‘Yeah… but where are you actually from?’ 🤦😂 | Come Fly With Me – BBC

Ian Foot has been chief immigration officer at the airport for ten years and in that time. He’s seen a lot of changes Unfortunately in this day and age you have to be as careful with the people [that] work in the airport as those who are arriving? So I do spot checks on the staff. [I] select them at random Bring them in go through [their] documentation ask them a few questions Well when I say random, it’s only actually the black and brown ones I don’t bother with the yellow people, I found the other people no trouble at all. Very meek. Right I see your passport this afternoon. It’s the turn of Fly lo ground crew member Taaj to be interviewed. This is a British passport, you’re obviously not British. Yeah I am. We’ll we’ll see about that, Taaj Manzoor. Right where were you born? Bradford. Alright, where were your parents born. Oh, sorry. Sheffield. Alright, where were their parents originally from? Pakistan. Pakistan, we’re getting somewhere! So if there was a cricket match between England and Pakistan, who would you support? I don’t like cricket. Which sports do you like? BMX? Anything else? Cage fighting man, I love cage fighting man, you see it on saturday on Sky, Man there was this wicked fight, because there was one guy, right, He was being really cheeky man, he was really insulting the other guy, he was giving him all of that, but then the other guy came in and like mashed up his face man, it was like a plate of meat at the end of it, it was crazy. Alright, so, if there was a cage fight between an Englishman and a Pakistanian, whose face would you like to see mashed up? Yeah, but there isn’t any cage fighters from Pakistan, isn’t it? I think there’s one from the Wirral. He’s called something like Strange Reg Okay, how many times a week on average do you eat curry? Oh no, I don’t like curry. No, I prefer English food you get me like pizza, or Chinese. What is your chosen faith? I would have to say I think George Michael’s version probably still the best. Final question. Do you have a connection to Al Qaeda? Never met the guy. No, that name does it ring a bell… Yes? I think he’s one of my friends on Facebook. *nyooom* Is you on Facebook? Yes, I am on Facebook. Tell me your name man , I’ll come along and I’ll poke you. I don’t to be poked by people like you. I’M BRITISH, I’M PROUD OF IT, YOU GET ME? THAT GUY SHOULDN’T EVEN BE IN THAT JOB. HE HAS A RACIST AGENDA, WHICH IN THIS DAY AND AGE, IS T O T A L L Y U N A C C E P T A B L E Still, at least he got me off work for half an hour, isn’t it? He called me racist, did he? Well that in itself is anti-white Right, as far as I’m concerned he poses a very real threat, and as such I’m going to mark this file code red, and add his name to a list of people I feel threaten the security of this country. Also on the list are Hardeep Singh Kohli, Mark Ram Prakash, and Konnie Huq.

100 thoughts on “‘Yeah… but where are you actually from?’ 🤦😂 | Come Fly With Me – BBC

  1. Let’s deport 600 million Muslims Christians and Secularists over the age of 5 after setting fire to mosques and churches built after 711AD to the west and Arabia we see who is British then

  2. Matt lucas does brown face . when I was younger there was a Television show called The Black and White Minstrel show.

  3. lol, useful idiots… it's not about race. It doesn't matter how many times you say it… it still wont be about race. You can't just make up the opposing argument about immigration and expect to dominate on any kind of intellectually honest level. At that point logic has left your mind and honor is your enemy.

  4. This man is the real CEO of racism, we can see that YouTube is on our side by recomennding this video to us so we are aware of our enemy

  5. Bring back Harry enfield little Britain jackass and that kind of stuff not mrs browns boys and stupid talk shows and game shows

  6. The BBC and Police advertise jobs to which my children “ need not apply “ as they have white skin , I call this racism , they call it positive , tell that to my kids !

  7. It was really great, those days people used to make fun of each others nationality/race/ethnicity and were humourous and nobody felt offensive, but in this day and age because of few racist idiots, even a jab at others are labelled as racism & offensive and lots of people think twice to speak casually to a person looks different from them.

  8. Absolutely amazing. I’ve watched little Britain but never watched this one. Loved it and shared it. Ali from London Uk

  9. Ah, so the BBC was promoting anti-white stereotypes. We’ll see who has the last laugh when the UK is overrun with brown people.

  10. My uncle's landlady (60's) liked his curry so much she said – 'just make me some a few times a week, no rent!' Such a deal.

  11. oh how cutting edge of BBC!… NOT. How about asking him about Child raping gangs, because the figures prove that the raping of white children in Bradford was known by the Majority of Muslim men, whether they took part or not. the majority will have been offered the services. (usually after Friday prayer). Please realise that the men convicted are ONLY the traffickers, the 1,000's of faceless men who raped these girls are still walking the streets.

  12. So funny for the right reasons, but the BBC wouldn't make that nowadays just incase someone took it the wrong way.

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