Yarushin Hockey Show №7. Сергей Бобровский поёт для «Студии Союз»

[music] yerzhan stas wake up it’s time to go to work [applause] [music] [applause] I am [applause] as you already guessed to visit us today came the legendary hockey player yes what’s hockey goalkeeper friends world champion cavalier of the order of honor two-time winner of the prize for the best goalkeeper of the national hockey league visa on the trail yes just my good friend Sergey Bobrovsky hi seryoga hello how are you mood mood good atmosphere adaptation everything goes fine [applause] give [music] this is alsou fight in the recording of this show, it’s only Challenge get Bobrovsky which will be the day after tomorrow in Novosibirsk what do you think out of 10 step how much am I I will beat you I think 0 why and what will I catch everywhere will be damn everywhere trap somewhere I I will be big scary for you and you scared, but that year I’m alone scored but I was scared correctly myself I think that in Novosibirsk I will score for you from 10 15 it will be the first time in hockey history [applause] questions that will never be asked hockey players and so questions that never will not ask Sergei Bobrovsky continue the phrase hockey is played by real men but you won’t forget from ten say please you really have a good reaction or you just do not have time to evade washers and she most often need me but reaction is also good yours nickname bob and so they say have you ever been treated with a spongebob square pants up revolved who the fans are so friendly spongebob is more like a compliment that that the puck bumps from me tell please now you will play with his best friend artemy panarin im in different clubs new york rangers and goalkeeper florida panthers will you help artemy panarin u dial a few points in the game yes no on the contrary he is for me he will throw at me constantly he is my friend he does not want score a profile on naruto and very good friend a few minutes passed with the moment of our interview with you Novokuznetsk or sunrise Novokuznetsk then sunrise yarushin khaki show or get Bobrovsky delivered a throw why because it’s with my name associated with yours it apples show we continue our guest legend Russian hockey Sergey Bobrovsky mine friend who will get out of 10 after tomorrow 21 sergey come to us famous hockey player and you are also famous hockey player but 2 cancellation known hockey players but they always come with gifts that you brought us a washer today which I will beat him after tomorrow this washer autographed by Sergey Bobrovsky how to get you find out at the end of our transmission and right now the rubric is called comic hockey league himself added your jokes are very simple here I don’t know them. Here are my jokes. our authors write to us the rules are simple and we got read jokes if you laughed you lost but you can laugh I’m not forbidden to laugh, then I’m I will lose correctly if I laughed then I lost you can here at all sporting principle we are no longer mental hemaristic entertainment broadcast on the first leaflet and so I start why Bobrovsky looks like to grandma why also likes to dry crackers why how hockey bowls sleep to the left of wives why most left grip when Bobrovsky does not miss the ear on a day panarina as hockey is called almost two-meter rectangular construction forms where to throw the puck as Vasilevsky what envious people say when they find out that Bobrovsky twice took the rubber lucky on that is such nonsense and amuses to hands of what are hockey players afraid of gay club bringing back attack type good league hockey joke Bobrovsky coped applaud him look in whether the day after tomorrow will cope with my 10 taxis we continue and dinner khaki show this rallying show business hockey union creativity great music and so alright . on the site is a magnificent Tatar and goalkeeper about you we are silent how are you guessed today we have a media guest faces guys from show studios union this is still who aydar maksutovich ways are nice in Chukchi tundra somehow accidentally I would meet and what about me. just brilliant execution let me shake your chest idar gay the devil handed paid sing hello hello guys question Sergey I you closer carrot godar came not one I know guys this is on the road in the country as cars in the country football and of course you looked what information about you in Internet path at taymyr aidar and could not on wikipedia find right now we get to know you she is Russian wine the tattoo on the Tatar version looked in Tatar version of the founder of Wikipedia principle we will meet you right now closer we will play yes a thread very simple interesting game in general i will ask you questions i will myself participate in this here yes here no but I ask you now to answer as much as possible honestly good i really want you learn a little bit on the other hand especially you have your sergey have you ever gone to work drunk so we create then led event when you went drunk on work you raised the plate to dry land when it’s your birthday matches with works but you want do not want you a little more playful state you go to work so thanks for did your sincerity make you sick ever on another person sick of a person damn it and suddenly that the day I worked drunk 1 happened to further only about the day birth by people i do these cultural good to lead have you ever been delayed by the police yes oops it was about right person so far such questions I honestly answer us privately honestly tweak maybe he thinks it’s it