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This is Funneh’s poop thats right pick up the poop and get shot [laughs] She’s crazy! GET HER! GET HER! ow ow ow ow get her ow get her she’s pooping everywhere Welcome back to the channel guys today. We are playing farm hunt a game in Hypixel where you disguise as an animal in the wild Kingdom and Survive as the Hunters are outside the hunters look like this They’re trying to murder people for instance gold is walking up all the stairs while I am out here [laughs] well. ah hehehehe umm I’m not a stalker Okay Then where are you I’m trying to transform but anyways we have these risky taunts where we throw poop on the floor and Pooping is extra dangerous because it gives them extra leverage to murder us hi Gold. i like I like your new outfit today. You see me. I’m that cat over there ehh, DIE! [laugh] She’s murdering a cat. How dare you. Try to knock me off. What, erm. Is that you? Why is there a kitten up here? No, don’t do that. Oh Okay, this is the part where we start running because the person is trying to kill a little little wolf okay turn around Shoot him shoot Come here shot, and shot nice. This is nice. Knock back. I like it. Oh no. I don’t like it They talk like I’m going back into grass. I’m going back in here. It’s safe. Oh no. I’m good no No, please don’t murder me up snitching Hey, don’t do that Joining. Oh I killed him Have a firework everyone. This is where I am Okay, oh That was pretty wasn’t it little Cow rain Transform Moomoo I’m no pig girl. Then what are you drago is Dead Lunar is dead the only Person Left is Little o me the beautiful majestic chicken No, girl for Transforming tread contracts for it’s not working Have my pork okay transform Okay, let’s transformations tickets are working, but this dudes back the students always aggressive its jordi caste We gotta hide in the grass and we’re gonna murder Jordi again all the back He’s trying to murder me, whoa Running, I’m running you a cow no The same three steak week nope no no no no no no no no no here. I’ll show my location. Oh Drago why why would you murder me? I was lonesome. I was just being a count on my own I don’t know clear What kind of question that was so I’m not going to answer it? anyways you guys any tips on how to kill some people around here like You mean animals uh-huh you hunt them? Name tags name tags, okay chicken mousse. I’m sorry. I met cow It looked like a moose what oh I see someone. Oh, hello there little cat. Why are you moving your oh? Why are you moving your head so much? mmm Nice, we have Five more people far more people let’s look for the next where is the last person is it you wait. Why is the baby? nope There’s nobody here. Who is the last person we are looking for we’re looking for three more people? Oh, oh, it’s a cow Yeah, it is not the cow come on. Where’s the last buzzer that we will await? The Animos good job animals look at this cow moo, moo Your face, I didn’t turn to steak tonight I need to pick out my animal right now, and I choose do some majestical chicken a chicken I hear What you had nothing God you don’t know what creature I am Okay Hey, Luna, and and Drago. We should meet up somewhere. We should go eat. Hey together Okay, it was a mistake. I should have not stand-in near the spawning area a kid which was shoot an arrow. I you know better than that bow either both from my piggy Piggy oh Stop listening to love insane. Why are you? Peppa Don’t call me Papa I’m scared, okay, all right now. I am disguised as a you know what? Yes, it was me. Are you happy? You just murdered a cow where are you gold? What do you mean, we’re the same okay? There’s obviously a chickens. There’s a chicken. Why do you leave me alone? What are you doing up? Oh, I see track of the chicken Hijack on the chicken Taste some arrows when I’m pooping Stop pooping. He’s pooping who’s lunar Are you poking me with an arrow no right Jacko run? there’s a mad cow on the news he’s Drunk. Oh stop stop I can see me Come taste this Okay, okay. No, we’re not doing this we are not going on a wild chicken chase with you Jacko just eat Oops, we left honestly. I just died all right, so I have just died Yeah, I know. They’re so aggressive. Okay. Gold follow me. I know where drago went Taco is over here being really really derpy aren’t you track? L-Drago Papa, no oh wait wait Why you pooping all over the farm? Oh? Wait, I see someone why