Hey how’s it going? We’re gonna talk
about youth baseball hitting mechanics today and this is very important because
as coaches we need to be able to communicate with our players in a very
understandable way how to use these swing mechanics and implement them into
their swing so they can have success. Now, as coaches, sometimes we do too much
and I really want to break down the big ideas and the fundamentals in this video
so your players can have a lot of success when they’re hitting but before
we get into the video I want to say thank you to Big League Grips for
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the plate. Check them out at Alright, so when it comes to
youth baseball hitting mechanics the first thing we want to think about is
the stance right now I see a lot of players they want to start open with
their stance a lot of guys want to start close with their stance and really I
don’t have a concern with either one of these typically when you start open guys
who start open usually have a hard time seeing the ball or they when they start
close they open up with their front foot so coaches like to implement this to get
them to start moving towards the ball that’s a great idea
same thing for being closed some guys fly open so some coaches think let’s
start them closed so when they do open up it’s not as much
okay you got to play around with that one and see which one works okay so I
don’t really have any issues with either one of them and it can be different for
every single player but the number one thing the main thing when it comes to
youth baseball hitting mechanics in the stance is that you have to be athletic
what I see too many times is the players being really tall or you know and not
having any bend in their knee whether they’re open or closed or they’re kind
of just real narrow with their feet and standing here like this we don’t want
that at all so whether they’re open or closed I want them to be athletic be
athletic okay have that data but out that that chest out
knees bent okay you want to be athletic tell them to think about it as if they
were playing basketball defense or something like that or being a
linebacker in football they want to be athletic you could try to even
push them when they get set up have them get set up and give them a little push
to see if they’re off balance right you want to make sure that they’re on
balance they’re strong they’re athletic they’re ready to swing because that’s an
important part of the baseball swing which brings me to my second point which
is setting a body angle and this just means that we want to have them create
an angle to swing around their spine so that means having their chest tilted
over a little bit now this goes in to tip number one because that puts us into
an athletic stance right we want to have our chest over our toes if we’re sitting
back like this we’re not athletic we’re on our heels right we want to be
athletic we want to be on the balls of our feet so when we tilt this chest
forward not only are we being more athletic in our stance but we’re also
creating an angle around our spine to swing around right so now my spine is at
an angle this way right so when I’m swinging I can get on playing with that
pitch a little bit better if I’m standing straight up my spine is
straight up and down and I go to swing I’m gonna have a very level swing and I
don’t want that a lot of lot of times those guys get really rotational the bat
gets away from their body they get around the ball they roll over and
they’re hitting weak ground balls if they’re hitting anything at all so be
athletic set the body angle chest over toes and have that angle within your
spine to swing around to get better contact and hit more line drives the
last thing I want to mention about body angle is you’ll see a lot of MLB guys
starting straight up and down but as they get into their stride then they’re
getting that into that angle as youth players let’s just preset that angle
right away so we have less room for error okay again we’re not MLB players
just yet so we want to work on making this movement simpler getting the
feeling of it so we can have a lot of success then as you get older when you
get into high school college professional baseball if you want to
start more erect and then get into your body angle that’s totally fine but for
youth let’s start preset with a good body angle so the third thing you want
to think about when we’re talking about youth baseball hitting mechanics is
knocking the knees in okay so we talked about being athletic setting the body
angle but now we want to knock the knees and one thing I see guys do who are even
in a good let extense they’re bent at than these
but they’re stacked their knees are stacked over their feet and we don’t
want that because baseball is not only rotational energy but we also got to
have some drive some linear energy some drive off of that back leg and if our
knees are stacked over our feet it’s hard to do that so what we want to do is
just have our players knock their knees in just a little bit we don’t want them
to force them in too much where they’re like really squeezing in but just get
them to their natural stance here good and athletic create the body angle and
then wherever they’re at just have knock the knees in just a tiny bit this way
it’s easier for them to create that linear energy and create that ground
force from the back through their swing so they get more energy more power and
they’re hitting more balls hard the fourth tip for youth baseball hitting
mechanics is that for the stride and the stride is a tough one because young
players sometimes don’t have control of their body we want to start small and
then get bigger with our stride over time and as we get better okay so if we
got a guy who’s not swinging that great and he’s really struggling we want to
keep his stride very minimal okay maybe it’s just a rock and a go okay maybe
we’re not even picking that foot up and down these have having way too much
trouble timing the ball maybe we start with a very simplified stride okay maybe
just a toe top and get down and go okay now as the guys get better they have a
better understanding of their body they’re having better timing they’re
having better movement better mechanics then we can get a little bit more with
the stride the next phase of the stride I would say is to lift it up and gain a
little bit of ground going forward okay that will be the second progression of