is only when he was on didn’t you call a loved one on the ice another name piss me off wait a little bit to dig why did you ask me a question of a direct name, I thought, thought that not a name but some other word little animal it’s not a cherry little animal therefore for well, somehow, how are you, I turn to Kalika have you praised your spouse differently another person’s appearance although they thought his freak certainly yes excellent do you guys ever look yourself google or it seems to me that everyone did it question Dubrovsky why you google I was interested in myself, what about me write that he will write what I leave to myself imagine your own wikipedia filled no, I learned there that I am a gentleman of the Order of Honor you are really a gentleman of the Order why did you announce your count there is an order for what for the world championship [applause] Have you ever climbed the phone a loved one without permission I do not phone lover and climbed the phone he checked ha jealousy no it just was interesting something checked mail you looked at this instagram looked that write watched you can watch from your you don’t look like a direct and that’s all ok you know sometimes very found no longer push well phone password aleppo no tied to be simple a here I handed over questions input 1 you collected now thank you everyone finished that section up to 80 guys time to take stock and so on the last show came to visit us singer black star klava coca which our dinner was signed and a defender washington capitals dmitry orlov who signed for his team’s baseball cap we read comments looked that one girl kristina beat up wrote that I I want a puck autographed by Claudia Coca here why not get this puck eugene Makhnov, we congratulate you because you get a baseball cap signed by Dmitry thank you for the idea of ​​your competition friends contact us, but therefore the email and who receives from us gifts prizes my friends take pictures send yourself also to this e-mail continue to watch the union and sergey show beavers continue to get acquainted with the guys and right now we will be closer acquainted guys with the world of hockey and Sergey will introduce creativity to the world although sergey very creative person guys like him dancing like he will see you question like this everything is social networks we naturally daughters and now [applause] and so that it wasn’t a phonogram either you can create this video somehow no jeans sail that’s the point and or when was the last time you watched hockey were you on hockey i was on one of the World Cup matches I know red car forward clubs hockey what do you know at least to which one line I can probably have every sports the big club has its own hockey unity team all is well for the suit locomotive as cisco cisco translates this is central army team club like the locomotive is translated as it move there is something my la if if you watched at least 1 hockey you just have to know the term what is get into the house right now I suggest what it means to get into the house Lyola in the house get in the house of my mouth and maybe there’s no way to get into the house which covers this is almost not for me Jacques-Louis what and what is there next to get hit an opponent on shore watari u get into the house that means to get into the legs so close big mmm came in but pour it in there eye idar what is back frame back frame and to find when to twist around its axis drill that you though I knew it too Sergey have you ever dreamed to go out on theatrical dream play in qv no, I did not dream well then I am very I have a good attitude and I really like being sick from places when if you like knees a please guess what is plus you in production I I ask the term from peacekeeping guys from the world of hockey you also gave don’t sit when I get tired of getting into the house and king a now draw on the contrary supported how to draw it seems to me from the episode that the question is also not Julia Julia what such a plus and now seryozha and we then we will depict what is plus what is ply ply ply it is not plus minus hockey statisticians right for you I say plus cheating add something escalate how are you not for big emotions more came to the store Julia the seller you want buy goalkeeper mask two phrases usually Lyola answer your opinion at colov hockey there is a pancake okay there is a share damn pancake is something that you can touch or term associated with action damn pancake you can touch touch the ad will go damn you touch can be called step a hint the hosts of the match on my left the clue is harm is all about here trap there is a pancake washer pour I understand the trap and someone after tomorrow is trapped in the house seryozha no at first idar the mill you know more from the fight who hockey use the mill apparently defender right Andrei Mironov is famous this year represent he two games in a row man stable just makes the mill catches one world mill it’s a mill only I know don’t show, she won’t understand mills catch everybody stop by whether you some kind of circular motion if you’re not you know what a mill is right now two cool pre-season hits here from Andrei Mironov not live Seryozha, as a fan of qun, what do you think what is the term to speak in silence but it’s probably not funny what Lyola, what do you think he calls hockey tafgaev so in guy guy some shirt is not gay there tass is of type touch as well touch tattoo touch you close you close came this bully who sik touches close protection posts and protection