do I see then username? Let’s shoot them. They’re running around like a mad chicken. We’re going to kill them Wink wink this must mean Drago is a piggy piggy Piggy oh My gosh, there’s like 12 pigs here. I don’t think I think we’re gonna lose oh wait There’s a camping chicken. Oh, there’s a captain chicken wolf right here Charles finally died Yes, that won’t kick too much. Oh This is a fast one That fast learner, but we are going to outrace them. I think there is a kiddy up there trying to murder us Worcester. Oh There is a chicken. I see the tree. I see there is a chicken We must shoot down the chicken come on How did they get all up there can you fly I? Don’t think so that is pretty cool You little pooping chick and pick up your poops you just can’t poop everywhere. Oh Wow, oh my God. They’re gonna murder me Okay, we’re running out of you. How do we win winning team? was so good Once again, we are an animal and this time we will pick a baby horse because this baby horse is so cute Wait, who’s on my team? Is gold always an Evil Hunter? Then she cannot know what creature. I am so luna is only king Luna. Why why are you winking? Bok-Bok-Bok gold last time you lost as a farm animal and this time you’re gonna lose again. What who hit me? This is all funny. You know. I’m just deer by of the chicken friend, and we’re not hiding in the feud at all What are you? Gold I like eating chicken feet. It’s one of my favorite foods of all time No, what do you mean up somewhere? Else over what you’re talking about now? I don’t know what you’re talking about Are you I’m the most beautiful I’m the most beautiful chicken of them all and cute. It’s the fluffiest moo-hoo Hey, I’m gonna track. Where are you? and I will use my no no no truck code you want to meet up ah No, actually never bite Okay, we got this That was a taunt that was a dumb idea, okay. We’re not doing that ever again We also got a risky time is this is oh, this is you money Hey funny animal sound for you, so I can hunt you down. Oh Yeah, I’m a sheep. I’m a sheep Are you lying no no no no? Cooter do you see the brown stuff on the floor Wait, wait lunar turn around turn around gold turn around. Do you see that stuff? What does it say? Do you chase me from the back edge a lot of me a little small chicken? How dare you? Alright, so it looks like all of us are hunters mouths are literally camping on the tree top Are you serious I? Always see them is that a fake are you real dragon on the tree and got knocked off by a chicken. How sad is that? Okay, we must use this ladder, and I feel like we have to parkour to them right? Where are you Jack? Oh, oh? I’m so silly I’m coming. I’m coming run in no wait. Go this way this way crawling up here and Going through whatever this is Up here. Yeah, what’s up here? Oh? No, we have 24 seconds left. I think we’re done I think they left I see a bunch of poops on the trees. I think there’s my guys They just pooped all over the tree and now we’re gonna lose the game again. Oh, I see one head mischief. Where you going? Hey, why you pooping everywhere? You talked to us oh no Yo chicken you chicken next time. They just everywhere here. I’ll use that Yeah, yeah we don’t want your poop all of the animals are sneaking on over and we’re gonna hide on the poops, so Some girl, just pooped on the top of the roof hello. Go this once and he will person once again Yeah, we’re just having a poop body up Exposing yourself Oh, no someone caught me I gotta go transform into something less Obvious Lack of Sheep. I am now a hunter I have been hunted oh, no, that’s not good ah Bear what’s wrong with you stop bad right run run. Okay turn to a little pick pick you piggy. What’s happening over here? Oh, it’s a piggy lineup. I like this Just some hula-hooping piggies. Don’t mind me just some regular good Good double detached piggies. I’m just gonna follow these pigs funny when you’re free come back up to the Pig that was a bad idea, okay. Ten they told me just to cook chicken turn around shoot this dude This dude is getting way too close to my personal space. Let’s do this and give him some risky poop all right We’ll do a ton and then a save time. I wonder what his safe taunt is he’s still chasing me. Let’s get him oh He’s so angry this dude is so angry at me. We’re gonna keep shooting him look at it. Keep Your eye on the balls frank run run you guys are not safe. I’m a small chicken, okay whew Thanks