about teams like the higher seed hosting or Well, I’ve seen all along Twitter over the last couple months is like, oh they should put the championship game at neutral sites I know we mentioned Las Vegas, but that’s basically as far as we went was Las Vegas Which I still love the philosophy guys idea That’ll be a hell of a trip to go to Las Vegas Go the XFL championship game and lose about 5 grand because I’m stupid at gambling But yes, I understand having in Houston Oliver Luck is very familiar with the area. I understand that but the backlash I’m seeing some of the fans is ridiculous They denounced a neutral site game the reason why they did this is so you the fans know exactly where the game is so he can buy tickets and Get your airfare there or travel plans there. So you’re not you’re not going Oh what the hell was doing after the championship weekend? I don’t know or we go Are we going to DC are we going to Dallas? Are we go in Houston? Are we going the st. Louis? This actually gives us where the location of the game is It’s like the Super Bowl we know where the location is Super Bowl is next year. It’s Tampa, Florida You hear people complaining about that and then we’re not really because it’s de Superbowl and it’s the biggest event in America well, I’d say but being getting all in the dinner because Houston’s getting all the love from the XFL you have to sit back and go wait a minute What has Houston done for the XFL? They’ve done everything? and It’s just right for them to host it and do I mind moving maybe to another city here and there maybe down the road? But Houston got it because they allowed everything to happen in Houston. All the training cams on the mini camps Houston has opened up their arms and go XFL. We’re gonna help you out here We have a lot of nice facilities here in this in the city and they did so they have like like five football Stadiums that hold 30,000 people are more within 5 miles of each other It’s ridiculous that Hughes what Houston is and mad props and I and I know the ref who is part of the XFL newsroom he’s a he’s stoking right now because He doesn’t have to leave the city to go to the XFL championship game. So that’s pretty awesome for him lucky bastard It’s do you know It’s did a little news that you get that the XFL makes and you have some of the fans they’re like, oh This is awesome. This is great and like us earlier this early in their show. We kind of bash. What’s the moss? I think we’re the only podcast has bashed once the moss and I’m still gonna Say it. I still think he’s not right to be coached there if he’s acting like a kid after one loss but But then again, I’m that type of guy that’s fallen the company line here in the XFL championship game I have absolutely agree of it. Having been in Houston, you know the location, you know when they get plane flights or airfare Even though if your team may not get there at least You know where it’s at It gets you prepared to do that and plus the city of Houston deserves it in my opinion from all the hospitality They have shown the XF over the last couple of months But with that I know we are Kind of getting a little over. We’re not gonna make as long as you earlier this week sup, so but get ready for Back-to-back podcast meaning we’ll have one drop in here on Monday After week two and you’ll get one that drops on Friday before the games of the week remember ladies and gentlemen can follow us at XFL our in our in our unhinged on twitter or XFL newsroom comm and also go visit our anchor site where you can listen to all of our shows via anchor that gets sent to Spotify and Apple we have hit over I think 500 listens over the last couple of Episodes and our YouTube challenge was just rocking with XFL newsroom. We are the second to third well Can’t we bashed Iran for this because we’re technically over the last couple of days the second most watched Podcast on and on the network, but he’s technically second most as he has more numbers over the long term What does it matter? I don’t really consider how much of a competition I miss. Hi, Steve We’re all part of the XFL family the more views for all of us It’s over but with that Tron Hawkins will be joining us on Monday show the discussing To the show On the show on Monday we’re going to talk about the quarterback situation in Tampa saying that now that Erin Murray’s news just dropped during this podcast. We might know the answer come Monday that he will be joining us on Monday’s podcast after week two, but besides him that We’re done here, aren’t we? All right? Always remember check out 5 or 3 sports if you want your kick-ass old-school 2001 XFL gear Been unhinged in the checkout room for 10% off make sure to follow us at XFL newsroom follow us on Twitter Ex-felon hinged if you want to check me out as well I don’t have anywhere near as many followers these guys do maybe is because on the sidekick, but hey Feel free to follow me a wrestling move eg if you like a sidekick I Put myself as more like a Nightwing than a Robin supporting character and speaking of supporting if you want to help us out There are a couple of bucks. If you feel like it go to anchor com. There’s a button there say support this podcast Yeah every now and then you’re going throw us a couple of bucks. Feel free. It’ll go right into the show It’s going to give us more cash to get better sound equipment and just help produce a better show overall Donations minium minimal donations of a million dollars will be accepted be a bit much. Dr. EO And get that pinky off your lip right there, please if you want to help us out go for it If not, the show will be free as always and we appreciate y’all support and I think we’re ready to call it a day I’ll call the day when I say we call it a day dammit. Yeah, we’ll see you guys Monday It’s to it we’re gonna get the hell out here. I’m sure the tired of us

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