YBN Almighty Jay Attackers Charged With Racketeering

Welcome to get on TV I’m see Street and salute
them are real Jesus tuned in the GTA V and if you ain’t real g subscribe to the tribe
baby I’m see street the most ghetto was gee you know appoint you to the gods is allegedly
responsible for Robin while being Almighty j just been arrested on federal charges but
it ain’t for Robin while being Almighty Jadot the people who does allegedly responsible
for the robbery they name is jack boys and a leader as a number five when they got it
to a while being Almighty Jay they said they stole his wallet $16,000 in cash and $20,000
chain and his shoes and that was recorded while being on my DJ from the police they
got jammed up off of the police officer murder and racketeering charges along with fire on
charges in connection with the shooting of off duty police officer man I’m telling you
my name playing hip hop police man you gotta think about It says Martha Stewart when jail of vessels
all everybody got locked up after that all big time stars jail cell game crowded for
real you even think about it though everybody got locked at Martha Stewart I mean you got
Meek Mill he got locked Boosie do face to Kashi six nine tax stone choice like youngster Jesse smaller R Kelly famous
decks and be a young boy 21 savage law baby young nudie offset Rob Lowe is just a long
list of rappers is getting locked up in jail cells getting crowded people just got move
a little bit more carefully because you know it ain’t plan I’ll hit the streets for real
gee you know I’m gonna keep it g which 100 we just got blue more smooth as a unit these
jack boys they face in life in prison. You know these are the same people that was
allegedly responsible for sending Almighty to the hospital wickets on a man robbed them
you know they said they squash the beef but apparently Something must have happened allegedly
but they just need to move a little bit better and all my DJ Hindi to move a little bit better
to hear a G TV will take ills we give them we go and give it to everybody got locked
up you know the same guy moved a little bit better than that taking the air you can charge
from racketeering and murder you will need some real lawyer money to beat them charges
these are federal charges these ain’t no small time charges. These are big boy charges you know appreciate
all the GS rocker with me like diamonds. Yeah no I get that job like leaky faucets
channel then grown you already know what time it is over 3000 subscribers. Over 1 million minutes washed out here. appreciate all the love and support for real
100 all the time. For real you know hit up the comment box I’m
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because fake Jesus had THE REAL JESUS scribe and remember you ain’t gang gang unless you
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6 thoughts on “YBN Almighty Jay Attackers Charged With Racketeering

  1. Yo i don't like bring him up after 69 all them lil clowns out here flexin i was born 81 im a big homie i remember only if you can protect it. Then you rock ya shit that how it is not how it should be move around better always mind your surroundings Batman 😆

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