Oh, I mean boo Bad boo Yes Yes, I am 100% a sheep come get me I’m over here Not over there kill the sheep, but it wasn’t you yeah, how have fun? Have fun? What do you think funny would tell you? Because I’m smart Yeah, it’s the same scary Bear Bear a machine Some people say I like chocolate sheep some people say I’m a chocolate Okay, I’m starting to get more nervous. Oh No, no, okay those I can’t lose this oh no no no no no let’s turn it to a chicken. Oh We got it right okay run. We’re wolf now and that person is not chasing me anymore, okay camouflage You guys I’m so nervous this Wave you can see if I turn around yes, why didn’t you tell me before? Okay, so we have 53 seconds left to find one person 30 You’re gonna do there aren’t two okay forget it. Jason. She’s obnoxious about all the money up the stairs Do we win yes? Victorious that was fun. Bok-bok-bok all of the animals are heading to the tactic. Ooh-ooh Drunk oh don’t do that. You’re giving out our position he had Their cover and shoot them off Who’s the comment under this way out? Oh? They’re trying to get on they’re trying to get our property take no no no no This is the animal tree only meant for animals. Oh this one’s mad out. Oh There’s a chicken singing we will sing we will dance me what time we would do all the ticks we can all the fireworks oh Whoo nice, okay shooting them Once again, you know, how sad it is for gold gold is always the hunter. She never gets a bigger animal Yeah being an animal is so fun. We get to do taunts. I love a poop pile We’re just pooping all over this tree. Look at this guy. He’s like oh Get off hey hey, you’re late get off. Why is he legging you legged get off anyway. Oh We’ll jump back jump back jump back jump I Got pushed off turn into a horse. I’m an I’m back up no I can’t it’s too, risky. Oh running. Oh Baby, Billy stop Billy. I’m a harmless cow Why bill I have joined the side of gold gold? How does it feel to be a hunter every game? I know right must be so born for you It kind of sucks gold keeps selecting the thing that says she has a chance of being an animal, but they lie to it Oh, there’s a little joy There’s a little chicken whoa I See a bunch of chickens running Drago and luna. Are you still on top of the tree? Whoa? no, but can you tell me I am glitched and I cannot move I will get you right after drago stops pooping on my Partner’s your pooping on one of your players stop Drago down okay, so a lunar is glitched so she can’t go anywhere. Oh Okay, good follow me. I haven’t knows have a good nose and Tamela Luna turn around I mean generally doesn’t be like nice and look at What is wrong oh? There’s only two people left I’m Smacking some kitties up here, but I see none that are the last oh, we went yeah You smell that fresh farm air. We are winners. Yeah, now. We are all animals when I pick it move your butt. Oh My gosh. Oh my gosh, behind us oh She bad oh Did she know it’s me okay? No she left you. Hey. Oh Murder all of us. I’m Gonna be a pig now bock bock. I’m a chicken soul I kind of cry for gold because she is now She’s now a hunter She try and paint them with what she’s Gonna see I mean that gold’s gonna kill us cuz she knows where we are. Shh no no, it’s okay Once you went up your ladder left me to die Yeah, we’re not here. Though. You guys are so This girl’s great I’ve been hunted to Alright, so time since we dinar now an evil person dropo Dad Drago That’s right. No. I know you’re a chicken. Do you like KFC? Because if you do like KFC that you wouldn’t be a chicken. I mean yeah, you wouldn’t be a chicken jack Oh, oh, I found an animal party up here Up here. I have a feeling drago is in this brick house drago Drago is somewhere here. I can smell him. He’s giggling no no Because we are hi. Oh My God she’s so dramatic drago was cyrus part of the game okay, we had some money So this a wolf playpen there must be another wolf free in the last you guys oh It must be in There I have no clue where I’m pointing, but in there, what do you see it? This game is Blitz where they show the tanks, but we did it Thank you guys so much for watching farm hunt if you did enjoy it make sure to smash the like button down below For more, we’re trying to reach 9,000 people Majestical likes Otherwise than that don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and we will see you all in the next one I see you

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