type fighter yes. the first with all to disassemble in columbus there was a tough guy who stood up for you Well, in the columbus on the goalkeeper, as a rule the whole team is convenient it is convenient so you can talk alright idar please say for an hour will not answer what percent what is one time by you know a militia once to order inexpensively what is one timer is hockey term yes i understand that one term one lower seconds on clogging speech this character to a person man is kiev hidden talk about no since then I don’t know honestly and well this is something related to time it’s somehow associated with a specific person and magicians seryozha tell the guys what a van timer is van timer it’s a roll right away you page and children Dasha hear who we have the most powerful probably full of a timer alexander Ovechkin Alexander Ovechkin want to watch it when the world and look guys now let’s let’s see how well you know their colleagues Now the heading which is called not consonants and vowels than a token hour on screen will appear vowels and naturally there missing all disagree letters there encrypted surname of a famous person it can be a hockey player repulsive facts we will look with I will ask you leading questions only if you go to dead end well i’ll she be famous people show business and taboo are famous people and from the world of hockey and show business because we still talk more and hockey collide two audiences hockey showbiz right now who could it be this a man from the world of hockey who is in charge who first answered the ball Vasilevsky in fits all in with c and e 100 right ah yes y [applause] the tick just bit you and I have a hint finiteness yaaaa and and this is a famous person he is not from the world hockey he measured a popular person he often it can be seen on the channel on which we are working with a channel called n Sergey you watch tnt channel on the triangle Avs bared a azamat azamat musagaliev Bravo leopard hint he and the doctor and the captain and know where the logic let’s not him praise in your show naturally too a lot and the next one is actor ho went to friends on and draw 111 for it needs two I’ll tell you so Sergey very often trains finland in this the year at once the Finn clearly said that it’s not hockey players give me a knife on the way further this is a hockey player Bobrovsky not fits therefore fits so come on at least ours is not ours at least some hint our rick ours well probably not we are talking about ours which is why this is our hockey player Malkin and Aidar are absolutely right. Eugene Malkin sledges will settle Christ out Magnitogorsk the following encrypted chapter can i I’ll try can I try this kunai telegram yours while jumping like tunite and the next this is a hockey player you are sitting must talk seryozha why am I just ahead of 2 said and I know what telegin hockey player is made plays with us is men is it possible lags I don’t know the truth, I just have it somehow it didn’t happen this is Ivan Seliger we are the husband of the pelagia and if you thought for a long time I would say that a person who knows folklore complicate your task assignments and look this is an actor of our country with us everything about us this actor is encrypted here Sergey hyphen is present it is double last name some kind of aaaa yo-yo [music] so well let’s surname surname yet how she sounds [music] this guys [music] head economy and briefly I watched me movies like a caravan death on friends filled traditional challenge in the transmission of jarushin khaki show let’s go to the play area now we hid for a game of hockey vs Bobrovsky let’s go [music] in general, the rules are very simple Serge is already ready all of you know the game of the sea worried once thank you for being call figures different series here must in these figures freeze olya-la your task is to record as many washers as possible if not a moving goalkeeper moving earring Bobrovsky it’s my dream who loses one Erotically looking at the camera invites everyone for a hockey match continental hockey league Salavat Yulaev Dynamo Minsk Chilich Idar cheer for you guys and you snow is crucial who loses Aydar erotically bustling attention I call totally gay let’s start with the banal starfish [music] [applause] next pose people pen pussy than do he think Bobrovsky does selfie looked one-legged silver saw the earth so come on I’ll try beaver from a gun [applause] [music] [laughter] [music] boyars give an injection a sword with three washers yet penguin scared and save the storm penguin scared geologists Bobrovsky does it [applause] just look clean Lena today Too Bobrovsky I would be gray punishment erotically invited everyone to continental hockey league match Slovaks life vs dynamo Minsk you alone at home do not know what to do with my boyfriend come to the continental match hockey league Salavat Yulaev against Minsk you win potatoes and an um draniki baursak or mushroom yushka will hot it was me dinner though show friends with us today was Sergey Bobrovsky lelya guschina & odor garayev friends subscribe to the channel write your wishes in the comments the most active we will give a puck today hockey prizes puck with autographed by Sergey Bobrovsky and the puck with autographed by leli gushchin and and aidara garayev thanks for watching comment and love hockey as his earring loves teens and we him and now we all [applause] [music]
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  1. Класс. Жаль убрали рубрику позвонить и выпросить денег у друга

