Yarasa bileklik | Nazo takı tasarım kursu (Bat bracelet – Nazo jewelry design course)

Hi friends, this day I’ll tell you how to make a modern, beautiful bracelet I made all of these pieces. Let us see a piece being made then, we’ll make additions with you, let’s close couldn’t decide which color to wear I’m thinking of plugging metal closure, because the colors of the yellows open up in time Let me transfer the necessary materials you can work it as solid color if you like I worked as black and white I put different color beads in between 0/11 black and white color Delica beads Swarovski crystal number 3 0/15 gold color sand beads you can use the colors you want according to your taste ipim again 0,15 millimeter white fireline I’m wearing a rope with a needle let me remove them and tell them about the construction of the parts then, let’s do the merging and closing, how is it that I did such an experiment I think it was nice this way I will continue this way friends, let’s start now 1 meter to the firelines we are wearing the rope needle 4 black beads I’m getting these beads in my 1 meter long thread I cut off my thread, I have no chance to continue behind out of both of them I’ve separated so much then I’m going downstairs as a quartet, From here, I’m going up again I tried to get the node inside from here, this part needs to be solid After coming here, I start to create a pattern, I take 1 white sand bead 2 black sand beads getting I both come down here again I am getting 1 white color sand beads Let’s watch here, I’m going up two beads one side comes out of one bead, the other side comes out of two beads I placed the beads friends, I keep my hand steady this way we need to take care of the rope, or rope is walking, it is useful to keep Take 2 take black sand beads and I’m down 1 I went down, I put it this way now, I take 1 black color sand bead and I enter and shoot white color sand beads, will always be the side, since white color sand bead getting out and black color sand beading getting out what we said, a white, a black will move, this place will move white, this place will move black, this will move white Now, I take the white sand beads and go into it To work more comfortably, I translate this way I’m getting 2 beads of black color sand and 2 of two go down here, you need to land 1, not 2 I put here, 1 white, 1 would be black, now here we are placing 1 black color beads Here are 1 white color beads I’m turning and placing a white color sand bead 1 white, 1 black, 1 white would advance, what will we put here, white color sand bead here, I’m going up 1 sand bead when I’m here, it’s synced on both sides 1 white, 1 white, 2 white, 2 white, 1 black, 1 black I’m getting two black color sand beads and 1 drop let’s turn and fix it 1 black, 1 white progress then I’m going to the white color sand bead this will continue as black color 1 white color sand bead 1 white color sand beads, because white color will continue as black color sand bead, I have to put white sand beads here when i get here, i’m turning it like this I’m getting 2 black color sand beads and 2 down this is important we fix this As you can see, here black color sand beads missing, black color sand beads Now white color sand bead again, white color sand bead see, black, white, black we say that the white color beads, after we get this 2 out of friends, don’t be surprised, friends, we’re leaving 2. now let’s turn, see both sides were equal now, I’m getting 2 black color sand beads and I’m entering here here going black, white color sand will enter the bead repeat, black color sand bead black Now, we start on white, fill the whites. again white and now, white color sand beads black color sand bead off, again white color sand bead when we come here we pay attention, we turn We’re getting two black beads of sand and two are coming down. We returned Now, let’s place our bead of black color sand repeat black color sand bead black color sand beads Now we get white sand beads for the turn, the whites will always be white, the blacks will always be black Here, white color sand bead on top, white color sand beads future again, let’s fill this again as you can see, we came out of black color sand bead, here we will put white color sand beads and we will rise up more than two Look, we can’t go up. we’re going up two 1 and 2 our white bead is here we go up In this way, white color sand beads are making up to 9 4 for now I’m getting 2 more black color sand beads you can work the size you want now, black color sand beads filling Now, white color sand bead again, white color sand bead they can bloom in these parts apply the pattern you want here I’m putting my white beads here in row 5. let me show you here again I return here after coming here I’m getting 2 beads of black color sand We’re gonna get 2, get off at 2. black color sand beads here and black color sand beads fill and go down Now it’s still white color sand beads white color sand beads we pay attention when we come here We’re getting one white color sand bead black color sand beads, 2 up we go friends, 5 pieces, I keep it until 9 pieces of white beads continue, then do the colored part together friends, as you can see, 9 rows occurred in white, 9 rows black we are counting as I said, you can extend as much as you want More different, you can match the template and pattern as in this, I’ll work on another color 2 rows of orange color sand beads will work in the first place, I get two black color sand beads here here I am filling up one row of orange color beads straight down. I’m going to move orange color again in a row friends, when I come here, I’m not getting 2 black color sand beads on the turn I’m going down by two important, don’t get two pieces of black color beads I’m going to fill two beads of orange color sand beads. I’m going back now I’m placing my last orange color sand bead here friends, we have 1 more stage when i get here, i pass both of them here, I’m placing 1 purple color sand bead From here, I got into it and two pass through here, again I put a purple color sand bead i am passing now we will place crystal beads around here, I am preparing nests for them I pass 2 again, 1 grain of purple color sand beads now, 1 out of here, 1 pass here to get here, I translate and I go up and down Trying not to get into the purple color sand beads, I will use them later again, black color sand beads getting out I correct this place here I pass both of them one by one I’m getting 1 purple color sand bead, I’m doing the same thing here I’m going down here I folded both here I put 1 purple color sand bead again 2 pass 1 piece of purple color sand beads again, one purple sand bead and then 2 pass through 1 grain purple color sand bead so that we have finished, now I’m going to bring the two ropes together