the stride if the players doing well after that we can go into a modified leg
lift which is just lifting it up a little bit and get going forward and
then the last thing will be your regular leg lift stride where you’re here you’re
lifting that leg up and drive it forward now that is the most advanced of these
strides and I wouldn’t implement that with any players who aren’t fully
comfortable with their mechanics their movements and already having a ton of
success so start basic and then as the player develops you can progress them to
the next ride to the next ride to the next ride as long as they’re having
sess in the one previous before that tip number five for youth baseball hitting
mechanics is to get on plane with the pitch now this one’s very debated topic
right your a lot of coaches say swing down to the ball you hear a lot of
coaches say turn the barrel get on on underneath that ball hit the ball up in
the air get some good launch angle the main thing is you want to get on playing
with the ball okay if you want to hit line drives you want to hit that ball
back where it’s coming from right the pitcher is going to be throwing the ball
on a slightly downward angle we want to swing on that slightly upward angle now
if we set our body angle we create that axis with our spine to swing around we
don’t really have to swing on that slight upward angle right I said slight
upward angle but if we create this axis we’re actually doing that ourselves
because now we’re swinging down it feels like we’re swinging down we’re actually
swinging around our axis on plane boom we hit that ball now it feels like I’m
coming upward but because I set that body angle I’ve got this angle here
where my bat is coming up because my spine is this way does that make sense
so if we set our body angle we’re gonna be able to get on clean with the pitch a
lot better and we’re gonna hit more line drives so being able to communicate this
with the player is the hard part okay makes sense to us coaches but to
communicate that with the player is a tough one so really stick with the body
angle and tell them to get on playing with the pitch when they can see a
visual of that pitch coming in and having their bat go on that same plane
and hitting line drives they’re gonna be a lot more successful so try to
communicate this as best you can I usually just start with talking about
body angle we’re setting your spine so that you can be an athletic position
once they get that typically the swing takes care of itself so start there and
then you can elaborate depending on how well the player is understanding what
you’re saying the sixth tip for baseball youth hitting mechanics is to keep your
body angle throughout the whole swing so that you don’t pull off what I’ll see a
lot is players will start good and athletic and they go to swing in the
first movement is coming off that body angle and they come straight up their
spine comes straight up shoulder pulls out sometimes their head pulls out and
then they’re long and around the ball so we want to start with a good body angle
but we also finish with a good body angle a good
finish should look like this boom contact and then finish I should
still have a little bit of a tilt over the plate I should have kept that spine
angle I should be almost leaning over the plate this way sometimes you’ll see
young players when they swing if they create a lot of rotational energy this
back foot will actually come this way that’s okay I tell my guys the only way
I want to see you fall off balance if anywhere is this way I don’t want you to
be going forward I don’t definitely don’t want you to be
going this way or going this way so if they come off a little bit this way that
usually just tells me that they’re keeping a good body angle and they’ve
got good rotational energy because what happens is this back kind of pulls them
out and then that back foot kind of pulls them over the plate which is okay
so just remember when we’re setting that body angle we’re trying to keep that
body angle through the whole swing tip number seven for youth baseball hitting
mechanics is to not be a robot right now we talked about a lot we talked about a
lot of mechanics different movements in the swing and this can be overwhelming
to these youth athletes when we put it on them so start slow when you’re
explaining it to them and then give them something new over time over the course
of the season to work on okay development is a slow process if we give
them too much sometimes they’re gonna be like robots they’re gonna be thinking
too much and they’re gonna be real stiff and then it’s like okay aesthetic here
we go and throw the hand oh and it just looks horrible right we can’t overwhelm
them if they got too much information in their head their swing is gonna shut
down so work on one thing at a time even though you see something like you tell
them to work on something and you see something else let’s try to stay away
from giving them that piece to work on until we’ve fixed the main thing so
maybe just start with this dance right just start with the stance gettin
athletic knees knocked in boom those three things work on it until he gets it
then we can work on some of the other things if he’s pulling off of that body
angle fly and open whatever it is because the last thing we want is our
guys to be like robots up there we don’t want them being real short real tight
and having bad swings of course a swing is supposed to be very fluid have good
momentum have good movement in our bodies and that’s what we’re trying to
incorporate with these young players again the hardest part for us coaches is
communicating this we understand this you see it I’m
explaining it to you and I’m sure you’ve already heard this and you already
understand it the issue comes when we try to implement it and we know so much
now that we’re trying to give these players all of that information and then
we just overwhelm them so start slow use these fundamentals these youth baseball
hitting mechanics and give them a piece at a time build them up slowly develop
them slowly they’ve got a long time they’re young so they’ve got a long time
to develop and just get them motivated to really want more information from you
so they could work on it and keep getting better over time that’s what it
comes down to for youth baseball hitting mechanics I hope you guys like this
video I’m gonna be giving away one of these big league grips on this video all
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