Zillertal Battle 2019 – Paragliding Competition

We are now here in the Zillertal. At the so-called “Zillertal Battle”. A special (paraglider) race where it´s only allowed to to use B-categorised gliders only. So, even pros who normally fly other gliders, start here today with B-gliders. And, yes, the conditions are currently not so optimal. We have … We are here at the Melchboden launch site. A nice place to start. Now one is starting … let’s see how it works. Yes, it’s ok. But the conditions are not quite optimal. The wind actually comes from the east, Sometimes from the south. We do not yet know exactly how the weather will develop. Thermally it’s not really good. All the pilots in the air right now so they’re struggling to stay at the launch site. Before the opening window officially opens. Start window is over there somewhere. So continue towards the Inntal. And yes… … in the next 30 minutes you have to start. And then let’s see what happens next. If we look south over there. We can already see it from South Tyrol strong overdevelopments, that means the clouds are already dark. This is the impending thunderstorm situation that awaits us here around noon. Or in the early afternoon. Now 12.40 means we … can still fly, but the question is how long. And it is a task of 70 kilometers and so it will be difficult to fly out, even for those who will normally make it easy. Maybe I can take a few more pictures from the air. Now I have to move myself in the air. Yes, now a few pictures from the air. I am now flying from Turnpoint 3 to Turnpoint 4. The first two lifts actually went pretty well. The first two turnpoints were good to do. Then a relatively long distance here… Heading north. to Turnpoint 4. Oh, sorry, to Turnpoint 3. And now back to Turnpoint 4. I’m about now … … yes, still 800 meters away. And when I have the turnpoint then I can actually turn around and fly north again. And then on the valley crossing side … then comes the turnpoint 6 and 7. And then you fly towards the goal. Whether it’ll make it no idea. The weather is getting worse. Towards the south … … you can clearly see that such a storm front is approaching. So at some point you have to decide to stop yourself, so as not to endanger yourself unnecessarily. You try to get as fast as possible. Now fully accelerated, of course. Or half-accelerated, right now. And yes, now it’s sometime … To reach Turnpoint 4. I have half the distance now. I hope that I can get a little bit up there again. so I have a chance again a little … … to make height to then cross the valley again in the other direction. We’ll see. First day of … Zillertal battles successfully put behind me. I am completely satisfied. Nothing was really possible now. You can see that the next pilot is landing over there. Probably many will did not stop at the rib from the outset, have to land relatively early now. Because thermally nothing works anymore. You can see, behind me … over there and over there, will now be the next … In the next hour or two, will the storm front come in. So, no more chance, then to continue flying safely. The whole valley is now shaded. You can see it everywhere. Only very, very few sunbeams that come through. And of course that hardly means thermals. So … Safe landing is now a priority. I am happy to have successfully completed Turnpoint 5. If I had been higher now, I could have just continued flying. And would then be automatic passed turnpoints 5 and 7 and then also just finished. Unfortunately not. Doesn’t matter. Totally nice day today. Totally nice task today. So … I pack up now and see that I come back to Mayrhofen.

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