and tie them up, I’m going this way placing beads I can’t sew with this rope, I don’t do it, I don’t want this piece to be damaged when there’s a break in the middle if I’m going to do a second transaction, I’m wearing another rope I came here again, I’ll go up here here the knot was hidden inside her, I don’t want to force it too much for her can i go like this the knot is hidden there, we can break our bead if we force so i’m trying to get out of here if I leave it here, after this much progress, it does not open here, cut the ropes, burn so we finished the pieces you can increase and decrease this number according to the thickness of your wrist we’ll add them in this way I’ll check on my own wrist, if it’s missing, I’m going to give it another piece The settlement will be this way let me gather here, how to make the breaks, let me show her Fireline we have the rope needle, this tip to the nail head using a lighter I wear my thread here let’s shoot I’m advancing it through here, places I always pass, I need to be very careful here, i am coming to purple color sand bead the placement of the parts will be this way Now, I’m placing our crystal beads here 1 grain yellow beads, 1 crystal beads, 1 yellow color sand beads getting I’m passing them here again, I’m taking the same sequence here doing the same process again I put one yellow color sand bead on the sides of the crystal bead now, I take the other part in my hand When we pass here, I put 2 yellow color sand beads to prevent our fireline rope from appearing 1 yellow color sand beads After crossing the crystal bead, I am getting 1 yellow color sand bead again, 1 yellow color sand beads getting I’ve put our last bead, now I have to buy 2 yellow color sand beads for this place, I bought and placed i need to come here either I have to end up with a node here, or I have to go here carefully I’m starting to get out of here I have to come to the purple color sand bead here let me go here again can I pass the black color sand bead I don’t want to force this place. I’ll get into this bead here is less traded I have to descend i don’t need to distort I’m going up here I have to go here when i’m here, i get a new track I don’t want to get in and out of beads. I can break the bead, you know, when a friend breaks a bead and we leave it there, so that we may desire to keep it our way Again, 1 yellow color sand bead, 1 crystal bead, 1 yellow color sand bead, taking off I’m going to do the same thing on the other side I’m going to add all the pieces to one and then put the closure on so you can proceed in this way and put it together friends, I keep going on the same system You know, when I get here, I need to get two yellow color sand beads. I’ll keep putting it in this way friends, I’ve completed the merge I will end the rope here, I will use a separate rope for the closing process I’m doing this process to protect against future damage, you can proceed with this rope here after fixing the knot The total length of 8 pieces is 18 centimeters you can adjust this size according to the thickness of your wrist I named this work, bat wristband it looks like a bat wing then, I want to work the pendant of it we can use them as a team friends, let’s fix it here let me go here, from here, once I go back I want to be tight, because I’m working using fireline, I don’t worry about breaking that way I hid it inside the node let me do another I’ve hidden it, I cut it and I’m burning it friends, now we’re going to put us down when I attach the closure, I’m wearing a new fireline rope i will not wear this door like other closures, i will wear it in a different way 50 – 60 centimeters fireline rope cut and I’m doing nail head when I jump one purple bead from two ends, the closure rings correspond to the others, I will connect them 2. purple color sand bead moving forward nail head section, white color sand into the bead, does not appear I’m going this way in these cases, the beads need not be forced, we need to be careful friends, I do not want to take risks, especially those places, I do not force you in such situations fireline rope, can pass without needles if the tip of the needle passes inside the sand bead, the thread passes from here Look, you can pass this way, do not force remember, you are always strong for them you beat me, don’t pretend to say, 🙂 friends, here I come, I work here, like herringbone does that’s how I fix it again, I’m going back here I’m getting one more sand bead and I’m going here how many grains will come together Let’s get another one they need to enter and close the hole of the closure i am going into it i will connect this way If I put another sand bead, it looks like it will be better thus, I am adding 4 purple color sand beads I enter here and get out of here first we put the purple color sand into the bead Again, I’m getting out of this bead this way, now I’m going back come here, let’s go 5 purple color sand beads surrounded it I’m going to wear a purple color sand bead, I have to come here first. friends, if I try to move from here for him, come out of here I’ll come to the other purple color sand bead by passing through them i correct them for not hanging Now, I will come to the white color sand bead and pass through here, I will reach the purple color sand bead here very dangerous areas Let’s try to pass through, the others buradayım Do not pass, do not force, again only with fireline rope Miyuki’s ropes like this There are a few kinds of Miyuki rope in the market, try to take Miyuki’s own threads as much as possible some ropes are sold as Miyuki but not Miyuki rope I’m trying to pass here but not after expanding the hole with the needle fireline ip thin, can pass from there now, again, purple color sand beads I think after that here I am wrapping 5 purple color sand beads i am applying the same process as the previous one here friends, I’ve got the closures, so I shared a nice bracelet with you if you like, you can press the like button share in order to reach more people and be useful friends, in our next work, I will try to give place to beautiful, different, new and modern works Stay thick, happy thick, stay in Nazo design

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  1. Elinize, emeğinize sağlık. Herzaman olduğu gibi, Nazo farkı. Çok beğendim. Kolyesini de nasıl yapabilirim diye düşünüyorum?


  3. Ben bu ipi nerde bulabilirim bulamıyorum hiç-bir sitede de yok. Giresundayım yardımcı olursanız sevinirim yada alternatif nasıl bir ip kullanabilirim. Şimdiden teşekkür ederim.

  4. Very different from what else is out there. I like the black and white but I think when I try it I may use something with a little less contrast and see what it looks like. Thank you very much for sharing.

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