100 thoughts on “YouTube Star Sponsors The Fastest Rising Football Club in England

  1. Ive been watching this guys history videos now it turns out hes sponsoring a pro soccer team with fifa videos? Holy shit maybe anything is possible

  2. “Moving the franchise” isn’t so easy when you have promotion and relegation. Football fans aren’t fickle and they don’t move.

  3. His brother Hank host channels like SciShow, SciShow Space, SciShow Psych and my favorite channel PBS Eon. The brothers are also the founders of VidCon and the Project for Awesome charity, as well as doing the Vlogbrothers channel together. They both wrote for mental_floss Magazine, but now work on the mental_floss Youtube Channel. They previously ran channels like Crash Course (now revamped for kids) and Brotherhood 2.0. Theyr’re also doing Podcasts. There was a planned AFC Wimbledon movie where John would be the director, but not sure what happened with that project, perhaps they’re still working on it and will do so until the club reach the Premier League 🙂

  4. I don't really like John Green, I never have, but my family have been diehard fans of the dons for decades, I think it's pretty cool that he donated so much money to the team but it all seems a bit narcissistic and patronising to me, John didn't do anything to influence how the team plays and he wasn't the one who saved the team, the fans did, and now he's got his name plastered everywhere and got loads of people in other countries who've never watched a game calling themselves fans, idk just seems a bit weird, thanks for the money but you don't own the team now

  5. I heard about John Green when I started watching Crash Course: Economics. The two lecturers apologized and reasoned why John Green wouldn't do this course. I was like "who is that guy?". Out of the blue today, out of curiosity, I watched this video. Then BUMPPPP. This is John Green. I didn't know the history of AFC Wimbledon, and I am glad I learnt two awesome things from a single Youtube video!
    I am an Arsenal fan by the way. A huge EPL and football in general fan.

  6. wow, holy shit… i stopped following john and hank around when tfios came out, i just kinda moved to other things, and i remember the switch from whatever team it was before (swindon?) to wimbledon, and i watched like two episodes of that, and WOW i didnt know it became this whole thing, i had no idea

  7. I only knew John Green from his crash course videos before I randomly stumbled across this video. I think I know what my new favorite English team is (after Hashtag United of course)

  8. I truly am amazed by this story,so inspiring. It actually brought about tears of joy. I think I might be spotting,just don’t tell my wife or girlfriend.

  9. F u John sincerely i hate how they put in a pedestal any youtuber, this team saved by itself, fans, etc. Yes i did got some help from John and like many other people what i hate is the fact that lets highlight just cause he is a youtuber.

  10. Not to be an arse to Wimbledon but salford is the fastest rising club, with co owners of the class of 92 your expecting salford to be a prospect in the non league football teams.

  11. Afc Wimbledon and St. Pauli are the only two clubs I know of with this ethos. By the fans for the fans. I wish more clubs were like this. I love football all the same but it would be nice to see more clubs say fuck you to big business and start their own thing.

  12. We are wombles! Super wombles!
    We are wombles from the lane
    We drink champagne, we snort cocaine
    We've got ladies over here
    You've got shit jobs, you shag your dogs
    and your wife is on the game!

  13. Hahaha! After this last season, AFC Wimbledon is now playing in a higher league than the original Wimbledon FC (which was renamed to Milton Keynes Dons FC). Milton Keynes was relegated to League Two while AFC Wimbledon is in League One. Ohh man I bet that was sweet for them.

  14. Lol that guy's got his head up his ass if he thinks that when teams are moved in the states that people don't care. Fucks sake one owner had to sneak the team away over night to avoid being crucified

  15. What’s funny about this is that my mum used to be really close friends with this guy before he became a big author. Always a nice guy apparently.

  16. if they make it to premiership and win it ,could just be the best movie ever even better than Leicester city winning the league

  17. I watched several of vlogborther videos but never knew that John Green was such a big shot outside of YouTube! Damnnnn!!!!

    I love his videos. They are usually completely accurate (as far as I know) and unbiased!

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