Zlatan Birthday! Ter Stegen error! Morata dive! 442oons of the Day – Week 7 16/17

Goalkeeping pass of the day Ter Stegen will be keen to prove he is as good with his feet as the departed Claudio Bravo… Sold the wrong keeper
You know you sold the wrong keeper… JESUS CHRIST, WATCH WHERE YOU’RE KICKING THAT THING, MAN! It went where I was aiming it for! Well that’s a first! Birthday party of the day Hey, Marcus. Would you like to come to my 35th birthday party. Hell yeah! Erm, where’s my invite? Er, sorry. My mom says I’m only allowed to invite 11 people. Quote of the day We drew with Cologne because we were too sure of ourselves! No – we drew because we started … … Oktoberfest at half-time! Let’s PARTY! Dive of the day Here comes Morata – he’s through on the goalie! Someone call the police – that’s criminal! Jeez- you need to do some work on your diving! Blasphemy of the day Jesus Allen has the ball… I’m atheist! Handling of the day Cross! Goal! Don’t look at me! I didn’t touch it! Sean, you must be furious with that handball! Yes. I’m absolutely fuming! Who’s been messing with… Who’s been messing with this? Don’t look at me! I didn’t touch it! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on “Zlatan Birthday! Ter Stegen error! Morata dive! 442oons of the Day – Week 7 16/17

  1. Zlatan: hey darling wife you know it’s my birthday I turned 35

    Zlatan’s wife:oh really! Happy birthday

    Zlatan:so what you’ll bring me for birthday

    Zlatan’s wife:actually nothing you have me

  2. Ter Stegen: (Thomas Müller voice) It fence fair i fas aiming fuuu!!
    Manuel Neuer: Fee throw fit Koron because FIFA tool shows a shore
    Thomas Müller: Fee gron fish Koron because fee started Oktoberfest

  3. Hey Thomashole i Said Modeeeeaste hahaha Bayern münchhausen ist a Great Joke hahahahahaha what Said do now Thomashole Müller ?

  4. I forgot to tell that 442oons 'literally' used Thomasshole Muller's voice as Ter Stegen's voice, although their voices are totally different.

  5. Hey, Dean:. I truly love your cartoons. Especially when they run. And my favourite "character" ( sorry ManU fans) is Jose. You make him look like a little boy with white hair. Keep up the great work.

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