Young fan announces starting lineup on #HockeyFightsCancer night

Let’s get a beat! Let’s get a beat! Alright! Starting center: Number 24! Phillip Danault! Right wing: Number 11! Brendan Gallagher! On the left wing, we’ve got: Where is he? Where’s he at? Number 90! Tomas… Tataaar! Okay. Starting on D: Number 8! Ben Chiarot! [Chariots of Fire!] Your second D: The captain. Number 6. Shea Weber! And your goalie: The number one goalie in the world! The number one! Number 31! Carey Price! Let’s go boys! [Okay, let’s get it going here boys. Good start!] [That should get you guys going here.]

12 thoughts on “Young fan announces starting lineup on #HockeyFightsCancer night

  1. Excellent job young man, aka new coach. Every team gets in a losing streak in a long season. Big bounce back game Tuesday night with the Boston Bruins in town. GHG.

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