  2. Стас красавец ! Топ шоу ! Бобровский лучший )
    По конкурсу: можно правда или действие ! Думаю будет интересно )

    Мне бы джерси Флориды бобровского)) ( Коламбуса есть 😬 – уже не актуально )))

    Ковальчука с темниковой можно позвать или Барбашова футболист тоже зайдёт 😅

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  4. Стас, новая идея:
    Короче, хоккеист и участники выходят из студии, и ты читаешь текст, и твои помощники (их будет 3) по очереди входят в студию, и пересказывают этот текст (текст очень прикольный и не совсем короткий) по очереди, и потом уже входят участники, и последний входит хоккеист и когда ему пересказывают текст не сколько человек, текст очень изменится, и в конце ты снова читаешь этот текст, и все посмеются!!!
    И я очень хочу шайбу с автографом Боба!!!!!!!

    Спасибо за такое классное шоу!!!


  5. Если я получу шайбу с автографом Боба, то "Трактор" выиграет кубок Гагарина (это не точно, но я бы рискнул)

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    Я буду первым и единственным человеком в Ташкенте столица страны Узбекистан с шайбой Сергея Бобровского)

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    …..и да, ждём песню про Бобровского!

  13. «Ты одна дома?» и тут же сразу «Не знаешь, чем заняться со своим парнем?» ахахаха Серёжа безумно весёлый парень, всегда мне нравился 🥰 Всего ему самого хорошего! Ну и, конечно, развития Серёже и Вашему шоу, это невероятно интересно! 👀 ну и гости отличные! 😊

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  18. Мой сын левый нап. и капитан команды "Заполярник " 2010 г.р из самого северного города России( Норильск) поэтому если ему достанется шайба Бобровского он подарит её нашему воротчику( пацан скакать будет от щастя) ,а сам будет ждать что нибудь от своего любимого Гусева.

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  20. Конкурс. По кликухам, отгадать звезду ШоуБ и Хоккея (ну типо Боб, Панара, Суп, Ови)
    2) определить по улыбке личность
    3) самый крутой конкурс: каждый участник твоего шоу отправляет мне подарок, я выбираю из них победителя по некоторым факторам)
    4) дана буква. На нее нужно называть качества определенного человека
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  30. Здравствуйте, ваше шоу очень классное, смотрю, не пропуская ни одного выпуска. Я из Волгоградской области, хоккея у нас нет, поэтому хотелось бы получить хотя бы шайбу с автографом)

  31. Посмеялся от души! Пригласи Коляна Жердева! Он отличный парень. Тем более опять в деле, хоть и за Разань!

  32. А у меня есть друг он играет в моей команде, зовут Геннадий! Он вратарь. Мы не много поругались в конце сезона….и я хочу с ним по мериться, к началу нового сезона….но не знаю как…. И вот шайба от Бобровского!!! Просто огненный повод для перемирия!!!!!! Всем удачи!!!

  33. Скучновато да и вопросы повторяются. Например про телефон

  34. Ярушин шоу , ну просто класс!
    А каждый выпуск,
    Как в первый раз,
    Сижу и ржу,
    Слёзы из глаз!
    Когда смотрю , ловлю экстаз!
    Ну просто круть, вы просто ас!
    Спасибо вам,
    Ярушин Стас!

  35. Стас, отличное шоу! Шайбу выпрашивать не буду! Просто скажу спасибо за то что ты делаешь! Сейчас мало хорошего можно увидеть на Ютубе! За челендж в сибе отдельно уважуха! Присутствовал лично! Правда болел за Боба!) Кстати когда песня будет?

  36. На мой взгляд это лучший выпуск!)) Стас красавчик!!! Ценю твой труд, приглашай юморных гостей побольше, продолжай делать вещи, Бобу сухарей и привет с Кузбасса, студия Союз, как по мне одна из топовых передач ТНТ… Айдар и Лёля молодцы вы лучшие!))))

  37. У студии Союз есть парень, обычно музыку ставит, он копия Бобровского! Надо было и его пригласить! И было бы: «Вашу маму и там, и тут показывают!»😂

  38. стасиииик милинькииииий.дай пожалуйста шайбочку боброского

  39. Хочу шайбу татарина😁 потому что шайба башкира у меня уже есть😁 ПС болел СЮ:)

  40. Лучшее приглашение на матч КХЛ. Стас шоу крутое. ХОЧУ ШАЙБУ!!

  41. Конкурс «Читай по губам» одному из участников надеть беруши и сверху ещё что то что бы не слышал ничего . Второму участнику показывается табличка со словами и что бы он смог ее произнести так что бы второй смог отгадать

  42. Люблю Студию Союз, люблю хоккей! Бобровский – гений!) Только после этого выпуска подписываюсь на канал)

  43. Ого! Вот это выпуск! Продолжайте в том же духе. Хочу выиграть шайбу Лёли или Айдара. Хочется вообще хоть раз где то выиграть в этой жизни…

  44. Подарите шайбу пожалуйста у друга кумир Сергей а у него скоро день рождения

  45. Боб красава и как игрок и по поведению. Когда стоял на воротах, не старался победить, ясно и понятно что шоу, все для фана. Отличный выпуск.

  46. Помню как встретил Бобровского лично в период локаута..он за СКА тогда стоял, удалось даже фото с ним сделать, с тех пор кайфую от этого человека и спортсмена) было бы круто и шайбу с его автографом получить)

  47. Привет Стас) Выпуск как всегда на высоте, так держать..с нетерпением жду следующей серии))) Мечтаю о шайбе с автографом Боба)

  48. ну пожайлуста шайбу бобра
    от души
    трактор тащит челябинск лучший

  49. Пригласите хоккеиста и его жену , будет интересно посмотреть на их реакцию )))))

  50. да Боб крутой удачи ему во флориде хоть бы в этом сезоне он выиграл кубок Стенли

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