Zepp Baseball Review

Oh snap! I just got my Zepp in the mail. Let’s
open it up and see what it’s about. There it is. Zepp Baseball. My boy Josh Donaldson
told me I’ve got to get one of these because it’s the real deal. Oh, there it go! Let’s
check it out. Go ahead, take a swing. Let’s open this thing up, somehow. See what we got.
There we go. Nice little pull tab makes it easy for you. I like the packaging. I still
don’t know how to open it. Oh, there we go. Slides right out. All this for this little
tiny little thing. There we go. Nothing inside. Instruction book. Charger I guess. I’m guessing.
The Zepp Baseball Training Tool and I believe this is the thing to wrap around your bat
and then this thing goes inside of that. Feel me? That’s it. The Zepp Baseball App is installing.
Oh, there it go! So, it took me about ten minutes tops to set up the app and it was
pretty easy just follow the instructions and you’re ready to go swing. Let’s swing. I just
took my first swing with the Zepp and this thing is sick. Let me take another swing and
I’ll show you what it shows. That was a lot better than my first swing. I got 87. It shows
your bat speed first of all. Which my first one was like sixty something and then you
can swipe it, I think, let me see. So you can see the swing plane right there. It draws
a line of where your bat went and then you swipe and then it shows a different angle
of it. Swipe again, another angle. And then you can push, go, swipe down I think I am
on the overhead. Swipe up, oh there you go. Swipe up and you get the side view. That’s
actually the back view and then I swipe this way to turn him. I can see my swing plane.
That ain’t too shabby I don’t think right there. Tell me wrong. Tell me that ain’t good.
Look at that. That’s so cool man. 87 and then you can click on this thing right here and
it shows your numbers 87, hand speed 32, time to impact .256, bat vertical -29 degrees,
attack at -8 degrees. You can also take video of your swing and you can compare the swing,
you can share the swing, you can delete it. Which I did with my first one because it was
horrible. So this thing is awesome, this thing is really good and pretty accurate it seems.
I love it man. Let’s see my swing again. Whooo, that’s so pretty, don’t even lie about it.
That’s so pretty. There you go, hit that straight, and don’t hit it up. Go for it. Wooo, almost
missed the net but you hit it. 44 miles per hour! There’s your swing plane. I want to
try it again. Ok. Wooo, that was a good one! What was your last? 44. 50! Let me try again.
So, for my review, this thing is awesome. It seems very accurate. Every swing that I
felt that I hit very well it put a good mile per hour on and a good swing plane on. Some
ones that I tried to mess up on it didn’t put a good swing plane on and actually did
what my hand path did and it showed an equivalent bat speed. So it’s pretty accurate as far
as it goes and I really like it and it’s the visual part of it where it shows the swing
plane is awesome. I think this would be a great training tool and I’m actually going
to use it with a lot of my players. So, definitely go get one. Alright guys. So that’s my Zepp
Baseball Training Tool Review.

38 thoughts on “Zepp Baseball Review

  1. Crazy how much technology we have now to go along with training.  I still would prefer video, but you said it interfaces with video?

    Also seemed like on your swing you took a real outside in path to the ball.  Is that your natural swing?  Just wondering if I should get one.  Thanks Big Dog.  

  2. Haha hilarious watching you try to use updated technology #OldTimer  But i have one of these its pretty awesome! I have had issues with the battery life though so watch out for that.

  3. @YouGoPro sorry for the super late response, if you haven't found out yet your attack angle is supposed between 7 to 14 degrees

  4. Thanks for the review.  Are there optimal attack angles and bat speed for say certain age groups like 9U and 10U?  Where can I find that kind so that there is a goal in mind?  I appreciate it.

  5. I'm getting one. In the swing setup there are target goals for each age group from 8years old all the way up to pro. There is also drills that are seen on the app that direct you to a better swing. I've had the app a few days, so when I get the sensor I should know what I'm looking at. Good tool especially for tee work. I would think your results would be skewed on live pitching considering adjusting to location of each pitch.

  6. Oh yeah bat angle should be between (20)(-30) and attack angle should be 10 degrees for a pro aged hitter. So not far off on your swing. That is according to Mike Trout, but what does he know right?

  7. Your bat speed is not 87. That is elite big league level bat speed and in looking at your swing, you DO NOT have big league hitting ability.

  8. Hey man, love your videos, just wondering do you still use this and do you recommend this it to all baseball players for tracking bat speed. Thanks

  9. Hey Brother, I am looking for a coaching Swing Analysis app for baseball. Do you recommend this one for coaches or players only. Please advise?

  10. I just bought one for my son. Brand new, right out of the box, it does not work. It calibrates about about once every 6 tries and does not record swings period. I'll be returning it to the store where I bought it.

  11. Awesome videos great info on your channel! My question is as follows;
    What's should a 14 year old female softball player bat speed be? My daughter was reaching up to 62mph at her highest and a consistent 58mph as an average.
    Same question for a 12 year old boy, my son plays baseball.
    And I'm aware that it's a baseball channel but your knowledge is well above what I know.
    Thanks and keep up the good work on your channel!

  12. Can you make a video with the Zepp 2 Baseball captor, setting and how to calibrate on a bat please, I have issues for make swings with cause nothing happens 😥

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